Daily Rants

8/27/12 – 8/31/12



That was one mighty old tree we lost down Whitestone Park. But Ro managed to score herself a piece.


That’s right. I heart my honey


From when I had hair and actually had someone cut it, I used to go to Mary’s Hair Salon…. but now it’s closed … Coincidence ?


Here’s a couple of nice pics of our Whitestone Bridge


This family was sitting shiva down at the beach under the Whitestone Bridge


Philip or one of his cousins stopped over for some nuts.


The street cleaner they’re using is leaving a bigger mess than what was there …


We’re getting a few new hefty arches to support the bridge.

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Where else can you find hot rods, hot chicks and smoking lawn gurls. We have spiders, bums and babies.  Thre are even teeth, PEZ, and beaches, old friends and new acquaintances (wink, wink)

Where else are you going to see a collection of 102 year old grannies, minutes old butterflies, and fish about to be eaten by flying eagles ??? Nowhere, that’s where….
And if that’s not enough to waste your day, head over to our YouTube Channel for even more crazy video of life through my eyes … Point your browser at http://www.youtube.com/zosopez57 , and keep the kiddies away
… See what life is like thru the eyes of a caterpilllar, with the state of the art CaterCam …. or watch Ro try to save a bird, a bat, or pickup a dead rat, yes pickup a dead rat

There’s all sorts of photos of friends, family, work and fun for you to enjoy. So take a break from Facebook, stop by and make the Musings a daily stop on your internet menu …

After all, It Ain’t Easy Being Me … http://blog.JacksMusings.com



Happy Birthday to my beautiful God-daughter NaL. She turns 18 and legal today … Enjoy your day, and I love you !!!


The grandparents end table … 😉


Here are a few pics from the latest Oyster Bay Cruise Night – Aug 2012 – some great looking cars, and the band was good too …


I hear he wears this under his dress shirt ….



I had to fire this dude a few years back for a pretty good reason. With all the recent excitement at the Empire State Building, should I be worried that he’s hanging out at the library ???


Hey, TC…. Happy Birthday to a fellow Virgo … Enjoy your day my friend !!!

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