Daily Rants

10/31/08 – posts from Early Musings



Happy Halloween everyone. Be safe out there and have fun.


Here’s an interesting story, submitted by my BFF, Top 5 Halloween Myths Debunked


I’ve done some research on meek looking Bill Ayers. Not a nice man or character. Read this stuff, please. There’s an old Weather Underground manifesto that has resurfaced, in which the authors dedicate it to many people, one of which is Sirhan Sirhan. Read some of the writings from the people associated to B Hussein Obama. Not the sort of folks you’d want your president connected to. These guys have designs to overthrow the government, violently if necessary, quietly if possible. Also, be reminded, that while the Weather Underground was blowing things up around Manhattan, and the country, B Hussein Obama was in NYC. So, he HAD to have known of Bill Ayers, and some suspect he may have even participated in some of the ‘political activities’








Here’s an article on a subject I feel is our major threat in America these days. EMP: The Next Iranian strategic threat to the US Mainland?


The Counterterrosim Blog is pretty informative of world terrorism related incidents and writings.

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