Daily Rants

10/21/12 – 10/25/12



We were all together for an early Happy Birthday dinner for PO JaL. This is what it looks like when this crew is all in one room.


My folks came over, which made for a nice photo of the family together.


They shutdown part of 5th avenue because of a suspicious package. Turns out the homeless lady in the doorway, left her bag a few doors away …


Here’s one of the Omama 47% resting up before the big election.


Hey Scooby, the Bryant Park shops are opening, and they have one just for you …


A very nice dinner to celebrate RGs birthday with our cousins LF and LmG, except he wasn’t there. But hey, like my cuz LF says, we still gotta eat …


I report, you decide. Should they permit headless people on kiddie rides ?



Amazing progress building the Pond ice rink at Bryant Park … opening Friday …



save this kitten, before it becomes lunch at Evergreen …  2012.1021 Baby Kitten


I used Google Maps and search nearby to find a diner to meet my cousin at. This was the joint when we pulled up to it … Yikes !!!

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