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This is an archive of the period July 29 2005 – Aug 2007

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This is an archive of the period July 29 2005 – Aug 2007.

Links are broken, I’ll have to figure it out someday.


Finally something sort of kool from DnC for our carpal tunnel challenged male colleagues. A specially designed mousepad. (9.6.07)
Here’s an interesting article about some recent suspicious stock market activity. There was similar activity the weeks leading up to 9/11. Check NorthEast Intelligence Network often, for those less likely to be reported activities and events.
This one is also from TR in North Carolina. Kinda funny

A wealthy man was having an affair with an Italian woman for several years. One night, during one of their rendezvous, she confided in him that she was pregnant.  Not wanting to ruin his reputation or his marriage, he would pay her a large sum of money if she would go to Italy to  secretly have the child.  If she stayed in Italy to raise the child, he would also provide child
support until the child turned 18.  She agreed, but asked how he would know when the baby was born. To keep it discrete, he told her to simply mail him a post card, and write Spaghetti’ on the back.  He would then arrange for child support payments to begin.

One day, about 9 months later, he came home to his confused wife.His wife said , ‘Honey, you received a very strange post card today.’

Oh, just give it to me and I’ll explain it,’ he said. The wife handed him the card and watched as her
husband read the card, turned white and collapsed.

On the card was written: ‘Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Spaghetti. Two with meatballs, one without!  Request

Please visit the legacy page for Lt Ron Winchester. It’s been 3 years since Ron was KIA in Iraq.
I know it’s a little early for this, but I just got this in my email. The annual Just say Merry Christmas campaign starts.

get your bracelet early this year.


OK, that rat we saw dash into the ATM lobby a week ago is now dead. We can tell by the special aroma in the ATM lobby, that also wafts outside and affects our delicate pallets. And our facility folks decided to allow ‘nature’ to run it’s course. Well, that’s gonna take a while, and it ain’t smellin good in there.
TR provides this pic of one of his dead idols. It begs the question, where did they bury the rest of him ? (9.4.07)
Tomorrow marks 3 years the passing of Lt. Ron Winchester, killed in Iraq. Please visit his memorial site, and take some time to reflect on these last very hard 6 years.
LPTS Updates (9.2.07) –

PEZ Inventory Report – By Purchase Date
PEZ Inventory Report – By Character name
PEZ Inventory Report – By Character & Series name
PEZ Inventory Report – By Collectible Type & Series name
This patriotic video comes by way of Vermont. BM, who has hijacked my wife for the entire frikkin week, submits this. He suggests it’s for the over 18 male crowd. I disagree. It is so patriotic, that I recommend it even for my young nephews. Happy Labor Day, now Show them to me. And send my honey back. (8.31.07)
The Musings has been blocked again at work. I’m working to have it lifted. Be patient. Seems we’re so popular it got added by the Bluecoat url scanners. And categorized as a social networking site.
Speaking of mountain climbing. Congrats to BH and MZ on their recent nuptials. Good luck guys. (8.30.07)
A couple of birthday shout outs for Jack’s sweetheart, ToolChik VM, she’s 24, and my beautiful niece and God-daughter NL, who’s a teenager now, and my perty sis-in-law SL.
Something called a T-REX was parked out front today. Check it out. TREX1 , TREX2
We got new ATMs on 5th avenue. Kinda kool looking.
We also have new Premier marketing decals on the windows, not bad. Premier1 , Premier2
I reported last week about all the mezuzahs being removed from the building doorways. Well, as it happens, there were 2 doorways they forgot about. So, these still are hanging at the doors. Let’s see how long it takes for them to figure it out.
This comes to us by way of the Big Guy WFP, down Tampa way. Aptly titled, detective work. Watch out son, you may come across this in the FBI.
DF from up Buffalo way, sends this important link over, to allow you to sign a petition to Protect American Workers. (8.29.07)
You wanna waste hours at the computer ? Here, play with the sand. (8.28.07)
Just to keep you updated. The Musings governing council has met several times already. There is quite an array of opinions and differences floating around. There are those who feel the Musings should be shutdown for good, or dramatically reduced in footprint and exposure. Sessions continue, with clear choices expected at some point in time. Issues range from efforts required to remediate, versus clean start of things. We’re over 2 gig already on the server, and that’s a problem.
I had the opportunity to see the end of firefighter Bobby Bedia’s funeral on 5th Avenue yesterday. When will we get serious in this city and knock that building down already ? Here are pics of the ceremony and crowd.
You can always count on the Elusive Sail Capri for the really good stories about how big government wastes. This one is shocking to say the least. As a business manager myself, I can think of around 100 different ways to have had incorporated into any ‘fast-track’ process the necessary checks and balances to have avoided this. When is this going to end ? And don’t tell me when Bush is out of office. This kind of ineptitude is systemic, not administration created.
Here, check this story out. It’s one where an illegal alien isn’t really ‘illegal‘. You’ll get a kick out of this.
Congratulations to NdM and SM, on their retirement from the Auto repair and body work shops they’ve run for the past 35 years. I grew up with Nicky and Sammy, and we will all miss their presence in the Point, as well as their friendly faces. Good Luck guys, you worked hard and deserve to take a break. I am glad I bought a Toyota, so now I may not have too many repairs in the future.
Checkout this sweet ride spotted on Fifth Avenue. Old Cutlass convertible. (8.25.07)
The Musings received some positive feedback from VG. Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you enjoy the site. Have something to say ? Wanna vent ? Send me your comments, vents, rants, ideas, or jokes and pics. If they are better than Roving Reporters’ it may get posted. Submit your feedback, or send me an email at
We spent some time with friends on New Jersey’s Budd Lake and Lake Hopatcong. Some interesting trivia, Budd Lake is NJs largest natural lake, while Lake Hopatcong is NJs largest man-made lake. It was good to see BE and LS, and their lovely wives. Checkout the pics, and some of the beautiful homes along the river. Lake Hopatcong & Friends – August 2007

Oh, and one comedic photo of the speed limit sign on the Cross Bronx Expressway. See if you can spot the irony.
We had a minor medical scare with my boy Joe the past couple of days. He came home complaining of chest pains, so with our family history, we went to North Shore ER. Thankfully after a day in the hospital and a battery of tests, he be strong like bull. And, his cholesterol is down to 180 already, after just a few weeks of Lipitor. Docs say probably pulled a muscle.
Finally, something halfway decent from Roving Reporter. New Bill Clinton portrait. Perhaps we lit a fire under that hiney. PS – Thanks for the recommendations. The Musings governing council will review and decide upon future actions. (8.21.07)
The Elusive Sail Capri has surfaced with a bit of wise information. He boils things down to two words. “Floss often”.
A bulletin for Roving Reporter. STOP THE CRAP. Send in something worth posting. The material has been lame, same with Auntie.
They must have sold the Bank. They removed all of the mezuzahs that were at all of the entrance ways. A clear sign of a change in the air.
And at the same time, the guy who allegedly killed Safra, gets out of jail. Ted Maher is back in New York, and I’m sure the story will get interesting real soon.
Have you read about the bishop who is urging all Christians to begin calling God by the new name Allah ? Amazing. Here’s Hal Lindsey’s analysis and important caution. Read these in the order I posted them, then let’s discuss.
Please visit the Legacy page for Cpl. Benjamin D. Hoeffner. Ben died while serving in Kuwait about 1.5 years ago. (8.17.07)
LF passed on this old Barry Bonds rookie card. Definitely a collectors item. (8.16.07)
Checkout the Cavemans crib. Check is computer out too, and his version of Caveman Musings, clearly a ripoff of your favorite Jack’s Musings….. don’t ya think ?
The Scooter, Phil Rizzuto died yesterday. New York is gonna miss him. Holy Cow, I think he’s gonna make it to heaven !!!
Here’s some more information on the latest dirty bomb threat to NYC. BTW, still no more info coming out about that radiation detected from that car in Jersey City the other day. All of a sudden, hush, hush.
Here’s another fine article, by a man who ‘get’s it’, my man Mychal Massie. When silence isn’t golden. (8.15.07)
Check out Napoli’s in Whitesone. Great fried calamari, and all the dishes were tasty.
So long Merv. Merv Griffin died today.
My boy Frank got a letter sent home from Holy Cross High School. This letter commends him for staying out of trouble his first year, and for exhibiting mature, responsible behavior. The school was impressed, and they said so. Nice work Frank. You make us proud each day.
Man o’ man, I got my haircut Saturday, and the girl went nuts with the trimmer. Waaay too short. I ain’t looking forward to work on Monday. (8.13.07)
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The latest batch of butterflies are starting to emerge from their cocoons. I think we had around 11, so far 5 or 6 have emerged, and they are beautiful. BF1 , BF2 , BF3 , BF4
My brother had a family reunion last week. Here are some pics from the party. We also celebrated my niece (NL) and nephew’s (AL) birthdays.
I was going thru some old stuff, and came across this post from a while back. My brain diagnosed. It explains a lot.
Please stop by the Ronald Winchester memorial page to view recent postings of a fallen hero.
We had a new screen & front door installed. Thanks Omar, great work.
Krumb provides us this UFO video, right from Haiti. It’s probably fake, but think of the potential.
This comes to us via TR, down in North Carolina. He recently celebrated another 33 year old birthday. Congrats my friend, not many people get to enjoy being 33 as many times as you have. (8.10.07)

Miss Beatrice, the church organist, was in her eighties. She was admired for her sweetness and
kindness to all.  One afternoon the pastor came to call on her and she showed him into her quaint sitting room. She invited him to have a seat while she prepared tea.

As he sat facing her old Hammond organ, the young minister noticed a cut-glass bowl sitting on top of
it.  The bowl was filled with water, and in the water floated, of all things, a condom!  When she returned with tea and scones, they began to chat.   The pastor tried to stifle his curiosity about the
bowl of water and its strange floater, but soon it got the better of him and He could no longer resist.

“Miss Beatrice”,he said, “I wonder if you would tell me about this?” pointing to the bowl.

“Oh, yes,” she replied, “Isn’t it wonderful? I was walking through the park a few months ago and I found this little package on the ground.  The directions said to place it on the organ, keep it wet and that it would prevent the spread of disease.  Do you know I haven’t had the flu all winter?”

