Daily Rants

10/30/08 – posts from Early Musings



Apparently evil and being a Walsh are still synonymous. Read about what this fucking animal named Walsh did to his wife. Weird timing as we approach the 5 year anniversary when that ‘other’ evil family with the same evil name slunked out of College Point in the dead of night on Halloween.


SR sends in this great pic of his son GhR all ready for his first Halloween.


DnC took the time to prepare for this self portrait. It’s a special Happy Halloween vision sure to scare the pants off the kiddies. (rumor has it that Roving Reporter drew the nose, I can’t verify that)


My AJ sends us this video link to a story about old tires. A must watch video for all of us. Send this around to all on your mailing lists. It could save a life. They recommend that you don’t use a tire that’s older than 6 years old. It also shows you how to determine when a tire was manufactured. Go and check your tires NOW.


Find the long DOT number and locate the last number series at the end. On older tires this is on the inside of the tire.

This tire was made in the 17th week of 1999

And this was from the 13th week of 2001


The Elusive Sail Capri provides this relevant image of the time. The difference between politicians and voters.


AT sends in this Halloween warning about , what else, poisonous Chinese made candy for trick or treaters. Stay away from the pirates gold coins. Seems they contain melamine. Wonderful.


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