Daily Rants

12/20/10 – 12/28/10



Checkout the Queens Crap blog for the latest happenings around Queens. Here’s a recent entry, with a submission from the Musings.


I don’t know what going on. We haven’t seen a plow or a bus since the storm started. Not one of either. Very atypical. There is a suggestion that the sanitation dept is conducting some sort of a slowdown, but I think it is much deeper than that.



How about that snow folks ? We got a lot by us, am sure you all got the same. Some places have 5 foot drifts. I worked from home, but many of you made it to work and worked your asses off, both getting to work, then at work. Thank you all, especially ScoobyFitz and JjLJr. JjLJr got called to work on his day off and has been there since. Way to go, it’s a real help to the team. Scooby and his team, spent the better part of the day on our roof, working on a failed pump. They prepped the area for a Weds replacement, and lifting the 1,000 pound motor into place. Fun times to come. Thanks again guys, you are all the best. The Birthday Blizzard of 2010



Here comes the snow folks, batten down the hatches, and get the shovels and snowblowers ready…. I’m working from home tomorrow, so my plan is all set. Since it started on Mom’s birthday, we will be calling this The Birthday Blizzard of 2010.


Happy Birthday to my momma, I Love You !!!


My future daughter-in-law knows what she’s doing. She had one of my logos made into a t-shirt for me… sweet.


We had a very nice Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our family and friends. Here are our photos from the day. Merry Christmas 2010



Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy this time with your family and friends. And let’s not forget those who are out there protecting us here and overseas


Happy Birthday to Sparky today. He’s either six or seven today….



Happy Birthday to my brother FL. Another year on, and you’re looking great… I love you man… Enjoy your special day.


A birthday shout out goes to Roving Reporter who has been AWOL for quite some time. Hopefully she still keeps track of the Musings, and this birthday message finds her well. If not, Auntie DnC can pass it along for us.


That was easy. Heard from my bumper buster buddy today. The teach is sending me a check for the damage. Sweet !!!



Got into a little bumper buster today on the way to work. No one got hurt, but my car got a $1,000 dent. Hit me a teacher, who doesn’t want to go through insurance. This should be fun…

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