Daily Rants

12/6/12 – 12/12/12



Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece, MS – enjoy your day


This is gonna suck. I hope they warn us a lot sooner than the exit, or a lot of us will be going over that bridge a few times in the beginning… Watch out kids, 3rd ave exist is closing soon, Jan 7, supposed to be closed for 2 years …


Got a call this morning to help a friend find a lost wedding ring in a conference room. KFed hasn’t been seen for almost 5 years. She’s looking great and has a handsome 4 year old son now. She’s working with our CEO on challenging new projects and knew who to call in a pinch. It was great seeing you, and I wish you the best…  And thanks to JJ for using his special skills to fish that ring out of the cable core drill. You made a newlywed husband breathe again… 😉



I’m a database kinda guy. here’s the mother of all databases … this should keep you all busy for quite some time …. you’re welcome. Consider this an early Christmas present … (thanks TR) 😉 – http://playmatehunter.com/playboys-playmate-index#char_75



I report, you decide. Have you spotted one of these pop-up rallies ? I hear they are all the rage !!! 2012.1206 Jack Rally



Happy Birthday to the most amazing young lady I know. Our Grandmother turns 102 years old today. Still is quite spry, perhaps a little hard of hearing and a little slower at dancing than last year. Truly an inspiration, and an example of being an independent person. I Love You Zelda !!! xoxox – Happy 102nd Birthday Grandma – December 2012


I sure hope someone buys Wonder Bread, cause there is something just not right about a bread company called Bimbo

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