Daily Rants

12/7/10 – 12/14/10



We had our annual holiday party last night. Everyone had a great time, and we all really appreciate these times when we can get together as a group. Although the group always seems smaller, we are all thankful for being able to continue to work together as a team. You guys are all great !!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – HTS Holiday Gathering – 2010


Another tradition is getting together with some friends each year. This year we missed GG, but Goombazza, A1, and the athletes and me had a nice lunch to celebrate Christmas. Thanks for coming in guys, it was great to see you all and get together.


1w6 is all ready for the groups to move back. They will be moving in before the end of the year. All things considered the space is OK. No privacy for managers, but hey, it’s a new world.


Now, I do think that Bernie Madoff is a scumbag and is to be blamed for quite a lot of misery. However, I don’t agree with his wife in blaming poor Bernie for the suicide of their son Mark. Shouldn’t we blame Mark for that one ? He decided to hang himself, and the frikkin pussy didn’t even have the manhood to hang himself in the park, in the cold, so some stranger or cop can find him dead. No, this half a man decided to hang himself in the warm comfort of his own home, with his 2 year old son sleeping 10 feet away in the house alone. No, baby Mark gets the blame for this one. Doesn’t anyone own up to their own mistakes anymore ? Must everyone be a victim ?



Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece MS. She turns 26 today, and we send you our love on your special day.


Here’s a special collage I made for Zelda’s birthday. I have many more versions here, in case anyone in the family would like one customized with themselves.


At the birthday party, we had the rare occasion to have with us great-great cousins, Kaila and Samantha.



Here’s a scary image. The Louisiana swamp monster ???



We had cake and coffee to celebrate my sister’s birthday, and for Frankie V who turned 7. Happy Birthday Frankie V and Ann – 2010


It’s a little dark, but here is the toast my AJ made to Grandma at her 100th birthday party.

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