Daily Rants



More facts expose Obama’s lie about meeting with that bad Governor.


For my fellow conspiracy theorists, the die-off has started – it’s the sun


Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece MS. She turns 24 today.


I’m playing around with embedding a slideshow in the blog. Here’s Nonny at 98 and Frankie V is 5 slideshow at Flickr Let me know what you think. If you click the slideshow, it will take you to my new Flickr page and you can view the slideshow in larger format, or download prints or post comments. Check it out, it’s pretty cool.


My honey sends in this article about this years biggest full moon today. It has an effect on tides as well. Checkout the tide at the Malba jetty. It was running over the jetty, and 2 hours later it had receded.


My sis-in-law DA has her Rav all decked out as a reindeer for Christmas


They have begun the efforts to rebuild the steeple at the First Reformed Church in College Point. There was a major fire back in June.

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