Month: September 2017

An open letter to the PoPo :-(

An open letter to the PoPo. Have your decoder ring handy. The first part was crafted after events in April. The second part after recent events in August/September … 143 April 2017 – J,ymchbacowa. Iwawofytchtthylamh,atwhaH55thb,ty. Dylamym? EdtptyshalmiagfG. Iwahtymdracitmfhg. Wwyaytbofbt? Ybwbhabs. Yswhac. Dywttkaleo? Dymyb,yf? waadJ. Wmyaly. Wwuatbafa. Oycmth. Pdwal. […]

Spent a nice day hiking …

Thanks all for the warm wishes yesterday. We spent a nice day hiking, topped off with a great veal spiedini lunch at Park Side restaurant yesterday. Interesting trail we found at Alley Pond that takes you right down to the Cross Island Parkway. Thank you for the wonderful […]