Fun Stuff

Cartoon speech bubbles, street signs and posters fun

a little fun to have

ScreedBot – makes typewriter text


SayWhat is for adding amusing cartoon speech bubbles to a picture. Then you can share it with friends and family.

Easy Street – make your own street sign


roflbot is for adding text to a picture, a.k.a. an image macro generator. You can do it all in your browser without using Photoshop. See also lolcat, lolbands, O RLY?, etc.

AutoMotivator – generate your own motivational posters, real slick


Personal Speech Bubbles – download the image file

piZap – fun with photos made easy


Start by selecting a picture file on your computer and then clicking “Upload & Continue” in the form above.

You can also start with a picture URL. Checkout the sample


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