Daily Rants

Where’s Gomie ? This was strange …

Here’s another Where’s Gomie sighting. This time, I didn’t spot him myself. Was looking through the FDNY page, and spotted Gomie photobombing Hot Dog, the official safety mascot of the FDNY at a Fire Prevention event … This Gomie gets around !!! πŸ˜‰


Hot Dog

hot-dogI’m Hot Dog, the official safety mascot of the FDNY.

I’m a full-grown Dalmatian dog and I’ve been a Firefighter in this great City since I was just a young pup! Like most Dalmatians, I am smart, strong and loyal.

My ancestors have a long history with the Fire Department. They used to run in front of fire apparatus, when the equipment was horse-drawn. And, many of my relatives lived in the firehouses to keep the horses company and protect the firehouses.

Today, fire apparatus are not pulled by horses, so now it’s my job to teach people of all ages about fire safety and what to do in case of a fire. I provide educational materials and entertaining tips on fire and burn safety to children in classrooms, online and at special events throughout the City.

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