Daily Rants

Is this the start of a new trend in Hollywood ?

Check this story out. Beyonce wants to play Wonder Woman. Now that we have our first black President, it seems we now need to see color in all the old favorites. Listen, I never liked the black Ralph Cramden, and think certain characters can endure in our minds because of all of their characteristics. What do I mean ?

OK, let’s try to sum things up. What white actor would you enjoy seeing as Richard Pryor ? Who could play Bernie Mac, without you noticing he was white ? How’s Fred Sanford as portrayed by Jerry Stiller ?

What white man could play Old Dirty Bastard (and be convincing). What’s the point anyway ?

The Lone Ranger is white, so is Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Ricardo.

Just fucking leave things alone. And if you want to develop a new character, go for it. Beyonce could play Wonder Womans friend who gets recruited …. But she can’t play Diana Prince. Or you can get an actress more relevant to the role.

Why would a black Wonder Woman be a powerful thing ? Powerful to what ? Powerful for whom ? for what purpose ? And why is it time for that ? what does that even mean ? so insulting.


Page Six Photo

November 12, 2008 —

BEYONCE Knowles is serious about trying to become the next “Wonder Woman.” The LA Times reports the singer has already met with reps from DC Comics about starring in the flick, due out in 2011. “A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It’s time for that, right?” she says. Knowles, who once pranced around in her underwear in an “Austin Powers” picture, has her work cut out for her if she hopes to squeeze into Lynda Carter‘s iconic red, white and blue bathing suit. “I would definitely have to keep it right for that costume,” she says.

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