Daily Rants

You do realize that …

  • Presidential-SealYou do realize that Bill Klinton is a rapist, right ? Possibly a pedophile, if we ever dig deeper into the Jeffrey Epstein story. Killery has been the classic textbook definition of an enabler. Do you recall some of the things she said about Bill’s victims ? All women should be appalled just for that.


  • You do realize that there are still active FBI investigations involving her and Bill, including the Klintons foundation. In all hopeful likelihood, there’s some money laundering going on, as well as some pay to play funny business. I think they have a problem.


  • You do realize that under oath during Benghazi hearings, she told different answers than what she just told the FBI, and the American public. When prodded, Mr Comey acknowledged that possibility of perjury existed, and if requested by Congress, an investigation can be opened. That process has begun.


  •  You do realize that Killery was against gay marriage, before she was for it, which happens at the same time she accepts large amounts of money from Saudi Arabia, and other Mideast countries that currently have very unique ways of punishing people found to be gay.


  • You do realize that most Americans are tired and fed up with the entrenched Washington political elite. Killery and Bill have been in politics since 1977. That’s 40 years for our common core students. If that’s not entrenched, I don’t know what is. She is the epitome of  entrenched Washington political elite.


  • I could go on, but you get the point. For every positive you can come up with, there’s a more egregious negative to counter it. Her time has come and gone. This country deserves better from both sides. I think the negatives outweigh any positives.


It’s time to kick the old guard to the curb, and bring in new, young blood to continue the priorities envisioned by both parties. Killery has changed her position more times than most people shower. And she’s an accepted liar. The worst kind. Trump ain’t perfect, but he’s all there is to counter-balance at the moment. He’s smart, savvy, and I believe has been consistent for as long as people have looked back on. I am confident he will surround himself with the best minds for each position, and with people who love our country, and our people first and foremost. I believe he will keep us safer, and begin to address some of the main issues we face. We’re left with 2 choices. I’m not picking Kriminal Killery Klinton.

#KilleryForPrison2016 #TrumpTrain #WeThePeople

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