Daily Rants

How fast a year passes …

How fast a year passes … It’s been a year since I retired from the bank, and I can’t begin to explain how fast the time has gone. I have to admit, besides missing the people and the perch, I don’t miss the lousy commute, bad work atmosphere, and gradual decline in the quality of NYC that has begun and clearly continues. (I get daily status reports from a guy on the inside). Other than a huge whole in the center of my heart, things are good for us, and our health is generally OK, which is is better than some others. So, we count our blessings, and continue on with living our lives, less complete than desired or ever anticipated. Our family is doing well, and our boys continue to make us proud each day, despite the constant worry for their safety. I have precious time to spend with my Zelda, who at 105 1/2 amazes me every day with her love of life and family. Just seeing her laugh every day is the medicine I need, and helps the heart a little too. I highly recommend retirement, it’s good for the brain. Oh, and even though I ain’t working – It ain’t easy being me …. JUST ASK RO !!!

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