Daily Rants



I got a new ornament for our Christmas tree this year. It’s my new Festivus PEZ truck. Happy Festivus all.


I know how all of the news reports about the latest Wall St scam can be confusing for our younger viewers. In order to provide visual assistance, this is a prime example of a pyramid scheme, commonly referred to as a Ponzi scheme.


Here’s the latest photo of OJ Simpsons’ new mansion.


From my AJ, an early letter to Santa –

Dear Santa, Please send me a baby brother.

Santa wrote back: “Send me your mother…”


A lot of demolition has taken place at Shea Stadium. It’s almost reduced to just a skeleton. Checkout the pics

Shea Stadium construction page


Some of you have asked how my vacation was. Here’s a quick review of what I had to put up with for a week..

Now, I am ONLY kidding. I love being home with my honey ….


We had our first major snow today. The first few flakes were as big as snowballs. I do hate it when it accumulates, but the first snows are the best to look at and to be walking around in.


Ro got a pack of Marlboros from a friend who went to Switzerland. Can’t be long before this design makes it here. Even with package labeling like this, cigarettes sell like hotcakes.


JibJab made it to Westchester. Checkout the M’s as they rock for Christmas.


Just in time for the Christmas season, here are the Leone’s doing an Elf Yourself !!! This was taped before Frank messed up his knee.


ScoobyFitz sends in a great link, so you can be a remote border patrol agent. Watch our borders from the comfort of your couch at BlueServo.


Checkout the Series Updates now available.

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