Daily Rants

11/3/08 – posted Early Musings



Well, after 18 months, the elections are finally here. We’ve heard a lot of crap, there is tremendous emotion surrounding the many ‘firsts’ this will represent for all sorts of folks. I hope in the end, people think and vote as Americans. Americans that see through the phoniness of a person. Americans that understand sacrifice, personal accountability, individuality, potential. Americans that also understand the seamier side of life and things in general. And how some people project one image, while hiding evil intentions. I hope that we have matured beyond the pure emotional decision, and rely upon character, integrity, Americanism when voting. This is simply a vote between socialism and capitalism. Avoid color, nuance and aura.
Everyone is a product of their surroundings and early influences in life, that form core philosophy and idealogy. We vote for an ideology, a way of life, a guiding light of influence. We don’t vote for idolatry. There’s a big difference. God Bless America !


I came across this poem on the Atlas Shrugs website. Twas the night before …


Checkout the Obama-Oh Mama rocket on 5th avenue today.


Also from Atlas Shrugs, speculation that the recent earthquakes in Iran are from nuclear blast testing.


OK, you tell me what these mystery space machines are.


Checkout this video, of images taken from the Hubble Deep Field telescope.


Bookmark this link and read the NYC Metro daily.

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