Daily Rants

3/21/11 – 3/27/11



I’m sure the word is out. The rumor is true. If you heard it, and couldn’t or still can’t believe it, well it. happened. I was dancing. And not just one dance, one day. A few dances across two days. Here I am with my great-niece JG, but there were others, so checkout the pics from the last 2 parties and see for yourself. I don’t know how it happened, but hey. It happened, so enjoy it….


We had a wonderful time at Kim and Joe’s Engagement Party on Friday night. The families had a great time, the food, and music were great as we all gathered to wish the happy couple well.


We had a blast at Arlette’s Lazy Lounge to celebrate Arlette’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party – March 2011



Watch Bongo Billy and the boys rock the house. Crossing Streams plays the Red Lion NYC – March 2011



We lost our Grandma Sarah on this day 7 years ago. We have missed her every day since. My Mom and her were best friends. They spoke a few times a day, and for me that’s the hardest part. We are thinking of you everyday and miss you very much. I Love You !!!



The Gimp is back. TH returns to the office after several weeks laid up with a broken leg. It’s good to see him gimping around, even if it’s got a new look to the gait… Here he is hanging out with us, with Boom Boom and Ziti… – PS – Dude, get a haircut !!!


Things are moving along fast now with the new lobby work. New marble wall panels are going up, and more is being revealed each week. It’s all on track to be completed by around 4/15.


Happy Birthday to my friend Spanky. He’s commuting down to Miami to work at a new bank there. He’s even got the Elusive Sail Capri helping him out…



Fresh out of the Pez factory, the newest series added to my PEZ collection – Handy Manny


We had a brief bomb scare today on 5th Avenue. Cops closed parts of 5th near the Library and our building. Just some tourist tossed their old luggage.

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