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A Musings Public Service Announcement …

A Musings Public Service Announcement. If you’re taking Zetia, or are considering taking Zetia – DON’T. The side effects are worse than the benefits. I’ve had a knee problem for a while, to the point that the pain was excruciating. Had an MRI, was told I have a meniscus tear, try some PT or worse case, an operation. I stopped taking Zetia after our Washington DC trip, after I started noticing some dry skin patches. The Zetia was refilled with the new generic, so it was fresh in my mind. I stopped the day we came home, within 5 days, all those problems I had are gone. It’s been 20 days, and I’m hiking, climbing, squatting, leaping, skipping, and jumping like a lucky leprechaun … STOP ZETIA !!!


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