Daily Rants

Being 106.5 years old ♥♥♥

Zelda reaches the remarkable milestone of 106.5 years old today.  That’s 38,900 days if you’re counting. I try to visit her as often as I can, and spend some time with her just to be with her. Being retired has given me this special time, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. It also fills a huge whole in my heart for the time being, but it is spent with love and happiness. If I had to think of an enduring theme that runs through my Zelda’s mind, I’d say it was family, family, family. All she talks about, and all she wants, is to be with her mother and father, be with her brothers and sisters, and take care of her children. She loved her father, even though he passed when she was very young, but she still has loving, fond memories of him. She adored her mother and siblings, and cherishes her children. We are truly blessed as a family to still have her with us, albeit a little ‘older’ and ‘slower’, but, she’s full of love, still sings and dances, and loves life. Her family tree continues to grow, with her currently having 3 children, 7 grand children, 16 great grand children, 9 great-great grand children (3 of them due Oct/Nov/Dec 2017) ♥♥♥

2017 0607 Family Tree BLANK.jpg


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