Month: March 2018

Catching big game …

Those Trump boys are at it again. Word got out there was a Hildabeast roaming the woods of Chappaqua, NY, when Don Jr. set out to free the community of the scourge. It took him about an hour to track it down, as the smell was a dead […]

Where’s Gomie you ask ???

Where’s Gomie you ask ??? Like I said, I got him working hanging Musings signs. I found a spot by the Whitestone Bridge, where the planes come in to land at LaGuardia. It’s the perfect height for him to slap on one of the new Musings magnet signs […]

Zelda & her Jack Daniels …

Zelda & her Jack Daniels . It’s been 6 years since Zelda had her last drink. Her favorite ? Why JD of course. Celebrating her great-grandson’s wedding, and starting her dance engine. For a 101 years old at the time, she kept up with the generation X’ers … […]

6 years ago today ♥♥♥

6 years ago today, former Vice President Dick Cheney had a heart transplant. Today, he’s a new man, with a new lease on life and enjoying his family. Do you have the heart to give your heart to someone ? No one should die from a broken heart […]