My son Joe had a similar reaction to the way the media has been downplaying the Barry Bonds home run record. He took the time to email a letter to the NY Post, and it got posted today. In fact his comments are the first ones listed. Atta boy Joe. Speak your mind, and you make excellent sense. Here’s another pic of it, just in case they take it down. JoeRant
We have a friend, TG, who does wonderful paintings of farm equipment and tools and other nature items. We acquired one of her pieces as well. She is working on her new site, here’s a sample.  (8.9.07)
God speed to the Shuttle Endeavour astronauts, who are lifting off tonight at around 6:30. This mission is  a special one for Joe’s GF KP. Her cousin is commanding the flight. KPs folks were invited to KSC to watch the liftoff and participate in the events that follow. How kool is that ?
I also see that Barry Bonds broke Hank’s home run record. Barry has 756 homers now and still counting. We definitely have a new home run king. I haven’t really kept up with baseball, since the strike (that’s right, I don”t forget). But, my take on all this is quite simple (since I am a SKOM). So long as MLB lets Barry play every day, and they count his at bats, his hits, his strikeouts, his walks, then no matter how many HRs he hits, THEY COUNT. THEY ARE OFFICIAL. Thererfore, CELEBRATE them as such. Congrats Barry, if MLB and the fans of baseball won’t cheer you, I will.
Holy crap. Woke up this morning to a tornado alert for Brooklyn. Mighty storms passed through, but a first for a Brooklyn tornado (8.8.07)
OK, I’ve just about had it with the crazy, stupid drivers. I’m thinking of putting up a driving tips page. I’d even take your submissions so we can really grow the list. Idea is to have a central location for dopes to go to learn how to drive from experienced drivers. You know things like

STOP at the STOP sign.
Move out of the right lane when nearing an entrance on a highway, so that poor bastard can get on.
Stay out of my lane, while I’m still in it.
Don’t throw your trash out the window
If you want to send me a tip or egg me on, send me an email at or use the feedback button
So, get this, the 2 ‘middle-eastern’ looking men who were stopped carrying bomb making material and a live pipe-bomb, are claiming to be ; get this ; they are victims of racial profiling. So, racial profiling made them carry the bomb, or did we plant the bomb on them ?
I returned to work today after 2 weeks vacation. By the time I had my second cup of coffee it was like I never left. Good to be back.
Here’s a story to keep an eye on. 2 guys stopped in South Carolina with a bomb, and bomb making materials in their car. (8.6.07)
Went to Jones Beach with my brothers and friends. Checkout the Jones Beach pics – August 2007.
Happy Birthdays coming up for my nephew AL (Noodles) and my bro-in-law BA.
It’s also been 16 years since I quit smoking cigarettes. I don’t miss them at all, and I quit cold-turkey. For those who still smoke, you can quit too.
Here’s an interesting calculator/display and website. Provided by our man about town, CH. http://www.poodwaddle.com/worldclock.swf
LPTS Updates (8.3.07) –

PEZ Inventory Report – By Purchase Date
PEZ Inventory Report – By Character name
PEZ Inventory Report – By Character & Series name
PEZ Inventory Report – By Collectible Type & Series name
Roving Reporter shot over pics taken from her Bahamas vacation. More great photos and a couple of hot chicks in bikinis.
Our boy ScoobyFitz is back from his travels to San Juan. Checkout his great story and photos of The diamond of the Caribbean . There’s one pic where our Irishman looks like a rock lobster. (8.2.07)
All I can tell you is, be careful what you drink. Anything else and I’m sworn to secrecy, so don’t ask.
Wanna check the tide at the beach, follow this link for the Jones Beach tide chart
This from our man about town CH,

This week we celebrate a special birthday. Monica Lewinsky turned 31.
Can you believe it?

It seems like only yesterday she was crawling around the Whitehouse on her hand and knees, and putting
everything in her mouth.

They grow up so fast, don’t they?

Frank & The Vinman got to see Korn yesterday at Southstreet Seaport, and met the band backstage. Frank talked, hung out and got autographs of his favorite band members. Korn1 , Korn2 , Korn3 , Korn4
Here’s the latest drawing from our retired Navy friend JgA, inspired by a recent trip to Washington, DC. Titled, There are no Stones . (8.1.07)
We have a family of about 4 raccoons wandering around at night now. Here are a few pics of the frisky critters. Coon1, Coon2 , Coon3 (7.31.07)
Now they are warning about eating the ginger imported from China. I thinks it’s time to put China out of business, what do you think ? (7.30.07)
Well, DF&L are all set to move their lives to Hawaii. We will all miss them, and we had a great BBQ to send them off. Here are some pics, please stay in touch, we love you all, God Bless You and Aloha !!! (7.29.07)
Check out this wonderful article on our favorite Navy man JgA and his family. Truly inspiring to read. Thank You JgA for you and your families service & sacrifice to our country.
Add this to the ‘you can’t make this stuff up’ category. You know that commercial with Emmanuel Lewis for cashcall.com ? Well check out the fine print. They loan you money at 99.25% interest rate. The 2,600 you borrow comes back to them as 9,200. And loan sharks are illegal ?
Went to Jones Beach today wth family and friends. DM enjoyed Jones for her last time, before her move to Hawaii. Aloha. JB1 , JB2 , JB3 , JB4
We had a new rear stoop and patio area done. The work came out real nice. Checkout the pics.
Here’s a nice sunset photo taken down by the Malba circle.
A couple of recent birthday shout outs to VA, who turned 27, my niece DH, who turned 28 and BS, we don’t speak her age. (7.26.07)
Me and the Gimp got to see Eric Clapton play with John Mayer in Bryant Park the other day. They played Crossroads together.
Enjoy the video, Show them to me, from JL, who’s down south in Fla. This is for the 18+ male crowd.
Checkout some of the new PEZ coming out.
Read, Rise up America and Another racial shakedown. (7.25.07)
TR, always being the helpful sort, provides a quick reference guide to help us tell the difference between dolphins & whales. Now, doesn’t this clear that all up for you ?
Please stop by the Ronald Winchester memorial page to view recent postings of a fallen hero.
We had wild storms today. Checkout the flooding at Shea Stadium. Shea1 , Shea2 , Shea3
There was a bomb scare the other day on 5th avenue. A suspicious package left at the NY Public Library annex across the street. Checkout pics of the package and bomb squad. Bomb1 , Bomb2 , Bomb3
They’re getting closer to tearing down RGs family home. Sad.
If anyone had clothes at Beechurst cleaners, they’re gonna be late, or smell smokey when you pick them up…
Ever wonder how the NY Public Library hangs those huge signs in front of the library. Here’s how.
Here’s another interesting lady who passed the spot the other day.
A really nice looking Persian cat made it’s way to our stoop the other day. Now, it’s in the house and has the run of things. They got till Saturday to find the owner, or bring it to the shelter. Kitty1 , Kitty2 (7.18.07)
I tell ya, the spot I got in front of the bank is a magnet for the weird. Check this lovely out from the other day.
That dizziness I was experiencing a few months ago returned this morning, with a vengeance. It woke me from a deep sleep at 5am, and was accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Not fun. I slept most of today, and still don’t feel right. I hope this ‘episode’ is over for now. (7.14.07)
Our man DF from up Buffalo way, doesn’t send in stuff often. But, when he does, look out. Here’s a brilliant example of why there are no Italian Muslims. Thanks Man, I miss you too.
Here’s another great article by my man Mychal Massie. Why no pardon for Compean and Ramos?
Here’s an excerpt from a Tom Tancredo interview on WND, where he speaks about finding a proper deterrent to use against the terrorists. Tancredo: Find deterrent or face another 9/11.

Here’s another great Tancredo article Tancredo talk too offensive? Too bad, says congressman
Here’s a report that doesn’t seem to make the mainstream media outlets. Al Qaeda bakes little boys. Nice peoples.  (7.13.07)
LPTS Updates (7.8.07) –

PEZ Inventory Report – By Purchase Date
PEZ Inventory Report – By Character name
PEZ Inventory Report – By Character & Series name
PEZ Inventory Report – By Collectible Type & Series name
Another great article by Joseph Farah. He asks the question, Where’s the condemnation of Lebanon ?. (7.6.07)
We had our Leone Family BBQ – July 4, 2007 , and everyone had a great time. The weather held out for most of the day. Enjoy the pics.
They hauled this poor bastard out of the building in handcuffs the other day, and yet, they left this guy in, go figure.
We were watching the concert for Diana the other day, and they had her nanny on, this woman looks just like Nanny McPhee, doesn’t she ?
Here’s an interesting article by Mychal Massie. (7.5.07)
Hey everyone, it’s the Fourth of July. Let’s not forget what it stands for to be free, and remind ourselves that freedom isn’t free. Be safe, enjoy your holiday and God Bless America.
Here are the pics from Rosanne & Frank’s Montauk vacation 2007. Rosanne has some great scenic shots here, setup very nicely.
The Musings wants to welcome JC from Tampa. He’s an ex-Whitestonian, who found the Musings as he traveled the ‘net. Thanks for visiting us, and your kind words. Keep coming back, and as much as I hate saying this – Let’s Go Mets !!!. (7.4.07)
Did you get your iPhone yet ? These guys were camped out on 5th avenue.
We had another butterfly emerge.
3 members of our Joined-up team.
There are some new ‘ads’ posted at the bank. Safra continues to roll over. (7.3.07)
I am trying new inventory software to manage my PEZ and others collection. I am currently using Lotus Notes but is quite bulky, and doesn’t do any web reports for me to use. So, I am using a PrimaSoft product which seems to be pretty good. Here’s a first shot at a pretty comprehensive catalog of my items, pictures are being added as I clean the migration data up.

PEZ Inventory Report – By Character name
PEZ Inventory Report – By Character & Series name
This is a real kool storm sky shot from a recent storm.
Checkout some recent 5th Avenue eye candy – Eye1 , Eye2
There’s always something interesting walking down 5th avenue.
Another butterfly emerged yesterday. Real pretty and more yellow than the rest. (6.30.07)
Congratulations to our Floridian friends J&RL, on the recent birth of yet another grandchild. Grandson and mother are doing fine.
One of our office cams caught this image of the Elusive Sail Capri on a recent adventure, outside of a Manhattan skyscraper. Boy, this dude gets around. (6.27.07)
Finally, here are the pics from our BBQ – Friends BBQ – Aloha Debbie, Fernando & Lea Kai June 2007
A couple more butterflies emerged this weekend. ButterFly1 , ButterFly2
Checkout some cool information security posters here at Native Intelligence. Here you will find the ever popular Hackers and Crackers and Bears poster.  (6.24.07)
They’re here …. check this article from the UK about a mile wide UFO spotted by a couple of airline pilots (6.22.07)
We just received these pics from our new satellite camera pods, high above the earth. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s the Elusive Sail Capri doing his superman impression. These look both fun and crazy. eSc1 , eSc2
Now we hear that the real big man, AT is  leaving his high security position, to go work at nuRepublic. I’m gonna miss him, and wish him well. (6.21.07)
Frank takes the Biology Regents today. He’s a little nervous, but is prepared. He will do well, he takes good tests. (6.20.07)
The VinMan turns 19 today. Happy Birthday young man. We Love You !!!
Four more butterflies emerged from their cocoons today. What a beautiful sight to see.

