Daily Rants

4/24/11 – 4/30/11



My nephew, the Vinman, played the Alphabet Lounge, on the Lower East Side, with that rising new group, From Out Of Nowhere – checkout the pics here, From Out Of Nowhere – Alphabet Lounge – April 2011 – enjoy the slideshow below, in fullscreen and also make it a point to head over to their YouTube Channel – FoonTV for some great videos.



My new Canon has a feature to help create panorama photos. Here’s a 5 image shot, from the 38th floor of the New Yorker Hotel, all stitched together quite nicely. New Yorker Hotel Panorama – April 2011


My beautiful niece Grace, married Anthony today in a very nice ceremony in Manhasset. Congratulations !!! We love you both very much !!! Can’t wait for the engagement party on Sunday !!!



Checkout my new Spring is Blooming in NYC photoset. I hope you enjoy it. It’s taken over a couple of days and captures our Flora & Fauna, Orchard Beach & World’s Fair Park. Most of the flower shots are taken in our yard. Ro has an amazing assortment of flowers and plants for us to enjoy. Play the slideshow at fullscreen below, sit back and enjoy.


So, Barry finally releases his long form birth certificate. Now the fun starts. With daddy being a Kenyan, he ain’t a Natural Born Citizen….



We had a very nice Easter at home. Saw my folks and Zelda and had a great meal prepared by Ro. The weather held out, and we even had an Easter egg hunt and colored eggs with the boys. Probably the last time they will want to do that…I also took some good flora and fauna pics…  Happy Easter – April 2011


JjLJr talked me into designing a custom Jack’s Musings banner for the Pez trucks. A lot of retailers have been designing these, and it was time for my own.


Here’s a pic of the apartment we first moved into after we were married. We lived there until 1984. It was a nice apartment.

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