Daily Rants

5/1/15 – 5/5/15



As I get older, it becomes apparent that you won’t meet too many people in life who end up being special to you in some ways. That connection can happen in many different ways, and happens with all sorts of people. The world and beyond lost a very special man today. Scooby was called home to enjoy the Aurora’s for eternity, chillaxing, and waiting for each of us, that may have passed his trail meet him on the mountain to pass a joint to. We worked for a very long time together, on a variety of major infrastructure projects, and I trusted him and depended on him. Everyone did. He cared about his work almost as much as he was proud and cared about his family. It was his way. He became a friend. I am proud to have known you, your family and your love of life. You lived life, and loved living it, while giving love to all you met in life. Be proud of your family, and your legacy. I will never forget you. You will never be forgotten. The perch will never be the same. Godspeed, and up the RA …


Congrats to me brudder. He beats me in paying off his home mortgage. Great work. Now, light that fireplace one more time and burn that note baby … enjoy …



Always Be Safe, Always Proud !!!



Me and my honey at the Malba circle.


Got my chatchka from the FDNY 150th Anniversary open houses, and an awesome shirt from the Whitestone house for E295 & TL144


Current count for the year is me 1, mosquito’s 0


The male & female cardinals stopped over for some treats…



4 years on … still DEAD …. Geronimo EKIA


A few pics from a recent communion we attended…


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