Butterfly1 , Butterfly2 , Butterfly3
Also heard that the 2 we gave to CC and his family emerged today as well.
Checkout the Hillary Clinton Sopranos parody. Interesting how she relates to Tony. He outsourced his hitters, and now she outsources her campaign theme song. hmmm…..
The Big Guy WFP, from down Florida way, checks in with this relevant musical piece. It’s Tom Rush – Remember Song (6.19.07)
One of our butterflies emerged today, checkout the pic.
Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there. I have a lot to post, so stay tuned.
Congratulations to CC, on his graduation, now it’s off to High School. (6.17.07)
The ax continues to fall at work. We lost our Fire Safety Director, JE, and nearly 70 others this week. Stay tuned…  (6.14.07)
Check out the Series Updates now availableF My Photography and Collage material

F Family and Friends photos

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F My Blog and Postings

Checkout the new Elvis PEZ set coming out soon.
Checkout the Prank Place. Kool site for all your funny needs.
The caterpillars have all cocooned now, and we should have a good crop of butterflies in the next few days. Stay tuned.
Go ahead RR, keep eating McDonald’s and this could be you in a few years.
Boom Boom came across an old RNB News from 1985. Check out the promotions from then. That’s 22 years ago.
From the same RNB News, a vintage pic of our friend Johnny 5.
Scooby provides an update of the work being done at RockU.
I have had another successful civic adventure. Took nearly 3 months to have graffiti removed from a traffic sign. Before , After
Read on about WiTricity. Providing electricity without wires. Pretty slick if they can develop this further.
Read about the Academic Bill of Rights here. And pray and hope it pans out. For the sake of your future students. (6.9.07)
There is some very interesting material at The Aviation Nation website. Read these stories about dry runs and probes with the airlines, and you begin to get worried all over again.
What’s going on with China ? They don’t seem to be playing so nice in this global economy.

China exports lead poisoning
China’s toothpaste contaminant has deadly history
Seafood imports from China raised in untreated sewage
Is China trying to poison Americans and their pets?
U.S. issues safety warning on Chinese ATV
Here’s a pearl from my AJ. (6.7.07)




What’s the government planning for ? Read what’s going on with Cheyenne Mountain ? I think we need to keep an eye on these sorts of activities.
Our psychotic bus driver would have been 51 today. We miss ya Ralphie boy. Happy Birthday man.
Here’s an insightful article by Walter Williams. The immorality of government theft. Words and how you use them matter. (6.6.07)
From TR, the latest high level Al Qaida suspect captured.
Read about our seafood imports from China here. Globalization is causing unexpected concerns in a multitude of places, as we lose oversight and American quality standards in key production cycles. This article covers China’s contribution to our pet food market. If you love your pet, read on.
Read Joseph Farah explain how to break the Hillary code. Voter beware.
Please visit the Jose Acosta Art & Poetry pages. Jose is a retired navy chief that we’ve been communicating to for a few years now, since 9/11. He’s worked on the USS New York project. 24 tons of melted steel from the Twin Towers were used on the ship. The ships motto – “Never Forget”. Jose has 2 sons in the service, one just came back from his tour in Iraq, and the other will be headed out later this year. Here is Jose’s Veteran’s Tribute page. (6.5.07)
Was Shaggy the son of Scooby ? Who knows. AF also graduated SFSU, and to say that his Pa is proud would be putting it mildly. Checkout the pics.
Our niece MS just graduated college. What a proud day for her and her family. Checkout the pics coming soon.
DG also graduated high school. Another fine young lady gets ready to face the world. Congratulations….

And nice tattoo while we’re at it. You surprised many people….
F&D are preparing to leave for Hawaii, and one of the hardest parts is having to sell the old Skylark.

PS, thanks for the blowgun. Real kool toy.
Happy Birthday to my brother Nick. Enjoy your day. We love you !!! (6.3.07)
I’m testing this slick biometric card reader at work. Part of the authentication process is scanning of your index finger. The card itself holds the finger scan on an embedded chip.
The caterpillars are growing fast.
Frank picked up this new 7 string guitar. He’s sounding real good now. He’s teaching himself how to play, and performing quite well. 7string1 , 7string2 , 7string3 (6.2.07)
This comes to us from TR. It’s a quick test to see if you’re cool.
It seems my service provider had some sort of problem. They haven’t acknowledged it yet, but it is obvious. So, if anything is broken, be patient. (5.31.07)
Looks like we have a good crop of butterflies coming. We have quite a few caterpillars already growing on our fennel.
Baby robin came back, what a handsome bird. (5.28.07)
Happy Memorial Day everyone. The College Point Memorial Day parade was held today, and it was a great parade, with wonderful weather. Check out the pics, includes Mayor Bloomberg, Sen. Schumer and Curtis Sliwa. College Point Memorial Day Parade – May 2007
One of the Boyzz took a fall on his bike and banged his leg up. KG is back on the hog, and the ride is fly again. (5.27.07)
Once again, the Musings has sponsored the St. Fidelis Annual Walk-a-Thon. Here’s this years tshirt. SFS1 , SFS2
Our azalea bush is doing great this year, don’t you think ?
Here’s a baby robin from the area.
My sister and brother-in-law went to the Rangers playoff game recently. I never knew he was a face painter.
Went to Jones Beach the other day, and got to see the Army Thunderbirds practicing. Angel1 , Angel2
Check out beach pics – Pic1 , Pic2
Good luck to PeterB, he’s moving on to a new building. Here’s a pic with the Bank team. (5.26.07)
Here’s a pic of me and my honey from today.
From RR, check this knucklehead out. (5.22.07)
If you want to send me a link, or drop me a note, send me an email at or use the feedback button
Here’s Frank and Jack with Frankie V the other day.
The Bank of America building on 6th Ave, continues to rise.
Checkout LF from work, with his bruiser little son JTF. This boy is happy, and growing …
Saw my brother Nick and his family on Mother’s Day. Here they are with my folks.
A new service station opened in town. Sure glad they ‘guarantee’ their work.
Congratulations to VM, on her graduation. We are very proud of you daughter. Doesn’t she look beautiful ?
Check these videos out. They are hilarious.

Jewish girl phone pranks her parents.
Here are the Rosanne Las Vegas trip – May 2007 pics. (5.19.07)
My honey is back from Vegas, and up a few bucks to boot. She took some good pics, I’ll get them posted soon. Don’t rush me.
It’s been 5 years since we lost our psychotic bus driver Ralph, and things just ain’t the same without him. Miss ya boy.
Joey and KP spent a few days in Florida at Disneyworld.
And the boys missed their brother.
Here’s another home being torn down in Whitestone. This is RGs family home. What a shame.
Jack made the union news at Waldbaums. So, they spelled his name wrong, it’s still him.
It’s also the day that ScoobyFitz was born. Happy Birthday laddy.
Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommas out there. Here’s something I created for my Mom. (5.15.07)
Checkout the trailer for the new film, the Spotter, produced by KP and my boy Joe as the star.
Here’s another video clip, that stars Joe, in a public service announcement. Hey, isn’t that my 7 train station at Shea Stadium ? (5.11.07)
My bride is headed to Las Vegas for a few days with her sisters and friends. It’s me and the boys alone for the rest of the week. Look out. (5.8.07)
If you use Paypal, be aware of any suspicious account activity. I was recently hit for a nice sum of money. Paypal quickly resolved and refunded my loss, but depending upon how you have your account configured, it could take you a while to notice the withdrawals. Paypal offers some new security measures you might want to look into.
Happy 50th birthday to our favorite Gimp. Hey, you made it to 50, how bad can things really be ? Enjoy the ride. (5.5.07)
Does your dog have CED (Canine Erectile Dysfunction) ? , if so, get Bonerol. Great commercial from Roving Reporter.
This comes to us from Roving Reporter. Finally, something decent. Checkout the The Goombah Workout Program,
Here’s a pretty cool trick using milk. I think I know how it’s done, send me feedback with your ideas. (4.29.07)
I gots the call to Jury Duty, Federal style. Gotta go to Central Islip for selection process. Stay tuned.
Well, Ro’s Ford Focus broke down for the last time. The boys got stuck out the island, when the timing belt broke. So, Toyota scored another sale, when we bought the RAV4 for my bride. She’s happier, feels safer, and that always works out well for me. Checkout some pics (4.28.07)

RAV1 , RAV2 , RAV3 , RAV4
Gasoline is up to $3.28 by us now. Expect it will go up some more.
Here’s an interesting shot of my favorite library.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of ScoobyFitz. The family patriarch recently passed, supported by family and friends.
This is from my AJ, it’s pretty good. (4.27.07)

The boss had to fire somebody, and he narrowed it down to one of two people, Debra or Jack.
It was an impossible decision because they were both super workers. Rather than flip a coin, he decided he would fire
the first one who used the water cooler the next morning.

Debra came in the next morning with a horrible hangover after partying all night. She went to the cooler to take an aspirin.
The boss approached her and said: “Debra, I’ve never done this before, but I have to lay you or Jack off.

“Could you jack off?” she says. “I feel like shit.”

On my way home from work Monday, I came across the Stanley Cup as it makes its way across the nation. Kool.
Congratulations to KP, she gots herself a new ride. And a fly ride it is. (4.24.07)
Just asking, but who received detention for missing homework on the human menstrual cycle ? One day you’re up, then next day you’re PMSing. (4.23.07)
Visit the Virginia Tech website and support the family and friends of the victims, as well as the entire school community. (4.19.07)
My son Frank made First Honors for this semester at Holy Cross. He’s maintaining  a 94 average, and got a 98 in frikkin Math. Way to go boy, we are so proud of you. (4.18.07)
This is from my AJ, as I read it and pee in my pants, I can’t help but think of my brother Nick.

A guy goes to the U.S. Post Office to apply for a job.The  interviewer asks him, “have you been in the service?”
“Yes,” he says, “I  was in Vietnam for three years.” The interviewer says, “That’ll give you  extra points toward employment.” Then he asks, “Are you disabled in any way?”
The guy says, “Yes, 100%… a mortar round exploded near me and blew my testicles off.”
The interviewer tells the guy, “OK ……I can hire you right now!
The hours are from 8:00 AM. to 4:00 P.M. You can start tomorrow. Come in at 10:00 A.M”
The guy is puzzled and says, “If the hours  are from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. why do you want me to come in at 10:00  A.M.?”
“This is a government job,” the interviewer says, “the first two hours we stand around scratching our balls… no point in your coming in for that.”

There are several great articles on Worldnetdaily today on the Virginia Tech murders.

Needed: More Americans with guns
How to prevent next massacre
You’re dead, I’m healing
And here’s Mychal Massie on the Don Imus fiasco.

Lynching a white liberal
The young male immigrant student who murdered 31 other Americans was one sick puppy. Here’s one of his plays, “Richard McBeef“. And if you ask me, the issue is with his momma. Oh, and if there could have been even one person there with a legal gun on theirself, there may have only been 1 murder victim, and 1 dead crazy man, instead of this carnage. PS – a legally bought gun, whose serial numbers are then filed off, becomes illegal. A legally bought gun, or hammer, or screwdriver, used to kill someone is illegal. Don’t blame the object used.
Anyone who is tired of Rosie should take notice of what seems to be an effective way of pissing her off. Protest. She doesn’t like them when they target her it seems. Rosie cancels Bermuda stop on cruise (4.17.07)
I came across this shot of one of the security guards at the bank. Available on Flickr. (4.15.07)
Roving Reporter finds humor in the oddest things. Try this out. (4.14.07)

Take 60 seconds to do this

1. go to  www.google.com
2. click on  “maps”
3. click on “get directions”
4. type ” New  York ” in the first box (the  “from” box)
5. type ” London ” in the second  box (the “to” box) (hit get directions)
6. scroll down to step  #23


Happy Birthday to my brother Frank, today is his special birthday, since he usually gets gipped on his normal birthday in December. Interesting enough, it is also Peggy Bundy’s birthday.
Check out the Whitestone Bridge pics on FLICKR. Pretty nice shots.Whitestone Bridge pics on FLICKR
Boy, do I miss work.
DM can’t get her mind out of the toilet, and sent in a few pics of some interesting new models. Here is my favorite. And there was even a special training faucet for women.
Are you worried about global warming and it’s effect on your life to come. Here’s an article that provides 8 current, relevant, more important things to be concerned about.
KP is recovering from an auto accident. She totaled her little Ion, but is OK, as are the other folks. Here are a few pics.

