Daily Rants

12/24/12 – 12/26/12



Happy Birthday to my Momma … I love you … enjoy your day !!!



Merry Christmas everyone…. enjoy your day with family & friends …. Merry Christmas – December 2012


Happy Birthday Sparky, whether he’s 8 or 9, he’s one fly dog …



The Musings are being seen worldwide folks …. (sorry world…)


Tell me again how we don’t live in a culture of death


I’m surprised the Little People Protection Agency hasn’t made them edit these credits for the Wizard of Oz and The Singer Midgets


There’s a lot of theories about how the fat jolly guy does what he does in a single night. I’ve spent some time looking into it … here’s my report … WARNING, not for our younger or naive friends … Santa, the scientific view…


Not sure if you are on the Naughty or Nice list ? Here’s a way to tell real quick if you’ve been really bad

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