Daily Rants

3/1/13 – 3/5/13



RC reached an amazing milestone at work. 40 years of service. Very few people mark this kind of time, and with ‘Dodger’, we can say he built the place. He’s wired every desk, and computer since then, and as noted, some of his original wiring is still in use today. Roger Chaffee – Celebrating 40 Years – March 2013



It is customary in Asian society for the wife of a contest finalist to ride them through the streets in a rickshaw. How could I turn a blind eye to such custom ?


I got my hands on this high tech piece of building material. Layers of kevlar, fabricated as sheetrock type panels. The guy said it will stop a bullet. This is a Phase 1 pic, as I prepare to test that theory. Hold still Ro, I certainly don’t wanna miss the target as I aim the red dot  …. 😉


Hey Boom Boom, have you been running a side business here in Queens ?


The Chia Omama is starting to grow hair …


I’ve been under the weather the last week or so, so I haven’t been able to see JaJo. Here’s a couple of new pics of the boy and with his beautiful mother. Thanks for sending these over … I miss u guys ….



2 of my CitiField photos were selected as finalists in a local photo contest depicting a changing Flushing. They will remain on display at the Sheraton Hotel in Flushing then move to the local library. They also made it to CNN. Flushing BID Photo Contest Finalist Awards

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