Ouch1 , Ouch2 , Ouch3
Six years and counting, and we are still identifying victims from the 9/11 attacks. We must never forget
Don Imus is obviously a goner, but everyone should seize the moment. Why not publish lyrics from the top 10 rap songs everyday, and let’s see if we can change some attitudes. We may find ourselves offended as a society, by a little bit more than just ‘nappy headed hos’. I’ve listened to it, and I gotta tell you, for some songs, you actually have to wear a condom just to listen to them, lest you catch some funky disease. Some of these songs lost the concept of love somewhere along the line.
Now that they dropped the case against those Duke players, it will be interesting to see how long it takes, if ever, for the ‘They’re Guilty’ crowd to come out and publicly apologize as forcefully as they did when they convicted these poor guys. They won’t, so the only thing that can be done is to sue everyone in sight, and make them pay. Sue the school, the state, the accuser, the NY Times, Rev’s Al and Jesse, and everyone else you can find, who convicted them in the media. And, let’s all focus our attention on Crystal Gail Mangum, the false accuser, and see how the law deals with her. She’s gonna have to strip for a long time to come, to pay off the fines. And, oh by the way, she is one fugly stripper. Couldn’t they have hired a better looking one ? (4.12.07)
Some say our delightful new Speaker of the House may have violated the Logan Act. I’d like to see Ms Pelosi taken away in handcuffs. (4.8.07)
Holy Crap, is all I got to say right now. Un-frikkin believable.
Happy Easter everyone. (4.7.07)
Yes, I’m still alive. See, I thought the pic of Ro for her BD yesterday was fine. Some thought it was way too harsh. Here’s a better pic from our dinner. Either way, either pic, she be beautiful to me. (4.4.07)
Today is my wife Rosanne’s birthday. She’s a young 45. Happy Birthday baby. I love you very much. You are more beautiful today than the day I met you. (4/3/07)
I’m gonna be doing some housekeeping for the next few weeks, so if you get a bad link, drop me a note on the feedback page, and i’ll fix it. trying to reorg files out of the root directory on my server. They said I had over 14,000 files there. yikes.
We enjoyed a nice Palm Sunday procession at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin. A Beautiful church as well.

Palm1 , Palm2 , Palm3 , Palm4
Walking thru Times Square last night, we spotted this mysterious character moving through the crowd.
We also came across a great Pizza place – Leone’s Pizzeria.
We spent Sat night in the city. We celebrated our anniversary, and hung out with friends in the morning and evening. LV and ES got a new apartment, that has an excellent view of New York City. We saw Godfrey Townsend at BB Kings with friends. Great show. See all the pics from our weekend here.
The Ronald Winchester Legacy page has had some updates. Please visit and reflect.
From TR, when name calling isn’t swearing.
Here’s an interesting observation and comparison made by a recent columnist. Let’s hope you all remember at the right time.

That moment when, at Ground Zero, Giuliani said no thanks to the $10
million disaster relief check from the Saudi prince who criticized our
country makes for a powerful picture and memory. It works a lot more for
me than the memory snapshot of Hillary embracing Yasser Arafat’s wife.
Maybe, like the message in Ecclesiastes, everything has its time. Maybe
this is Rudy’s time.

Here’s an interesting article by a Canadian columnist. Fighting terror by hating America. (4/1/07)
This is a real stinky story. Am sure we are to blame for this too. (3/31/07)
Here’s what it looks like when you first get the call that you got the job. Frank got the call from McDonalds. My youngest is now employed. Congratulations Frank, on your first job. Mom and I are very proud of you.
Here are a couple of nice shots of the Rockefeller Center area. Rock1 , Rock2 (3/26/07)
The Elusive Sail Capri provides us this link to a Jimmy Kimmel game, called guess what’s in my pants. Enjoy.
I have an announcement to make, and I wanted to be as forthcoming as possible. I’ve spoken to my wife and family, and before it hits the papers I wanted you all to hear it from me first. I was recently contacted by Florida authorities, and they want me to submit a DNA sample. Although I typically take protective measures, there is a small possibility that I am the father of Anna Nicole’s daughter. So, now the field is widened, and I am in the mix with Howard K, Larry, & The Count. Personally, I would love to see the Count identified as the father, only because of the look it would generate on poor Zsa Zsa’s face. So, stay tuned.
There were more fun and games in front of the bank the other day, as they filmed a Public Service Announcement commercial for skin cancer. (3/24/07)
Rosanne and her friends were at the Malba jetty, when they noticed a gun in the water. Tide was very low, and it was plain to see. Cops fished the TEC-9 out of the water today. Our city is one gun safer today.
Uh oh, can this be right ? (3/23/07)

School disciplines students for using the term ‘gay’ – if ‘that’s gay’ is offensive, and used in a negative fashion, is ‘I’m gay’ using it in a positive fashion for a homosexual, and how does the person who has to hear this said to them feel about it ? and then ask if ‘I’m not gay’, said by a heterosexual, is using it in a positive or negative fashion. If you are the person saying it about yourself and you are proud of the fact, then for you it is a positive fashion, no ? This shit has to stop, otherwise, we all gotta stop speaking to one another.
We have a couple of birthday shout outs. Happy Birthday to our friend Spanky, & my niece SrA.
This in from Roving Reporter. Remember when your mother told you never to take candy from a stranger ?

Well this is who she was talking about.
Here’s my horoscope from today, which is quite interesting considering the last few days at work. (3/22/07)

Quickie: Stress is not always a bad thing — in fact, it can bring out the best in you.
Overview: Some people look at the big picture and immediately think a situation’s hopeless. You, instead, realize what the end game is, figure out what’s needed to get there and tackle issues one by one.
Checkout the new Pez product being readied. Eau de Pez.
These come our way from my AJ. A list of Zen sarcasm. There were 30 of them, these are the better ones.

Don’t be irreplaceable. If you can’t be replaced,you can’t be promoted.
Always remember that you’re unique. Just likeeveryone else.
If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments.
Good judgment comes from bad experience, and a lot  of that comes from bad judgment.
Generally speaking, you aren’t learning much whenyour lips are moving.
Generally speaking, you aren’t learning much whenyour lips are moving.
Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.
No matter what happens, somebody will find a wayto take it too seriously.
Everyone seems normal until you get to know them
Checkout the great slideshow put together by ScoobyFitz’ son AF. Highlights the high density blade room we built using Liebert’s XDV system. Thanks for your help. I am not a weeble, I just play one in the show. (3/21/07)
Today is my 24th wedding anniversary. Although that sounds like a long time, it does go by fast. Oh sure, we’ve had some bumps along the way, but I wouldn’t want to have spent it with anyone else. To say I love my wife doesn’t really say it all either. I love being with my wife Rosanne. She’s my best friend as well. And, she’s pretty cool to hang out with. We have 3 wonderful sons together, and they would not be the men they are, if it were not for her, and her mentoring of these 3 incredible individuals. Thank You Rosanne, for putting up with me. Thank You Rosanne for believing in me, Thank You Rosanne for believing in us, and Thank You Rosanne for being the mother of our children. Happy Anniversary. I Love You !!! xoxox (3/20/07)
KP is the first visitor to submit something to the Musings via the new feedback form. Take the ‘Can you tell the difference quiz‘. (3/18/07)
Here’s Frank and George building an igloo on the lawn, after the wonderful ice storm we had.
We had a few layoffs at the Bank, and the day after this poor bastard was back, but at a different type of job.
Boom Boom is looking quite handsome these days. Here he is out front enjoying the sights.
It was nearly 70 the other day, and that usually brings out the fine ladies at the NY Public Library steps. Here’s a new site to be seen, and one that may appeal to my gay son.
My beautiful niece GA celebrated her 30th birthday the other day. Here are a few pics from the dinner we had.

GA1 , GA2 , GA3
ScoobyFitz was our man in the field for today’s Saint Patrick’s Day parade. Check out his great pics from the parade. (3/17/07)
Roving Reporter files a report from the Hinterland. Learn about the crack spiders bitch here. The other one was lame.
For those of us that keep up with the Safra death mystery, here’s the latest.
Also from AJ, this is for our skydiving friends, the Elusive Sail Capri, and ScoobyFitz. Enjoy The Big Kite.
These are small files and definitely worth the download. From AJ, the Trunk Monkey series.

Trunk Monkey 1  , Trunk Monkey 3
Trunk Monkey 2  ,  Trunk Monkey Chaperone
This is from TR, and if you laugh, well, watch out.

Two priests are in a Vatican bathroom using the

One of them looks at the other one’s penis and notices
there’s a
Nicoderm patch on it.

He looks at the other priest and says, “I believe
you’re supposed
to put that patch on your arm or shoulder, not your

The other one replies, “It’s working just fine. I’m
down to two
butts a day.”


I am backlogged with a lot of material, give me a few more days to get caught up. (3/15/07)
Frank got his working papers today, and has already applied for two jobs. That’s my boy. Congratulations and good luck son.
I hope you enjoy the new look and feel to the Musings. You can now send me your feedback, opinions, gripes, etc yourself, it’s easy and fun to do. Just follow the Submit Feedback link provided.
Those dizzy spells I’ve been having for the past 4 months, just disappeared as suddenly as it began. Last Weds was the worst day. I had to have my wife get me out of the shower it was so bad. Stayed home from work the entire day, slept most of it, then when I woke up Thursday, it was as if it never happened, and I’ve been vertigo free ever since. (3/13/07)
Now, I’m going to warn you once, and that’s it. If you’re an adult, you make your own decisions. If you are under 18, go away. Skip this link. This is not pretty. Our man about town CH, sends this in, and for the right reasons. We need to know about this potential behavior by our 4 legged friends in the animal kingdom. All I can say is, I warned you, beware, and most important LEARN. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Fv5mfvfjtE
Check out the Series Updates now available (3/11/07)

