Daily Rants


I’m hoping after all this work, you are all happy I am back here, using the format again. I did figure out a way to insert a photo gallery, so I am happy about that. So, it’s poll time.

Are you glad my site is back at this location
Yes Jack, I am
Not really, WordPress was OK
Who cares ?
Jacks Musings Never Forget


Pics from our Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you Rosanne for a spectacular meal. We all love you very much, and have a lot to be thankful for. You are a wonderful mother, wife and friend.


Please checkout President George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation, October 3, 1789


OK, I’ve more or less put the important posts back here. So if you wan to catch up, start at around 11/4/08 and work your way to today.


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers. God Bless America. Enjoy our video. I’m the turkey. Cause, it ain’t easy being me.

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