Daily Rants

I didn’t believe it,  so I had to see it …

I didn’t believe it, so I had to see it. Beginning 34 months ago, we moved the 2 legacy Core switches into the same rack (a big no-no), as part of our 1w10 project. In fact, you can see the start of that effort here – NYDC 1w10 – RTCORE02 Move – August 2014. It was Ok’d because it was only going to be for a ‘short’ period of time. Usually a month or two. Well, I retired 24 months ago, and we finally got around to completing this effort yesterday. I even teased JjLJr that I was going to take a pic of his daughter in front of those switches. So, I got my fat ass all spiffed up, and took a ride into the big city to witness this major event. Like everything else in life, this wasn’t going to be easy, as that 1 little screw, out of 40, wouldn’t come out. So, we had to get an extractor bit to get it out. The Gimp, Senor LC, and JjLJr did a great job getting these beasts out of the racks, and ready for my backyard. We missed you CR, so we took a celebratory pic in your ‘non-office’. It was also touching to see that our Scooby is still on the wall, as I was promised he would be. Here’s a few pics to remember the day … 😉

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