F My Photography and Collage material

F Family and Friends photos

F Shea Stadium construction page

Checkout Mom & Dad’s Surprise 50th Anniversary Party – Feb 2007
My boy Joe, checked in with this link to some nostalgia. Andrew Dice Clay doing his nursery rhymes.
I hope everyone is all set for the big DST weekend. Check your ovens, tv’s, vcr’s, then fix them again in a few weeks.
The Mets have done a great job with pics of the new stadium being built here in Queens. http://newyork.mets.mlb.com/nym/ballpark/citifield_images.jsp They also have a great virtual tour and overview to watch.
There are these sculptures at Bryant Park as they prepare the great lawn for spring. BP1 , BP2 , BP3 , BP4
The Bank of America building continues to rise high.
Our favorite (and sorely missed) Buffaloan DF, and his beautiful bride spent some time down in sunny Fla at the Daytona 500 and Bike Week. Here are a few pics. The man looks good on a hog. I miss ya Dave. Peace. Daytona1 , Daytona2 , Daytona3 , Daytona4 (3/10/07)
Frank got contact lens’ today to help with his eyesight. And he loves them. Contacts1 , Contacts2
Here’s Ro playing in the snow from our major snowstorm. Snow1 , Snow2 , Snow3
Congratulations to VM, she picked up her diploma from St. Johns University. We are very proud of you daughter.
Come on now, you gotta love Al Gore. Read on.
We continue to get blasted on some of the message boards, in regards to our small losses in the mortgage business. Ouch. This is a particularly brutal job on poor Bobby M.
Check out this cool flexible folding chair. Comes to us by way of my youngest. http://www.myvirtualzone.com/detail.aspx?ID=14163
Remember what I’ve told you sons, we wanna be grandparents someday. Always protect your assets.  http://cbs13.com/local/local_story_060140052.html
I’ve just about rebuilt the new PC. Thankfully, I was able to get to the data on the old hard drive, just slow copying all my crap over. I know I have a lot to do, will try to catch up this weekend. Got the surprise party pics for Dotty, my folks’ 50th party, and tons of family stuff, photos, articles and mail to sort thru. stay tuned. (3/3/07)
My Mom & Dad celebrated 50 years married on the 23rd. Is that an amazing accomplishment or what ? I’ve got tons of pics, but have had PC problems. I had to buy a new PC, it runs Vista, and now I have to recover everything, so give me some time to get things sorted out. Here’s a pic of the invitation we used for the surprise party we had for them yesterday. They were sure surprised, and everyone had a great time. (2/25/07)
This is an excellent article by Walter E. Williams, titled, It’s Nonsense.
KP debuts at the Musings with this recent story about some old geezers looking to have an orgy. Like they say, you’re never too old for rock and roll. Did someone say poo ? This story might be 5 years old.
Bye-Bye Bobby, so long Sandy.

F Follow Scooby Fitz – he’s at it again (2/22/07)

We had a Surprise 50th Birthday Party for DA – All had a great time, and she was really surprised.
Here’s a great article about Being Happy. (2/20/07)
BS is the owner of a brand new co-op in Whitestone. Good Luck Babs.
I came across this old supercharged roadster in Malba. Not sure what it is, will wait for Krumb to figure it out. Roadster1 , Roadster2
Updates made to F Shea Stadium construction page (2/18/07)
I picked up the new George Washington $1 gold colored coin at Grand Central Station the other day. Did you get yours ?
Use of Cameras is Prohibited. Yeah right !!!
Bye Bye OVS, you served us well.
It was around 10 degrees this day, this guy is crazy. Only in NYC folks.
We had our first major snow storm the other day. The NY Public Library always looks good in snow.
We had a few birthdays to celebrate. DA turns a stunning 50 this year, KRUMB is not 50, but miserable none the less, and GGs Momma AC had a great one. And lets not forget AP and KsT from work. Happy Birthday you all.
The Big Guy WFP from down Tampa way, submits these more obscure Budweiser commercials. You WILL enjoy these.

Here’s a great example by simple story to help explain the difference between left and right. The Liberal Daughter – A Lesson Learned. TV sends it by way of TR.
This just in from AJ. Breaking News (2/17/07)

Just In from Muslim Heaven,

Saddam, has just met with the first of his 72 virgins that Allah promised!


Checkout First Honors for class of 2010.
Hold onto your socks on this one. JC (Johnny 5) is engaged. It took DD 15 years to get this far with him, I suspect our hero can plan a wedding in no less than 20 years. And they say you can’t get the milk for free.

F I got a bunch of new stuff posted on the scrapbook and collage page. Check this out often.

This is where I post my most creative material.

F Family and Friends photos

Our boy ScoobyFitz thought Shakira was good on the Grammy’s. I didn’t see her, but my bet is this little latina is better. Not for the Under 18 crowd. FThat’s you Frank.
Checkout this crazy article about hammers. Chimps may have used stone hammers (2/13/07)

It’s not that they used stone hammers. They used stones, as what we call hammers. I’m pretty sure they first tried to open the nuts with their fist, teeth, hands, feet and then it dawned on them to use a rock. Now, if you come across a CraftSimian (Craftsman 🙂) branded, logo’d, and marketed item named a hammer, humans can still take credit for inventing it. Enough already

This is a real weird story. Check it out. American Graffiti or Al Qaeda threat. (2/8/07)
My boy Frank is doing great at Holy Cross High School. He just made First Honors for the semester. Way to go son, we are so proud of you. I Love You man, even though I kick the crap out of you in ping pong every night. Dad rules !!!
Checkout the latest painting by our friend JgA from Orlando. Here’s some background on the images.

Jack my friend: Here is my latest ..

This is one of my paintings titled – Faded Medals. Charcoal and colored pencil. The marine is my children’s great grandfather and a WWII veteran. He passed away recently. He was a great man. On the bottom right is his boot camp photo taken in 1943.

AJ, always the helpful one, sends us this link to the Perfect Couple and the Lords of the Logistic.
My AJ provides this must know tool on identifying the signs of a stroke victim. Please boomark this url, and share with your family and friends. (2/7/07)
I think my great-niece JG got me sick. Thanks JG, I love you too !!!!. (2/4/07)
You don’t always die from tobacco.
We celebrated LLs 5 year service anniversary at the job. We enjoyed a warm lunch with colleagues.
There’s 2 words missing from this sign the NY Public Library bum was holding. It’s the words and LAZY.
This cutie was asking men at bus stops to marry her. Never came to me….
I’ve started to catalog the construction of the new stadium called CitiField for the New York Mets, at Shea Stadium. If you want to view the progress, follow the Shea Stadium construction page.
These old-timers were feeding dozens of pigeons by their car down at the bridge.
Something was going on at the library the other night, they were setting up candles on the steps. Here’s a pretty nice shot of it.
The ice skating rink is gone at Bryant Park, and now they are putting up the tents for the Fashion shows. Pic1 , Pic2
DnC is always good for a good dumb blonde joke from time to time, here is oneof the better submissions. The library blonde.
This is the Kid from Brooklyn, going off on speaking english in America.
JoeL checks in with this slideshow explaining Men’s Rules of Life. We got this before those killer storms hit central Florida, and I’m still waiting to hear from all our friends in Fla. (2/3/07)
Today is Boom Booms birthday. Happy Birthday man, you look good for 51. (1/29/07)
Please visit my friend Jose the Writer’s site. He posted a new poem titled You Think, and it is truly poignant. (1/28/07)
Here’s a slideshow I put together of the Whitestone Bridge. I hope you enjoy it. Some new software I got helped produce it.
Here are a few interesting video clips I came across on LiveLeak. (1/27/07)

More crazy arab tricks
2,000 pounds of American justice
Orcas 1 – seal 0
Arabs down under
Follow the latest adventures & news from Scooby Fitz. Follow Scooby Fitz. Congratulations to ADF on his recent graduation.
North Carolina got socked with their first Blizzard of ’07. Check out these pics from TR. Schools closed, businesses opened 2 hours late for this. NC1 , NC2 (1/20/07)
What do you suppose this is all about ? Retired Air Force colonel and pilot and his wife, who sees and photos glowing orbs in the sky ? Beam me up Scotty …
And there was this sighting in Pennsylvania.
Part 6 of the Soy articles is out, please check the entire series of articles out. And please, THROW OUT YOUR SOY PRODUCTS NOW (1/17/07)
Here’s the latest on the The Trouble with Soy articles

part 1 http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53327

part 2 http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53425

part 3 http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53507

part 4 http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53596

Part 5 http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53675

Part 6 http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53781

Had dinner with Weegie and his beautiful bride. The food at Tony Dinapoli’s in Manhattan is great. (1/15/07)
With all that hubub over the Muslim congressman taking his oath of office using the Thomas Jefferson Quran. Here’s the background on why TJ had a Quran to begin with. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53692
Some sad news. Lily Munster has died.
Here’s the latest on the The Trouble with Soy articles

part 1 http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53327

part 2 http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53425

part 3 http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53507

part 4 http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53596

Part 5 http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53675

Part 6 http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53781

This just in at 20:10

The 2007 Engineer Agreement has been approved by the RAB Board of Directors and has been ratified by the membership of Local 94, International Union of Operating Engineers.

You heard about those 100s of birds that fell dead out of the skys over Austin, Texas ? Well check this story out. This happened in Australia, 1,000s of dead birds dropping out of the sky. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53708 and, let’s not forget about the dead porpoises off the coast of Scotland. http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=47902007&format=print
This is from our boy TG. A timely reminder, from a time not too long ago in America.

Theodore Roosevelt’s ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.

“In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

Theodore Roosevelt 1907

Local 94 votes on their contract tonite. Here’s wishing them well.
If you are into the 50’s as our boyzz Mark and TR are, then you will enjoy this link. http://oldfortyfives.com/ (1/10/07)
Our boy Krumb gives us the latest Saddam tape. This time, the dead despot is in the morgue on a gurney. Ya gotta love those cell phone cameras. (1/9/07)
This is also from TR, now don’t laugh (1/6/07)

Don’t laugh!” said the patient Ed

“Of course I won’t laugh,” the doctor said, “I’m a professional. In over 20 years, I’ve never laughed at a patient.”

“Okay then,” Ed said, and proceede to drop his trousers, revealing the tinest ‘whoo-ha’ the doctor had ever seen. It couldn’t have been bigger than the size of a AAA battery.

Unable to control himself, the doctor started giggling, then fell laughing to the floor. Ten minutes later he was able to struggle to his feet and regain
his composure. “I’m so sorry,” said the doctor. “I really am. I don’t know what came over me. On my honor as a doctor and a gentleman, I promise it won’t happen again. Now then, what seems to be the problem?”

“It’s swollen.” Ed replied

TR provides us a very good clip of nostalgia. Dean Martin and Foster Brooks doing a skit on Airline Pilots. Hysterical.
Here’s the new sign at my gas station.
Do you like Pink Floyd as much as I do ?
Here’s a sign for the times, from AJ. Good Doggy.
This one is funny.

A female CNN journalist heard about a very old Jewish man who had been going to the Western Wall to pray, twice a day, everyday, for a long, long time. So she went to check it out. When she arrived at the Western Wall, there he was walking slowly up to the holy site. She watched him pray and after a bout 45 minutes, when he turned to leave, using a cane in a very slow fashion, she approached him for an interview. “I’m Rebecca Smith from CNN. Sir, how long have you been coming to the Western Wall and praying?” “For about 60 years.” “60 years! That’s amazing! What do you pray for?” “I pray for peace between the Christians, Jews and the Muslims. I pray for all the hatred to stop and I pray for all our children to grow up in safety and friendship.”

“How do you feel after doing this for 60 years?”

“Like I’m talking to a fuckin’ wall.”

And everyone knows that AJ is a conservationist, so here’s a shot of her making her special contribution to saving Mother Earth
This just in from AJ. Enjoy (1/5/07)

Vinny and Sal are out in the woods hunting when suddenly Sal grabs his
chest and falls to the ground.
He doesn’t seem to be breathing; his eyes are rolled back in his head. Vinny
whips out his cell phone and calls 911. He gasps to the operator, “I think
Sal is dead! What should I do?”
The operator, in a calm soothing voice says, “Just take it easy and follow
my instructions.
First, let’s make sure he’s dead.” There is a silence, and then a gun
shot is heard.
Vinny’s voice comes back on the line, “Okay… now what ?”

