Month: June 2009

6/26/09 – 6/30/09

6/30/09 FjL got his report card, and he made second Honors. Congratulations son, you make us very proud. Enjoy summer, and read lots of books. Here’s a close-up shot of that illegal tattoo on Noodles’ back. I have many other pics from the party that couldn’t be made […]

6/16/09 – 6/25/09

6/25/09 Congratulations to Coach Mike and the Colts team from Long Island. Colts win the Super Bowl. Way to go RL and the boys. How worried are the lefties of Sarah Palin ? read this one, from a very funny senator John Kerry. Go Sarah !! You got […]

5/28/09 – 6/15/09

6/15/09 Wednesday is gun & shield day for PPO Leone. Hopefully photos aren’t illegal. There’s a new huge, 400ft crop circle of the Phoenix rising. Finally, all of these czar appointments are drawing attention. It might be because every one of them is ILLEGAL. Check this out. Japanese […]