Month: January 2009

1/15/09 – 1/31/09

1/31/09 I got my NYC notice of property value the other day. How come all mortgages are failing, house values are dropping, and don’t equal loaned principle, but our house INCREASED in value ??? I guess the city can collect more tax from an increase in the value […]

1/10/09 – 1/14/09

1/14/09 Checkout this Highlights and Accomplishments of George W. Bush document. Frank has started his physical therapy for his knee, and is in quite a bit of pain. Kind of misleading considering the small scars left by the surgery. He calls it the ‘Messina tumor’. Thanks Nonny … […]

1/1/09 – 1/7/09

1/7/09 What a great ceremony today for the NYPD Cadet Corps graduation @Flickr. Joe looked so handsome, and made us very proud. Commissioner Ray Kelly gave a very poignant speech, and congratulated them as they prepare to enter the Police Academy next week. He recalled how he began […]