Daily Rants

Today marks the 34th wedding anniversary for me and my bride ♥♥♥

Today marks the 34th wedding anniversary for me and my bride. I couldn’t believe it the first time, that this hot woman from Whitestone would fall for this dumb cluck from The Point, but she did. I married Rosanne Albanese, and we became best friends, and started our life together. She’s a wonderful/loving/caring wife and loving/nurturing mother to 3 wonderful sons. Being a grandmother is the ultimate dream and joy for her, especially as our family grows. We’ve had the ups and downs that life throws us all, and we managed to get through it together. If there was a purple heart for a marriage, she’d be a deserving candidate. When I say ‘it ain’t easy being me‘, imagine what it must be like being married to me. THAT ISN’T EASY !!! Not only that, she ended up saying yes 2 more times, when she became my 2nd and 3rd wife in 1990, and 1999. I know life’s not easy, and that we share pain together, but despite all that, I know it will be OK, because of her. My dear baccigalup, I adore you. I love you. Happy Anniversary – I Love You !!! xoxo ♥♥♥

For a short stroll down memory lane – Jack & Rosanne Wedding Album and proofs

2017 0320 Happy Anniversarylr.jpg

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