Daily Rants

8/1/12 – 8/5/12



Happy Birthday shout out to Noodles, who turns 21, (holy shite !!!) and my best bro-in-law BA. Love you both. Noodles, go slow young man ….


AJ was Christened today at St. Mel’s. Very nice ceremony and celebration. AJ’s Christening – August 2012


With all the new babies, and soon to be new babies around, I thought I’d post this song. It came out a little after Jack was born and it’s kinda kool for those new parents to chill to… http://www.jackleone.com/StayUpLate.mp3 hope you enjoy it …. The Talking Heads – Stay Up Late


We played mini-golf the other day with Momma2B KpL and PO JaL. M2B got 3 hole in ones, Ro got 2 herself …. definitely a good night all around



I quit smoking cigarettes 21 years ago today. Did it cold turkey, and really don’t miss them at all. A quick calculation suggests that I’ve saved $154,000. I’m pretty sure I’ve spent that cash in some other way ….



Checkout Teddy Roosevelt’s house on Centre Island.


Came across this scene at Oyster Bay Harbor. I think it’s a shark

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