Daily Rants

3/17/10 – 3/26/10



Barry, our Socialist President just got big support from a country he wants us to emulate. Fidel Castro thinks ObamaCare is good for America. So that’s it, it’s settled. It really is a good thing after all. I feel so much better now, don’t you ? Impeach Obama, before he shoots you.



This is probably not a good sign for the potential future suicide bomber. Osama the cave dweller is making threats to us, not to kill poor dear, close friend KSM, or he will get real mad at us and hurt our soldiers. There must be something wrong with those 72 virgins in heaven. Perhaps they are running low ? I thought it was every good terrorists goal to die as early as possible. I can’t wait to see the new jihadi marketing material package and commercials.


Here’s an article for our Easy Rider LF to be cautious of. 8 bikers were mowed over by a dump truck, killing 3 of them. Waiting to hear if it was a Toyota dump truck. Watch your back biker boy….


This is quite interesting. A new human species may have been identified in Siberia. I think one day we will find out we are someones zoo, where several little ‘creatures’ were dropped off, and someone is watching what we do to the ‘zoo’ (Earth). This goes to my theory of the Earth being a higher beings terrarium.



Here’s a video tribute to a wonderful manager, mentor and friend, the Big Guy WFP. He brought in the report lockers we used to distribute internal hardcopy reports to our users. Well, we just got out of the hardcopy print business, and no longer need the lockers. I do need space for other uses, so the lockers are going away. WFP enjoyed the function to open all the lockers at once. So here it is for 3 last times, the Walter Wave.



Here are pics from Our anniversary day in NYC – March 2010


I caught another raccoon on the shed the other night. They roam the night like they own it…


I can’t get my head to understand driving your old couch to a far away location and throwing it out the window and leaving it in the middle of the road…. Sanitation will take it if you leave it out front.


The shoeshine stand at 42nd St. & 5th avenue burned down the other day. These guys just got this new one a few years back and were doing well.


Scooby sends in video of that whale attack in Florida. This whale went after this girl. Free the whales



We came across this guy rolling cigars in the village.


I don’t know what else to call this except maybe Hands & Feet Ballerina. She was on the library steps performing the other day.



Today marks 27 years that I married Rosanne Albanese. Happy Anniversary sweetheart. I love you with all my heart. I am grateful and blessed for the time we have been together. We have raised a wonderful family, with 3 fine young men. You are an amazing mother, with special bonds with your sons. I know it ain’t easy living with me (I do have my quirks), and can only imagine what I must put you through. I’m happy you love me as much as you seemingly do, because you understand me so well. These years have certainly been exciting and full of surprises, and we have endured as friends and lovers. Thank you for loving me. I adore you. I Love You always !!! Happy Anniversary. xoxox



Watch the coming attractions to a new series Obamafeld.



Fresh from online training my version of The 5 minute Management course


  A little something for all my fans at the Musings… I practiced for days. I hope you enjoyed your St. Patrick’s Day today.

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Images from the parade

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my green friends. Be careful at the parade today.

  Is it just me, or do you also notice that the constitutional professor we have for a President keeps VIOLATING the Constitution. Read these articles for more examples, and consider your opinion on these matters.


Joe Farah – Audit Obama


Mychal MAssie – Obama’s Alchemy

John Stossel is one smart man. Read his latest piece, How Politicians Kill U.S. cities

Sheople, please don’t get sucked in by Barry’s manufacurted crisis of the week. Read David Kupelian – Why team Obama thrives on creating crises… yeah, he’s a Socialist.

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