Daily Rants

1/28/11 – 1/31/11



The Moose, BE fished this vintage pic of EB from the FHS days. All’s I can say is look at the size of that ‘fro… and on a white guy !!!


Boom Boom turned 50 the other day and was surprised when his family & friends all gathered for a surprise dinner party to celebrate. Ro and I had a great time, and felt right at home with the family. I hope you enjoy that case of Manhattan Special. Angelo 50th Birthday – January 2011



Unlike ChumLee, BAs brother RA did appear on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and won a ton of money. Congratulations, and we hope you enjoy your trip to Ireland using the winnings.


JjLJr came across these movie cars on 5th avenue this morning. Some sort of scene reshoots were taking place.


Happy 23rd Anniversary to our good friends, B&VM.


A birthday shout out to KK, Happy Birthday – enjoy your day today…



So, Bloomberg states that $1 Billion in cuts equals 15,000 teachers. Try dividing 1,000,000,000 by 15,000 and see the result. Interesting, and scary all at the same time. Be sure and focus on the worst 15,000 teachers, they are there… trust me. You can always tell the value of the teacher, by the quality in the product being delivered.


A couple of birthday shout outs for today. My friend Boom Boom turns the page another year, and I wish him a Happy 50th Birthday. No one deserves to be 50 more than you. You have great memories, wonderful stories and the zest for life that defines who you are. You’re a great person Ang, and I wish you the best of everything. Salute !!!


Happy Birthday to my nephew EP, from EP Creations. Enjoy your birthday today young man.


Asshole alert !!! – if you come across this bastard in your travels, do me a favor and key his focking car. He nearly ran me off the road the other day. I know who you are, so don’t blink.



My latest Pez. These are great gifts for your honey this Valentines Day.

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