Daily Rants

11/6/12 – 11/10/12



JjLJr is back to work, and he’s roughing it. Taking the bus and train out of Flushing on crutches !!!


It was a day late, but we managed to make it to Joe’s to sing Happy Birthday !!!


Someone was tired the other night at BPs wake, that’s KaH snoozing on a chair



The year is 2012, 21st century in America, and we‘re on gas lines again … SMH …



Happy Birthday to our middle son Joe. Joe turns 26 today, and is both a newlywed and a father-to-be. He is expecting his first child, a son, in January 2013. Joe is a hard working NYPD cop, and is married to Kim, a wonderful, beautiful nurse, and beaming mom-to-be. We are very proud of you and love you very much son. Have a very happy birthday and enjoy your special day.


Wild weather today as we deal with an icey, snowy ‘noreaster… On the plus side, Ro got to make her first snowman of the season and he’s real handsome  …



Omama re-elected … oy-vay ….


Check this out Roseanne Barr is in 5th place for President…


Frank is off to cast his first presidential election vote. Good luck son…


Get out and vote … it’s your duty America – We The People are rising …


CC and TP spent a lot of time together and in the building this past week, providing support for our NYC data center. Thanks guys… This pic is making the wall TP…


BP lost his battle with cancer today. The family mourns a good man, husband and father. Our love and prayers go out to KP, DL, DP, JP and EP. We love you guys, be strong for each other.


Remember little kitty who wanted to be saved. Well, no one offered to help, so off to my brother’s it went. And as he promised, he took care of it … feel better ?

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