If you’ve been following the soy story, here’s part 4. When does the FDA ban this product ? (1/2/07)
Happy New Year everyone. Have a happy, healthy and safe 2007.
Here are a few good videos I came across – (1/1/07)
Dude, are you OK ?
Borat, from the UK
No bluetooth headset for me
Salsa time – she looks familiar
Here is the memorial page for President Gerald R. Ford. Note the difference between the way an American President dies with dignity, as opposed to an ex-Iraqi President. God Bless America
Ding Dong Saddam is dead. Saddam is dead, the tyrants dead. A great way to end 2006.

Ogrish.com has a leaked version of the Saddam hanging on a cell phone video.
Ogrish.com, now LiveLeak has some good videos. Here’s one of a terrorist whose RPG blows up in his face.
This video you have to see to believe. A really big tongue.
Checkout the fun you can have with Diet Coke and Mentos.
Here’s a vintage pic I got my hands on. The legend is that this is the day it all began. See if you can guess who this beautiful woman is. See my Family & Friends page for the answer.
Frank and Ro were in the city the other day. Here are good pics of the nativity scene inside St. Patrick’s as well as St. Patrick’s altar.
Here’s Frank and the Rockefeller tree.
If you plan to be at Times Square for New Years Eve, these are the confetti that will be dropped on you to celebrate the arrival of 2007.
Looks like Local 94 will delay the strike potential for 10 more days, thanks to Mayor Bloomberg. Certainly a welcome development. Scooby Fitz provides us an update. So, if you are looking for him, he’ll be at Cipriani’s. (12/30/06)

At 2:30PM, Friday, December 29th the Negotiating Committee received a request from the Mayor’s Office of Labor Relations, on behalf of Mayor Bloomberg, to stop the clock and to extend the contract for 10 days, i.e., to midnight on January 10, 2007, to avoid the possibility of a strike or lockout. The parties have agreed to the Mayor’s request to extend the contract and have also agreed to continue talks over the weekend and throughout next week.

Our Fearless Hero Scooby Fitz is preparing for a trip to Mount Washington in NH. A place that has the most insane weather. Here’s a Youtube video of the wind at the top. Yikes. Scooby Dooby Doooooo…….
Follow the latest adventures of Scooby Fitz. Follow Scooby Fitz.
If you’re in Local 94, and are preparing to possibly strike on 1/1/07, be sure and download your Deep Freeze documents. Pages 11-13 provide hints to keep warm during the cold days ahead. Good Luck guys. (12/28/06)
Today is my Mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mommy. I Love You.
Here are our Christmas photos. (12/26/06)
Merry Christmas everyone. Hope yours is peaceful and spent with family. We enjoyed a very nice Christmas Eve at our house, with a visit by (not Saint Nick), but my brother Nick. (12/25/06)
A couple of Happy Birthday shout outs. My brudder enjoys his primary birthday today. Happy Birthday Frank. Roving Reporter continues to age, despite efforts to not. It happens to us all, you don’t control it. Happy Birthday RR. (12/23/06)
These New Age Nursey Rhymes come to us by AJ. She’s on a roll. (12/22/06)

Mary had a little pig,
She kept it fat and plastered;
And when the price of pork went up,
She shot the little bastard

GEORGIE PORGY Pudding and Pie,
Kissed the girls and made them cry.
And when the boys came out to play,
He kissed them too ’cause he was gay.

Her father shot it dead.
Now it goes to school with her,
Between two hunks of bread.

JACK AND JILL Went up the hill
To have a little fun.
Stupid Jill forgot the pill
And now they have a son.

LF and IF are the proud new parents of a bouncing baby boy. Here is JTF, welcome to America, just in time for the Holidays (and a tax exemption for Dad).
I’m getting good at sticking myself in pictures. What do you all think ?(12/21/06)
Here are pics from our Christmas dinner at John and Michelle’s.
My boy Weegie sends in this weird exercise. From the Dalai Lama. Take the Tibetan Test.
Had a wonderful lunch with some ex-colleagues from the Republic National Bank days. It was good to see everyone. Enjoy the pics. RNB Friends Holiday Lunch 2006
For those who were interested in the soy article I posted, here’s the next installment. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53425
This is from my crazy AJ too. Not for the under-18 fans, but real funny. It’s a penguin joke told at a bar.
This comes to us by way of my AJ. (12/20/06)

Tough Love vs. Spanking ~

(a psychological conundrum)

Most of America ‘s populace think it improper to spank children, so I have tried other methods to control my kids when they have one of “those moments.”

One that I found effective is for me to just take the child for a car ride and talk.

They usually calm down and stop misbehaving after our car ride together.

I’ve included this photo of one of my sessions with my son, in case you would like to use the technique.

Sincerely, A friend

And here is the beginning of our 5th Generation of Leone , the beautiful baby boy, NRL
What does a Gimp look like when the plug ain’t secured, and it pulls right out ?
Hackers, and Crackers and Bears, oh My.
Me and my honey at the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial.
Here’s another beautiful new baby girl. ILW, the proud parents BnGW.
This cute little diddy comes to us by way of DL. White Christmas sung by Santa and his reindeer. Enjoy.
GrumpyVP sends in this urgent notice regarding Christmas. Looks like it may be cancelled. (12/18/06)
Frank’s house of cards
Frank made Honor Roll at Holy Cross High School. That’s my boy.
Construction continues at Shea Stadium – Shea1 , Shea2
The Christmas tree at Bryant Park looks beautiful
Ice skating at The Pond at Bryant Park is booming.
CC at work attended the Heisman Trophy awards dinner, and brought me back this souvenir mini-helmet. Kool.
The Bank of America building continues to rise at 6th and 42nd
This older Malba home is coming down, no doubt a huge McMansion will take it’s place. So sad.
Here’s a really good website from the UK. It is the site for Melanie Philips, a columnist and the author of Londonistan. She has some pretty lucid writings and opinions that highlight the world we live in today. Many of the PC related issues we have here in the States exist in Europe as well, and she has a witty writing style you may appreciate as much as I do. Spend some time on her site, check her Articles and Diary links. Some recent favorites –

A terror so great we forgot it at once
Saying the unsayable
The law of human wrongs
The Gates of hell?
The Gates of hell (2)
… and many more — enjoy
This just in from DnC. Hilarious. Happy Birthday Big P. (12/16/06)

A little boy walks into his parents’ room to see his mom on top of his dad bouncing up and down.

The mom sees her son and quickly dismounts, worried about what her son has seen. She dresses quickly and goes tofind him.

The son sees his mom and asks, “What were you and Dad doing?”

The mother replies, “Well, you know your dad has a big tummy and sometimes I have to get on top of it and help flatten it.”

“Your wasting your time,” said the boy. “Why is that?” the mom asked puzzled.

“Well when you go shopping the lady next door comes over and gets onher knees and blows it right back up.”

Please visit the The Official Website of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Me)
‘Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends.’ (Surah 5:51)
‘Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient.’ (Q 4:34)
“Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them.” (Surah 9:121-)
‘The “Religion of Truth” (Islam) must prevail, by force if necessary, over all other religions”
‘Allah has destroyed many generations.’
“If you do not fight, He will punish you sternly, and replace you by other men.” (Surah 9:37)
“Muhammad is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another.” (Surah 48:29)
‘When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. (Q 9:5)
Buy your very own Dashboard Mohammed today.

A guy goes in an adult store and asks for an inflatable doll.
Guy behind the counter says, “Male or female?”
Customer says, “Female”
Counter guy asks, “Black or white?”
Customer says, “White”
Counter guy asks, “Christian or Muslim?”
Customer says, “What the hell does religion have to do with it?”
Counter guy says, “The Muslim one blows itself up!!

