Month: July 2012

7/27/12 – 7/31/12

7/31/12 Happy Anniversary to me. Today marks 33 years for me at the bank. Damn that’s a long time … Thanks to CBRE for marking up the side of the tower for me. Wherever Ro goes, there’s a camera. We ended up on the 5 O’clock news last […]

7/22/12 – 7/26/12

7/26/12 The Elusive Sail Capri flew by the coop today. He’s working on opening a few branches for BankUnited. Sure is good to see him. Will set that lunch up with MG when I get back to work… We had some wild weather tonite, look at this sky […]

7/18/12 – 7/21/12

7/21/12 Check this out. While at the shore, Ro spotted an eagle fishing off the beach. I snapped a few pics and ended up with these amazing images. Look at the look on the fish … amazing … Here are a few pics from our weekend at the […]

7/13/12 – 7/17/12

7/17/12 Happy Birthday shout out to my cousin, LF. Enjoy your day today. I Love You !!! We came home from our weekend away to a beautiful new butterfly. This one didn’t stay long when we opened the top, and was quick to fly away. Checkout these pics […]

7/6/12 – 7/12/12

7/12/12 Friends Reunite over Dinner, an enjoyable evening at Cafe Al Dente with BE, LG and PM… And such a beautiful voice as LG sang for the restaurant… Hangin’ in the hood … working out a fair deal for the product … FUCK mitsubishi … take that back […]

7/1/12 – 7/5/12

7/5/12 File this under live and learn. I was obsessed with catching a butterfly emerge. So, I setup a video camera and began recording. What I captured was something unexpected. The cardinal shows up, and gets the cocoon and one of the large caterpillars. Sorry guys …  2012.0705 […]