Daily Rants

11/8/10 – 11/18/10



I met a guy today, we did business, we did lunch, and we finished business. On the PATH ride back TW turns me on to this website – http://shitmydadsays.com/ – it’s the best site I’ve been to in quite a while. You will bookmark this like I did, and check often, to find out what else dad has to say. My old man has been recording my mothers bon mots, and he has enough for a book after all these years. I think I may set him up to start his own website…. perhaps we can call it Julie’s Jems or a tribute to my Zelda, we can call it Judy’s Jems ….



From TR, it seems that another American Converts to Islam – It was announced today that Buckwheat, of Our Gang fame has converted to The Muslim faith and changed his name to Kareem of Wheat.



Well, how about this. Looks like that may have been a Chinese submarine that fired that missile off the cost of California. Just aim it at Nancy Pelosi’s house, and do us all a favor.



Just added these to My Favorite Prints


Here’s one of those ‘Gotcha’ moments. Tyson is getting further and further inside…


Rosanne at one of her favorite spots


More work is being done at the Malba Circle marina.



From TN, I fought for you … amazing video.


Honor Roll

Ron Winchester - American Hero benhguestbook In memory - Nicholas L. Leone Eric Hatschbach Memorial


Today is Veterans Day. A day to honor our fellow Americans who took to serving our country. Some lost their lives protecting us and our way of life, while others serve today or reflect upon prior service. We honor you all. Each and every one of you. Thank You for your sacrifice.



As I was pulling into the parking lot this morning, something caught my eye. This fair sets up in the parking lot every year, and I never knew they had a camel there… A camel in Queens


John Stossel is a really good writer, and he tells a sensible story. Here’s some pure honesty. My racist bake sale


Here’s a plausible explanation for that mystery contrail near the California coast.



What’s going on in California. There has been some sort of missile launch off the coast, that no one has admitted to so far….


This fun fact comes to us from EP. Call up Google Maps and key in Japan to China, and get directions. Checkout step 43.



A broken coffee machine water line leaked down 2 floors, and caused this mess on one of our floors…


It was a wild windy day today in the Point. It ripped our gazebo cover to shreds, and moved the whole thing, despite the 50 pound weights I had holding it in place …


This is why those darn cats keep coming back …


My newest PEZ. just came in today.

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