Daily Rants

11/14/09 – 11/24/09

Going through the archives, from 2009…

Jack's Musings - It ain't easy being me



OK, so I’ve been wasting time over at Facebook, and I have to tell you, I don’t get it. I do get a headache, but I really don’t get it. I’ll give it a little more time, but if these headaches persist, ciao Facebook.


Read about the latest Miracle from Malahide from Scooby as he provides the story of a man and his new ear….


Filed in the Uh Oh section, someone used the kitchen on T29 without turning on the vent, and set off the fire alarms. So, 3 trucks from the FDNYs bravest showed up all raring to go


A couple of our past alumni were seen on 5th avenue this week. There was JB from the RNB days and RS from a few months back, seen here with Boom Boom. Both doing well, as is Boom Boom.


Here’s an early pic of the Beatles…

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