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Scooby is back on solid ground, and put together this story and photo slideshow, enjoy.


Well, we had Frank’s follow-up yesterday with the the surgeon, and he will need the knee operation. We’re set for 12/29 and it should be a few hours barring any problems. It’ll be OK kid, I promise. In fact, if I had to do the operation, I probably could. Want me to get my tools son ?


Some interesting happenings going on in Illinois. This Governor is in deep doo-doo. One can hope, since it is about hope and change now with our new president-elect. One can have hope, that if there was a 5 year investigation, and phone calls were tapped, that the long phone conversation Barry had with Rod on 11/23 was taped and it contained some interesting language. I say hope, because suddenly, the long conversation they say Barry had on 11/23, they now say never happened…. more to come, I’m sure.


As we get closer to Christmas, we still want to know if you’ve spent more or less than last year. Please check out our Musings Christmas shopping Poll.

This Christmas are you spending
More than last year
Less than last year
About the same
Who cares ?
Never Forget Jacks Musings


Even my brother FLRC is in a giving mood, and provided us with this gem.

Johnny’s Little Sister:

Little Sally came home from school with a smile on her face and told her mother,
‘Frankie Brown showed me his weenie today at the playground!’
Before the mother could raise a concern, Sally went on to say,
‘It reminded me of a peanut.’
Relaxing with a hidden smile, Sally’s Mom asked,
‘Really small, was it?’
Sally replied, ‘No……salty .


I love the season of giving. TG offers some great advice for men. Observations by a variety of renowned individuals.

  1. First Guy (proudly): ‘My wife’s an angel!’ ; Second Guy: ‘You’re lucky, mine’s still alive.’ … Anonymous

  2. A good wife always forgives her husband when she’s wrong. … Rodney Dangerfield

  3. Two secrets to keep your marriage brimming ; 1. Whenever you’re wrong, admit it, ; 2. Whenever you’re right, shut up.

  4. I’ve had bad luck with both my wives. The first one left me, and the second one didn’t … James Holt McGavra


I’ve re-arranged the Favorites page. Renamed it Handy Links and organized it a bit.


LvV sends in a very interesting video, called Did you know ? 3.0. Amazing

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