Daily Rants

A small ‘coincidence’ ???

Check out this story. Remember I posted this pic of an old 1929 Mercedes I spotted on Northern Blvd the other day ?2017.0907.103

Well, we’re at the car show, and I spot this old 1930 white Mercedes. I take a few pics, we admire the car, and then the owner comes over. 2017.0910.114alrWe start talking, a real nice guy. Mike from Con Ed. Anywho, he tells us the story about the Benz, it was owned by Marlene Dietrich, and the steering wheel is even made out of ivory. I decide to pull out the pic of the Benz I spotted, to see if he knows what year it was. I pull the pic up, and he says “Hey, that’s my car. That’s me driving it. Where did you take this pic ?…” I zoom in, and ask him if that’s the back of his head and he says “Of course it’s the back of my head, that’s my car…” How small a world is that ? And it was a 1929. Thanks Mike from Con Ed, we enjoyed the conversation. 😉


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