Daily Rants

1/30/10 – 1/31/10



Happy Birthday to both RT and SaY. Enjoy your birthday today.


For SaY and his beautiful wife, DY, it was extra special. DY’s daughter gave birth to their first grandson, and on SaYs 50th birthday. So, congratulations Grandma and Grandpa Young !!!



Listen to Rush Limbaugh read his open letter to President Obama.


For all those contemplating ‘cheating on your taxes’, here is the 2009 Tax schedule. See how much you would have to lie to get more money back. It’s almost impossible to be worthwhile. If your taxable income was $30,000-$60,000, you would have to lie about more than $10,000 in fake deductions to only get back an additional $1,500. How are you going to do that without it sticking out like a sore thumb ?


Happy 22nd wedding Anniversary to our good friends BnVM. I bet right now you are thinking how fast time goes by. You guys are wonderful, and have a great family together. Congratulations !!!


Happy Birthday to FjLs main squeeze, KK. Enjoy your special day today.

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