Daily Rants

Don’t get distracted, keep the focus …

Remember who the rapist is/was, and the witch who demeaned the victims, bullied them, called them hurtful names. Trump and a few men talked like teenagers in a locker room ? Really, is this all they have ? I’m sure he’s said far worse on the Howard Stern show. When do those interviews get released ? America allowed Bill Clinton to stick around, and he raped women, defiled We The Peoples Oval Office, and this ‘locker room talk’ is a problem ? Killery is desperate. Google Dancing Bear videos. See how married women behave when alone. Don’t get distracted. Policy matters, SCOTUS matters, Economy matters, secret speeches matter, unsecure email servers matter, destroying evidence matters, hiding your money matters, pedophilia matters, All the Rs are complicit in the big ‘game’ they’ve played on the American public for 50 years, Trump never asked for their endorsement, never needed it, and probably doesn’t want it. For 40 of those years, this lying, treasonous witch has been in the thick of it. And don’t think for a minute the timing of the WikiLeaks info is a coincidence. I can’t wait for tonight.

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