Daily Rants

3/27/10 – 3/31/10



From TR, one simple carpenter – ♥ Happy Easter ♥



Our Easy Rider, LF shined up the hog for a weekend run. And his boy, JF was psyched for the ride. Born to be wild !!!

Unfortunately, JF met up with a bunch of wild diaper dudes, and partied a little much….

They made so much noise, the neighbors called the cops, and well, here’s how the night ended….

Things are bad enough, but I can’t image what happens when JF gets home, and mom goes to give him a bath…. and finds that tat…


I sure miss Donald Rumsfeld. He had a way with words.


A few years ago I was having bad headaches. The doc sent me for a brain scan. Here’s an image of my brain. It’s a pretty good shot, and I even had it analyzed by experts, so be sure to follow that link too.


Scooby waxes philosophical today –

(Over five thousand years ago) Moses said to the children of Israel ” pick up your shovel, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the promised land." Nearly 75 years ago, Roosevelt said, "Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel, this is the promised land". Now Obama has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of camels and mortgaged the promised land!

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