Here’s an interesting article about the effects of soy. Hmmm. (12/13/06)
And since I am the analytical one (or cynical, your choice). Here’s the annual Santa, the scientific view.
To provide help for some of our readers, here is how you can tell if you have been REALLY bad this Christmas season.
With air traffic control what it is these days. Here is an image of what could happen if Santa doesn’t have GPS
Here’s a vision of Rudolph exhibiting his ‘alternative’ lifestyle.
Usually, the end of the year brings on depression and other forms of mental health issues. Here’s my solution to my problems. 1000mg of Fukitol.
Here’s something that should be printed out and stuck to every refrigerator in America. The Pledge of Allegiance.
DnC hit me with a snowball, here’s the weapon she used. The snow ball cannon. (12/10/06)
We had the HTS Holiday Party Friday night. Good food, great people, and a fun time had by all. (12/9/06)
Happy Birthday to Fearless Leader. We had our annual dinner and ordered a plate of escarole in honor of Mark. It was never available when he ordered it.
Check out this beautiful Vette we saw today. Fantastic paint job. Sweet. Vette1 , Vette2
Say Hello to the good-bye weapon. Yikes. (12/7/06)
Today is my Grandmothers birthday. She’s 96 today. Still lives alone and walks to Main Street everyday. You are an amazing woman. Happy Birthday Zelda. I Love You.
Yesterday was my sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday Ann Terese.
We love the colors from our new tree turning for fall.
Here’s a confusing set of signs in Whitestone. The nexus of 14th avenue
DA continues her good recovery, she put up her tree and decorations.
I think one penguin walking alone is OK. Also OK to see 4 separate penguins walking alone over some period of time. BUT, if I saw four penguins all walking together, I’d cross the street. What do you think ?
I went for some more tests over this vertigo problem I’ve been experiencing the last week. Seems I’ve inherited more fun stuff from my Mom and grandfather. It’s called Meniere’s disease. So, it’s the underlying cause of the vertigo, now I have to just ‘manage it’. Wonderfuckle. The last few days the spin cycle has been shorter, but still there.
Here’s Ro with Santa (12/6/06)
Happy 3rd Birthday to Frankie V. Here are the party pics (12/3/06)
Krumb sends us the latest episodes of Michael Richards aka, Kramer. I don’t see a white boy, I see a damn fool. Wow.
I know Christmas is coming when we get the annual photo card of our great-nieces VG and JG. Aren’t they beautiful ?
Another ‘situation’ at 8East the other day. Always something that draws the FDNY. 8E1, 8E2
I like the 9.11.01 memorial mural painted on the side of the Ten Truck from Liberty Street.. Mural1, Mural2
Still waiting to get pics of the new baby NrL. Stay tuned.
Checkout the kool PEZ motorcycle. And here is what I would look like on the hog.
Another old house going down in College Point. Where once one family lived, we’ll see what replaces this.
Work at Shea Stadium continues for the new stadium – Shea1, Shea2
I bought one of the $5 slicers from the old English guy. How can you go wrong ?
Have you seen the video of Criss Angel ripping a girl in half ? No ?, you gotta. The big guy WFP provides this one. Enjoy. (12/2/06)
Congratulations go out to NL and KL on the birth of their beautiful baby boy, NRL. This makes my cousin and his wife FL and ML, the first Leone cousins to be a grand-parents. And of course, that makes my God-parents NL & DL great-Grandparents, and my Grandmother (Zelda) a great-great-Grandmother. This don’t happen often in families anymore, and we are all so excited for the new parents and the beginning of our 5th Generation of Leone.
Follow the latest adventures of Scooby Fitz. Off to the Rockies.
The HTS Christmas party is 12/8/06. buy your ticket and stop by.
And while we’re at it. Just Say Merry Christmas.
Here’s an interesting article How about a federal ‘nice crimes’ law? By Linda Harvey. A few of the best lines written are :”… America, Israel, Christians and all other nations and faiths are responsible for everything bad that has ever happened to Muslims. This would make a great teaching example for FBI and law enforcement “hate crimes” training funded by the Department of Justice. It would illustrate how an officer can identify what are appropriate thoughts (those that have good reasons behind them, like anti-Christian, anti-Semitic and anti-American opinions) vs. those that are bad and evil, like believing that homosexuality or Islamofascism are wrong. Those opinions are “hateful,” according to the important people who decide these things…” (11/29/06)
Happy Birthday Kelly Bundy. Enjoy your special day. (11/27/06)
We had a very nice and quiet Thanksgiving, hope you all did too.
This comes by way of TR. A site to send a message to a US soldier. http://www.letssaythanks.com
Here’s an interesting article about Iran being kicked out of organized soccer. Amazing parallels to it’s behavior in politics as well. (11/25/06)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We all may have different reasons for being thankful this year, one that I think we all can share is to – Thank God we’re Americans. God Bless America !!!
We have David Blaine doing one of his stunt/illusions for the next few days. He’s ‘hanging’ in Times Square strapped to a gyroscope.
Here’s something you don’t see anymore. The word Christmas in big letters on a billboard in Manhattan.
This is an amazing video of the US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard Drill Team Submitted to us by TV.
Here’s a weird and interesting link, from our man about town CH. http://www.clublaugh.com/es-items/712.swf (11/22/06)
Checkout AVIATOR SPORTS AND RECREATION. Brooklyn’s newest sports complex. (11/15/06)
Frankie V was over the other day, and spent the night. Here he is after a rough outing.
Here’s me and Boom-Boom out front.
DnC has provided an amazing photo called the ‘Eye of God‘. Pretty awesome image.
Roving Reporter provides some real amusing youtube links. (11/12/06)
  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cSRpu7bI04 (Crazy dog)
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RB-wUgnyGv0 (great magic show)
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmLToYe8nRo (funny Rumsfeld satires)
Here are a couple of real good articles about the recent elections, which seem to have been the most fraud-free in history. The cleanest election ever , by Joseph Farah and Historic victory for Diebold, by our gal Ann Coulter. Very interesting observations by both.
So the Democrats won some elections and control both houses of Congress. All that campaigning and endorsements by Al-Jazeera and the religion of peace fans paid off. I recommend everyone take a snapshot of life right now. Both personal economic, political, and global in nature. Then we can compare it to the new future heading our way.
So long Rummy, it was a helluva run you had. You are an amazing man, and patriot. We thank you for your service. (bio)
This is a story we should all keep an eye on. NYC to change ID rules for transgendered. If this happens then all the amendments in the world won’t stop gay marriage. All you have to do is have one of your birth certificates changed to the other sex, and you can then marry under current law. A very devious end-around. Stay alert to this story …
Our man about town (CH) sends us this little ditty by our boy Frank Sinatra. Strangers on My Flight. (11/9/06)
My middle son Joe, turns 20 today. No more a teenager, another step towards being a man of his own. Mom and I are so proud of you Joe. You are a wonderful young man, who has a very bright future ahead of you. God Bless You, We Love You, I Love You son. Happy Birthday. (11/7/06)
Some cigars are hand-rolled, but these cigars are rolled with love. Thanks to the Elusive Sail Capri for this submission. I may go pick up a few of these. If you are someone’s kid reading this or behind a corporate firewall, skip this link. (11/6/06)
So, let me try to get this straight. The New York Crimes newspaper says that Dubya got us into a war we should not have started in Iraq (because of the ‘non-existence’ of WMD), but now comes out and says that the Iraqi documents we posted on the govt website can help Iran build a nuke. Sounds to me like Dubya was right, and they is wrong, so how about retracting the last 3 years of garbage and start acting like Americans and back the president. Doesn’t anyone notice this crap, or are the liberals so focused on self-hate that they can’t backtrack ? There’s a word for people like this, we call them teenagers.
If Al-Jazeera and Al-Qaeda , and all the followers of the religion of peace endorse the Democratic ticket for the US elections, who should Americans vote for ?
And at the same time, Auntie had another frightful one night stand. Here’s her latest experience. You really have to be careful with how much you drink, especially if you intend to pick up men.
Roving Reporter got a new tattoo the other day. To me, it is a little extreme, but I’m somewhat conservative. You be the judge. (11/4/06)
Frank & Ro enjoyed the opening of The Pond ice skating rink at Bryant Park.Pond1 , Pond2
Here they visited my office afterwards – Office1 , Office2
The kids had fun on Halloween.
This young mother used to come over with the twins from around the block and call for me to come out and play when she was around 8 or 9. Now look at K.
5 Years later, and we continue to identify victims of the 9.11.01 terrorist attacks. We must Never Forget.
Here’s that sign our boys in Iraq prepared for our wannabe leader Jon Carry. And a local article about the unit involved. http://www.startribune.com/587/story/783407.html
This wonderful Veteran’s Day poem comes to us from my friend JgA. Checkout his website at – http://hometown.aol.com/josethewriter/ and more tributes at http://hometown.aol.com/veteranstribute/

A Veteran’s Silent Salute

In the shadows of a building,
he stood at attention.
Behind the waving flags,
and children screaming for
falling candy.

The pounding drums resounded,
in his mind of battles he had seen.

While others laughed and shouted,
when in uniforms they marched,
he stood at attention.
For every flag passing by.

At the ending of the parade,
a hundred veterans did march.
Faded medals,
pushing comrades on wheels.

He stood in the shadows and saluted.
Remembering friends that had fallen.

In the shadows of the parade,
his tears fell to the ground,
as did once the blood he shed
for a country that too soon forgot.

Here’s a good joke (11/2/06)

A man comes home from an exhausting day at work, plops down on the couch in front of the television, and tells his wife, ‘Get me a beer before it starts.’The wife sighs and gets him a beer. Fifteen minutes later, he says, ‘Get me another beer before it starts.’ She looks cross, but fetches another beer and slams it down next to him. He finishes that beer and a few minutes later says, ‘Quick, get me another beer, it’s going to start any minute.’ The wife is furious. She yells at him ‘Is that all you’re going to do tonight? Drink beer and sit in front of that TV? You’re nothing but a lazy, drunken, fat slob, and furthermore …’ The man sighs and says, ‘It’s started …’

Here are pics from my Chicago trip. HTS Cracking the Commercial Code. (10/29/06)
Congratulations to BB. He just marked his 20th year of dedicated service to the Bank. Thank You again BB.

F I got a bunch of new stuff posted on the scrapbook and collage page. Check this out often.

This is where I post my most creative material.

F Family and Friends photos

This is a painting my Uncle Dominic did many years ago. It’s a really nice piece of work.
Thank You goes out to our friend and colleague at work TH. He helps coordinate all of our training needs and is extremely helpful, creative and understanding.
DnC provides something funny. This is an actual shot from the sidelines of a college football game.
I’m just getting back from a few days in Chicago. I have some material to catch up from your submissions, as well as stuff I got to post myself. Stay tuned….(10/28/06)
Here’s a nice shot of the New York Public Library in fall.
My boy Frank always liked to play with boxes. Well, I got a delivery today, and he had himself some fun.
Here are a few shots of Winchester Hall in Iraq. Dining facilities for our soldiers, dedicated to the memory of Lt. Ronald D. Winchester. Winny1 , Winny2 , Winny3
We had an olive kinglet bird on our stoop tonight. Pretty bird, oh so pretty.
The Pond ice skating rink at Bryant Park is being built now. You know winter season is coming.
If you haven’t already seen these signs all around the Whitestone Shopping Center, watch out. They mean business. My boy Joe got towed, cost him $150 of his hard earned cashola.
Our man about town, CH, points us to this neat site. http://www.forgotten-ny.com/index.html , It will help you remember the old neighborhoods, and appreciate how much things have changed around here. Check out Forgotten New York.
This in from our man about town CH, (10/23/06)
As you may already know, it is a sin for a Muslim male to see any woman other than his wife naked, and that he must commit suicide if he does.
So next Saturday at 4 PM. Central time all American women are asked to walk out of their house completely naked to help weed out any neighborhood terrorists. Circling your block for one hour is recommended for this anti-terrorist effort.   All men are to position themselves in lawn chairs in front of their house to prove they are not Muslims, and to show support for all American women. Since Islam also does not approve of alcohol, a cold 6-pack at your side is further proof of your anti-Muslim sentiment.
The American government appreciates your efforts to root out terrorists and applauds your participation in this anti-terrorist activity.   God bless America.
ToolChik (VM) got her new Pony the other day. Congratulations and Good Luck.
I had to have a nuclear stress test the other day, and during the many hour wait, Ro & I found this great little place called Forest Hills Gardens. Amazing area, and gorgeous homes. (10/22/06)
Pics from the little brunch party we had for Frankie J.
My youngest son Frank turns 14 today. Happy 14th Birthday Frank And what a young man he has developed into. You make us proud each day son, and we Love You with all our hearts. Continue on this road you are on, and the world will be a better place.
For all you aspiring meteorologists, TR provides us with the Weather Forecasting Stone.
TR came across this pic of a free cat. It ain’t often you can pick one up for free.
With all the recent congressional scandals, you would think that photos of this nature would have been edited before making it on the campaing trail. (10/20/06)
Here’s the latest painting from my friend the retired Navy officer JgA. (10/15/06)
“Fallen Steel” USS New York LPD-21
Steel taken from the ruins of the Twin Towers after the attack of 9-11-01 were taken to New Orleans. The “Fallen Steel” was then melted down and used to create the hull of the USS New York. The painting depicts the Twin Towers during the attack. The falling debris transforms into doves (the souls of the victims) rising back to the Heavens. The American Eagle flies out of the smoke. The Helicopter is a Cobra battle ship that is on the USS New York. The forward mast on the ship has a faded view of the Twin Towers reborn. Beneath the paint on the Towers and in the water, the artist wrote by hand in black ink, the names of victims that perished in the attack on the Twin Towers. Some names can be seen.
Went Apple Picking today at Wilkens Farm.
Here are the Vermont trip pics. We had a great time at V&BMs house. Enjoy.
If you want it good, get NandoWood walking sticks.
Here’s my 2006 Halloween card for all my friends.
CH sent in a very cool link to a birthday calculator site. http://www.paulsadowski.com/BirthData.asp and this site explains what your name means. Also cool. http://www.paulsadowski.com/NameData.asp (10/14/06)
Here’s a pretty interesting video. The Many Faces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
TR checked in with a link to a handy little test site. Take the Cool Person Test yourself.
Saw this the other day about Ted Nugent

Ted  Nugent,  a  heavy metal guitar legend and devoted (bow) hunter, was being  interviewed  by a French journalist. Eventually, the conversation turned  to  his love of outdoor pursuits. The journalist asked, “What do you think the last thought is in the head of a deer before you shoot it? Is  it,  “Are  you  my  friend?” or maybe “Are you the one who killed my brother?”

