Daily Rants

11/25/09 – 11/30/09




I’m really enjoying this story of the Whitehouse ‘gatecrashers‘. I hear some people want to arrest them for trespassing. Can you imagine that ? All those Mexican illegals coming over our border, and these 2 they want to arrest for trespassing … Someone ‘wink & nodded’ them in. Can’t wait for it to come out.



This story of the gunman who killed those 4 cops is a bit ridiculous. How is it they staked out the house all night, and then find he isn’t there ???? In those 8 or so hours, he could have flown to NYC and had dinner and a movie. How many times did they yell, ‘we’ll count to 10 and we’re coming in…’ geez….




Here are our Happy Thanksgiving 2009 photos.




Did a Huge UFO ‘Mothership’ Cause a Blackout In Argentina



Read about how Fat Albert had to run away from protesters in Chicago, while he tried to sign books. I wonder how many ‘carbon credits’ he expended in his race to safety … One has to wonder that if protesters are hassling the elite in Chicago, where their Dear Leader hails from, what is the rest of the country doing to these people ?



What’s wrong with the Secret Service ? They keep insisting that President Obama was never in any danger when those 2 people crashed his first state dinner. Just because these people passed metal detectors or bomb sniffing dogs doesn’t mean that once inside they couldn’t have picked up one of those fancy metal serrated knives and cut someone’s head off before being stopped. Once inside many things become potential weapons…. Wake up America. Haven’t they seen the Godfather movies. Freaking eyeglasses can even be used as a weapon




Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. Rosanne cooked up a fantastic meal. Thank you honey, I love you very much. Here’s a few pics of the family all together



Soon …



Some good reading material. How to defeat the malignancy of liberalism & Things you can’t say in America



This turkey wasn’t pardoned. A few more hours …



Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy today as you meet and gather with your family or friends or those that matter to you in some way. I’m thankful for my amazing wife Rosanne, my great family, co-workers and the time we have left. God Bless America



I find today as a day of reflection. I also view Thanksgiving as the one true American holiday that all citizens, visitors, illegal aliens, or anyone else here in America today should look upon as core to our way of life. If you are visiting, respect us for it, if you are American be reminded what today really represents. A free people looking out for themselves. Not for government to run our lives. It’s also a time for traditions. Why isn’t March of the Wooden Soldiers on regular channels ? Why no more Miracle on 34th Street before Christmas ? Pledge of Allegiance in schools ? In order for Americanism to prevail, these things must be brought back into our lives, regardless of background, original country or culture. We the People need to take this country back to what is was meant to be.




From my oldest, JjLJr, a computer generated look at how Manhattan was before the white man took over …

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