Daily Rants

11/11/12 – 11/18/12



Our great-niece KaH turned 5 years old the other day. Here’s our party for her big day. We love you Kaila … – Kaila Ann turns 5 Years old – November 2012


Most people throw old stumps away. Not us, we find them at Whitestone Park, stick it in our trunk and bring it home for the yard …



My boss for the moment, JB was in from Illinois, and we toured the sites with our colleagues, RT, WM and RB from the UK. Good to see you all. Here’s a great shot from Jersey City with the Freedom Tower in the background …



Took this pic last night, I just got to the Malba Circle in time for this Red Sunset from Malba view …. stunning … and the Empire State Building in the middle there ….



With a $600 Toyota bill, it was calming to come home to 10 new Pez presidents and all new Christmas Santa, Reindeer and Snowman Pez …


Leaves of three … no humping in the weeds at the park, that’s poison ivy


Frankie J was spotted at Waldbaum’s and took time to hug his mother …


Look who we spotted at Target … momma-to-be, KpL doing a little shopping for the bambino … You look spectacular carrying your baby …


When walking Ro through a Home Depot, keep her away from the rocking horses ….


Take one stale loaf of bread, head over to a parking lot where you know there are birds, and let them go wild …


Honor Roll

Ron Winchester - American Hero benhguestbook In memory - Nicholas L. Leone Eric Hatschbach Memorial


Today is Veterans Day. A day to honor our fellow Americans who took to serving our country. Some lost their lives protecting us and our way of life, while others serve today or reflect upon prior service. We honor you all. Each and every one of you. Thank You for your sacrifice.


Millions of people around the world visit the Musings as they surf the web each day…. Thank You !!!


We just had a plague of common grackle invade the area …. awesome sight. There had to be thousands of these birds passing through the area.

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