Daily Rants

People keep asking me why I support Trump and not Killery …

People keep asking me why I support Trump and not Killery. I don’t give a shit about their names or personalities. Here’s the breakdown for me. SCOTUS. It’s all about Supreme Court justices in this country, because everything ends up in their court. He only needs to say he is going to do 1 thing for my vote. Nominate 3-4 justices in line with the ideas our founding father had for our country. If he does 2 things, then protect us, borders, terrorism, foreign relations, etc. For an idea of what that means, read this post. That is really all a president can do. Presidents don’t write or pass laws, they sign them into force. And if both houses of Congress took the time to draft, debate, discuss, vote and present a law to a president to sign, he should, since it is the will of the people that got that to his desk for signature. Those are our checks and balances. See how that worked when we just had one of Omama’s vetoes overridden. All the other shit is noise. https://jacksmusings.wordpress.com/…/what-did-the…/


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