Daily Rants

2/22/09 – 2/27/09



Support my niece SA. She goes to school at UNH and is a star on the softball team.


Here’s a couple of good articles. Joseph Farah on Race baiter Eric Holder , Ann Coulter on The Cal Ripken president and Jane Chastain with The president’s plan to stimulate poverty.



Hey Mr. President, Madam Secy of State, DHS chief Napolitano and most excellent Panetta, read and watch this report out of Kuwait. Then, get on TV and tell the American people what you think about it and plan to do about it …



I just scored tickets to see the NY Mets play the Boston Red Sox at the new CitiField on April 4. It’s an exhibition game, but it’s only the second game to be played at the new field, about a week before opening day. Here’s a slick link to see the view from your seats at the new stadium.


JM got banged up skiing down the slopes. He’s sore and limping, and we wish him well.


My AJ sends in a video that everyone should watch. How to put out an oil fire in the kitchen.


Got a broken appliance ? Use Timely Appliance company. They are the most honest repair guys around. Our washer broke, they came in and made it all better for $168.


If you can, donate to Great Strides walk at the CFF on behalf of RC and his family.



Happy 52nd Anniversary to my parents. I look upon them in wonder at achieving such a milestone. It can’t be easy keeping a marriage together that long.


Happy Birthday to my UD.



Me and my honey enjoyed a beautiful sunset over College Point the other night.

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