Daily Rants

12/21/14 – 12/25/14



Missing you guys, VA, NA and OnA. Give OnA a big hug and kiss


There’s a lot of theories about how the fat jolly guy does what he does in a single night. I’ve spent some time looking into it … here’s my report … WARNING, not for our younger or naive friends … Santa, the scientific view…


Not sure if you are on the Naughty or Nice list ? Here’s a way to tell real quick if you’ve been really bad



Happy Birthday to my brudder FL. Enjoy your day …



I don’t know how the fuck l’m gonna live a long life like Zelda. With one son a cop, and the other a firefighter, I’m gonna hate the sound of the phone ringing…


The boys from TL119 paying respects to the fallen NYPD cops…


It was a busy day yesterday. Probie FjL had his first fire, got a little hurt, visited the hospital, made the local news, missed his girls graduation and attended his house Christmas Party. All in a days work. Proud of you boy. Popped his cherry as they say … FDNY House Christmas Party – December 2014


WPIX story, pics and video of the fire – http://pix11.com/2014/12/20/no-injuries-reported-in-2-alarm-brooklyn-fire/


TL119 got a call as we were ready to leave, here’s the truck pulling out of the house. 2014 1220 TL119 leaving house

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