Daily Rants

12/19/12 – 12/23/12



Happy Birthday to my brudder, FL. Love you man… enjoy your day …



We haven’t conducted a Musings Poll in quite some time. Me and the missus pose this question to you all … Who Deserves a Medal ?

You know us both, who most deserves a medal for living with and putting up with the other ?

Jack clearly is a hero for what he puts up with each day

Rosanne does, and should be nominated for sainthood

They both deserve nothing and each other

Who Cares ? – You’re wasting my time …

pollcode.com free polls


Hey, is that one of those new Jack’s Musings tees ? I hear there are 2 new designs circulating … keep your eyes on the lookout …


Can you ever really ‘share’ a lane with a bicycle in Manhattan … I doubt it …


A few of us have actually figured out a good use for the new bike lanes. We walk in them to avoid the sidewalk traffic … lol


485 has a new mural on their door….  fuck off Sandy !!!! u can’t keep us down …


OK, so I read this article. Can you show me where this guy is wrong, or where he doesn’t offer a solution that will work ? What ‘bizarre’ things did he say. We SHOULDN"T place ‘protectors’ at our schools ? We DON"T want to interrupt or stop future potential attacks on our precious children ? We just want to ELIMINATE guns ? TV and entertainment AREN’T violent ? Have you watched the shit these guys are watching, playing, acting out in their rooms ? Go check your kids browser history. He’s watching sick fucking shit, being done by sick fucking people of all ages. You put him on his ADD drugs, or her anti-depressants, you go to work and ignore them. You buy him Call of Duty or other similar games, and he’s walking the halls KILLING fucking people, wearing body armor, and with 100 weapons … And most of the sickness is from teenage females …. don’t believe me, checkout the YouTube vids of females attacking and fighting… WAKE UP AMERICA !!!
I especially like when the Post writes this all in the same paragraph …
"…As he made his strange pitch yesterday in a heavily guarded hotel hall in Washington, DC, another gunman struck, this time in rural Pennsylvania, fatally shooting three people before dying himself in a gunfight that left three state troopers wounded…"
The media share responsibility and BLAME for the time being, UNTIL they change their ways too … Stop glorifying the attacks, STOP putting out mis-information, STOP publishing the attackers name, age, anything about him. He should NEVER see his name in print or be heard. You want to describe him for us, then write "SICK, STUPID FUCK did something STUPID AND WRONG … " don’t mention him one bit….
Now, that’s just my opinion, I might be wrong (but I fucking doubt it …)


We call this a double-Yip … (Yip Yip Yip²)



We had our HTS Holiday Gathering 2012 at Windfall’s. We had a great turnout, since we joined up with our GBM partners in IT. Enjoy the pics…


Rumor has it that this is my God-daughter, NL, but I have my doubts … I’ve never seen her wear this hat, she’s a Mets fan …



Congratulations to Miss USA Olivia Culpo, as she is crowned Miss Universe. We saw her at the Thanksgiving Day Parade

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