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My grandmother, Zelda, turns 98 years young today. 98 years. Can you imagine ? She’s an amazing woman. She still lives alone in Flushing, walks to Main Street every day, and is the first one up dancing at a party, and the last one to stop. If you walk with her, you can’t keep up with her. Our family matriarch and an inspiration to all women. God Bless You, I Love You. Happy Birthday.


Here’s a link that covers various information from 1910.

Happy Birthday Zelda !!!


We continue to wait for the Supreme Court to decide if they will review the Obama eligibility case it is conferencing on. Here’s an update


There was another accident on the corner. This is like the 3rd time a car ended up on Maria Lopez’s front stoop. The blue car had folks we know. They were on their way to St. Fidelis for a Santa breakfast. The elderly lady Rosanne calls Grandma was banged up, and the 2 young kids were mostly OK. All were taken away in a ambulance to play it safe.


Do you realize that since the Mumbai terrorist attacks, there have already been about 40 other acts of Islamic expressions of peace ? I will begin to post updates on the stats from the religion of peace, so we can all fully appreciate the nature of these ‘people’ As we begin to transition to a new President in our country, it usually draws them out and they need to ‘express’ themselves. They did it in 1993, and 2001, within a year or so of a new administration. So, please be prepared, be vigilant, and above all be fearless. Visit The Religion of Peace website, for the complete, unfiltered, true information that is collected here.


List of Islamic terror attacks in the past 2 months

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