Daily Rants

8/22/12 – 8/26/12



It’s a birthday weekend. A couple more Happy Birthday shout outs to my beautiful sister-in-law, SL and my beautiful future niece NG.


With the next blue moon approaching, getting this fortune in a cookie can be a sign … look out is all I got to say !!!


My honey was out with friends from when she was in school for dinner. Considering the time she came home, she must have had a good time



Happy Birthday to our Easy Rider, LF …enjoy your day my friend ……


It was lawn day today. I think I only have 4 or 5 weeks left on this years maint. program … damn …


BM & his bride were in Rome recently. Came across this guitar shop with this great Led Zeppelin display of a Jimmy Page guitar.



Boy, these blue boxes are larger than they look. With the right folding and tucking, we managed to fit BL, our NJDC Chief in there to send back to NJ. The things he does to avoid paying the PATH fare …


SaY and SR came in for lunch today. Always great seeing you guys…


Tower 29 has been demolished to make way for new tenants. For ex-RNBers, this was Edmund Safra’s office. The walls were made from special wood from a castle in England. Thanks to JM for keeping a piece of the moulding for me, so I can add to my archives…


We have quite a few large spiders building real big webs. I think they are working on closing in our stoop and catching US ….



Congrats to my son FjL, he made the Dean’s List at John Jay College. You make us very proud young man … keep up the good work !!!


Here are pics from our get together at Joe & Kim’s. Joe & Kim are Having a Boy – Aug 2012


When our family bloodline looks like this, it’s fairly safe to predict males

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