Nugent  replied, “They aren’t capable of that kind of thinking. All they care  about  is,  What  am  I going to eat next? Who am I going to screw next?  and,  Can  I run fast enough to get away? They are very much like the French in that.”

We had a great time in Vermont at V&BMs house. I took a lot of pics, so it’s gonna take some time to sort them out and get them posted. (10/12/06)
My Day turns 70 this week. Happy Birthday Dad, I Love You. Here we are at restaurant.
My wife says that Jimmy, our old mailman enjoys the musings. Hey Jimmy, drop me an email with your address, or stop over I wanna give u one of our bracelets.
Do you enjoy the Musings ? Love your country ? Wanna show your support to New York City ? For a limited time only, you can receive one of the latest Musings silicone wristbands. Just send me an email at , and you will get the latest version of our bracelet.
A Children Playing sign. I need it here, so I can print it.
Temp bridge by the Linden Place, Van Wyck connection. Yikes.
VMs Pa came down to the park to chill, but you call this parking your car ?
We’re all ready for Halloween. Spook1 , Spook2
Here’s the Bryant Park water fountain. Looks great, doesn’t it ?
Take a good look at these last photos of the old Shea Stadium. Shea1 , Shea2
Took a bad pear tree down for RR across the street. Pear1 , Pear2
Ks car got a boo-boo, and is getting fixed.
We have a new animal in the house. A great looking Beta fish. No name yet, but daughter VM loves it.
Momma to be GW looks great, don’t she ?
Mayday showed up the other night. Good to c ya boy.
My AJ sent this one in last week. It’s cute and funny.

As I was packing for my business trip, my 3-year old daughter was having a wonderful time playing on the bed. At one point, she said…. “Daddy look at this,” and she stuck out two of her fingers. Trying to keep her entertained, I reached out and stuck her tiny fingers in my mouth and said, “Daddy”s gonna eat your fingers!” pretending to eat them before I rushed out of the room again. When I returned, my daughter was standing on the bed staring at her fingers with a devastated look on her face.

I said, “What’s wrong, honey?”

She replied, “What happened to my booger?”

Our boy Krumb gets us the latest reports on our favorite Kazakh, Borat. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3309866,00.html
This in from TV, a real knee slapper. (10/4/06)

A fleeing Taliban, desperate for water, was plodding through the Afghan desert when he saw something far off in the distance.  Hoping to find water, he walked toward the object, only to find a little old Jewish man at a small stand selling neckties.

The Taliban asked, “Do you have water?” The Jewish man replied, “I have no water. Would you like to buy a tie? They are only $5. “The Arab shouted, “Idiot Jew! Israel should not exist! I do not need an overpriced tie. I need water! I should kill you, but I must find water first.”

“OK,” said the old Jew, “it does not matter that you do not want to buy a tie and that you hate me. I will show you that I am bigger than that. If you continue over that hill to the east for about two miles, you will find a lovely restaurant. It has all the water you need. Shalom. Muttering, the Arab staggered away over the hill. Several hours later he staggered back. “Your brother won’t let me in without a tie.”

This in from AJ, a great little anectode about an American in France.
This article about China should make you sit up and say hmmm. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2006/09/26/wchina226.xml
Here’s an excerpt of the Hamid Karzai press conference with President Bush this week. This is the link to the entire transcript. Here’s a man we should all listen to. (9/23/06)

“… They came to America on September 11th, but they were attacking you before September 11th in other parts of the world. We are a witness in Afghanistan to what they are and how they can hurt. You are a witness in New York. Do you forget people jumping off the 80th floor or 70th floor when the planes hit them? Can you imagine what it will be for a man or a woman to jump off that high? Who did that? And where are they now? And how do we fight them, how do we get rid of them, other than going after them? Should we wait for them to come and kill us again? That’s why we need more action around the world, in Afghanistan and elsewhere, to get them defeated — extremism, their allies, terrorists and the like….”

Here are the pics from the adventures of Scooby Fitz
A new movie is coming out, about what you ask, well about PEZ, what else. (9/26/06)
I’ve been telling you about my recent civic related activities. Here’s a photo recap of my major ‘successes‘. Pretty impressive when recorded like this, don’t ya think ?
Here’s the latest from our boy Scooby Fitz (9/24/06)
Check this out for a lot of fun. http://www.onemorelevel.com/warp.php You can warp any image on the web. Pretty cool. Lots of other cool stuff at this link.
Checkout the large mirror sculpture they have at Rockefeller Center for the next few weeks. If you look close, you can see me in the photo.
Every American should visit this link to see how our soldiers were brutalized. (9/23/06)
Today marks 4 years since our boy Mark Cascia ‘left the building’ as TG called it. I miss shooting pool with you and the Psychotic Bus Driver RC. We all miss you boy, every time we get together. Sure hope you are enjoying the oldies concerts. All your favorites are there, so life should be good for you on the other side. Peace.
This is a GREAT article by Larry Elder on my favorite subject, the Religion of Peace. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=52078 There is also a link to a wonderful site that collects, and reminds everyone of the recent and past record of the efforts and undertaking of the followers of the Religion of Peace. I strongly urge you to bookmark this link, www.TheReligionofPeace.com , check often, and use it as an eductional tool as you interact with the meak and weak minded people you will come in contact with and have these discussions.
DF shot over this great article, about how we encouraged Pakistan to help us. Just a little friendly advice. If it works, what the hay. http://www.breitbart.com/news/2006/09/21/060921191305.ugcxd7ae.html
Thank you Mr Chin and the DOT, the Humps are Bumps again. (9/22/06)
Today is my birthday. I b another year older and wiser, and wider, and crankier, and dumber, and stubbornerer, and heavier, and blinderer, but still loveable. It was good to see JC today. Wifey made me my favorite dish, boys took care of me, and Frankie J showed off some of his artwork. BF even called in his rendition of Happy Birthday on my voicemail. Went to sleep a happy man.
I encourage you to visit the UN site and read or listen to some of the speeches made by heads of state. Pay particular attention to countries like, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, etc. http://www.un.org/webcast/ga/61/index.shtml (9/20/06)
Here’s a good article – Islam Validates the Popes Comments Worldwide http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/site/modules/news/print.php?storyid=595
DF from up Buffalo way, checks in with this kool image of camels in the desert. The thing is, the picture is taken directly above these camels in the desert. It is considered one of the best pictures of the year.  Look closely, the camels are the little white lines in the picture.  The black you see is just the shadows!!  (9/19/06)
My oldest son Jack is 22 today. Happy Birthday son, we love you. Mom and Dad are very proud of you and the man you are. Despite the practical jokes you play on me, I still love you. No Poopie Cockie
Do you enjoy the Musings ? Love your country ? Wanna show your support to New York City ? For a limited time only, you can receive one of the latest Musings silicone wristbands. Just send me an email at , and you will get the latest version of our bracelet.
Here’s an interesting video. What we are.
And here’s something completely uncalled for. As you can see, I’ve discovered www.YouTube.com . Some funny stuffs. Check it out. (9/18/06)
Follow the exploits of our newest satellite reporter, Scooby Fitz. Share in his exploits and colorful commentary coming continuously, as he travels home for a wedding.
Malba Car show was today, pics came out great. Get there if you have time today
Saw Santana at Jones Beach with friends. Great time.
This is the tent city that ends up being created for the Fashion Week events at Bryant Park.
Boom Boom took some great pics of the Feast of St Anthony and the parade andlifiting of the Giglio. Boom Boom and his family are also from East Harlem as are myself and my folks. (9/17/06)
Here’s an interesting article on the recent reaction to the Pope’s comments. http://www.kansas.com/mld/kansas/15524916.htm . I recall as I was growing up that one of the main objectives of education was termed “reading and COMPREHENSION”. It seems to me when reading the various world Muslim reactions to the Popes comments that perhaps these people are not READING ALL THE WORDS and UNDERSTANDING them. Here’a small excerpt
“… The pope and Vatican proved to be Zionists and that they are far from Christianity, which does not differ from Islam. Both religions call for forgiveness, love and brotherhood,” Shiite cleric Sheik Abdul-Kareem al-Ghazi said during a sermon in Iraq’s second-largest city, Basra.
My question is, if Islam is such a profound religion of peace, forgiveness, love and brotherhood, why such a violent, close-minded response ? Why not exercise some of the so called ‘forgiveness’. In fact I dare anyone to cite me any recent examples of Muslim forgiveness, brotherhood or love in any recent situation. No, all we really see, despite what they say, is hate, anger, and a pre-disposition towards violence. It’s about time we challenge EVERY Muslim to act like they say their religion teaches.
More from the Elusive Sail Capri. A German bedding store prank. Real funny. http://www.joe-ks.com/MultiMedia/WetlookWaterbed.wmv (9/16/06)
I’m a little behind in my email and posts. This is also from the Elusive Sail Capri. This link is FREAKING WILD, is all I got to say. If you hate Dubya, you will enjoy it all the more, but if you enjoy fun links, this one is intense. http://www.planetdan.net/pics/misc/georgie.htm
Listen to Shepard Smith talk about Jennifer Lopez a couple of years ago. You’ll enjoy his “slip-up”. Oops, did I really say that ?
Here is a great 1968 Johnny Carson clip. The Copper Clapper Caper. Real funny.
Here’s my take on sex education for our young males.
Here an infomercial for my sister-in-law. This is what my bro does when he is in the shed all day.
This one speaks for itself. Nutcracker.
These posters of a missing boy from Tennessee went up around Malba and College Point. Let’s pass this around and keep an eye for this young boy.
Here we have DnC, P and CS chilling at the park with Ro. Everyone looked like they had a good summer. (9/24/06)
I don’t know how to explain this one, but if you like magic, you will be AMAZED at this magician as she hides the red kerchief. Be sure the kids aren’t around. http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/1JwtmHDE933261Tnb . thanks to The Elusive Sail Capri for this as well.
The Elusive Sail Capri provided us this remarkable letter by an American Airlines pilot. Whether this is an actual letter or not, the point of the letter rings true, and I think simplifies the current environment of the times. One I think we all can agree to, be you a R, D or I when you vote. http://www.snopes.com/rumors/worryme.htm
Here’s my PEZ and other stuff collection. I needed an easy way to do quick lookups in the field. Now I can use my PDA to query the database.
Here’s a good joke video site. Some real funny ones. Spend some time here. http://www.joke-portal.com/h_jokes.htm
DF provides us with this interesting Borat update. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=404852&in_page_id=1770
Here’s another good article by Burt Prelutsky, titled Walls and Fences. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=51945
This is an EXCELLENT article in yesterday’s Post. Titled – One Arab’s Apology. I suspect more of this is about to break out. It has to for things to get better. We must be prepared to support these folks as they step forward and take a ‘word view’ position on this thing going on with our Religion of Peace fanatics.
If you are from East Harlem, you will enjoy seeing these pics from vintage Feast of Saint Anthony events, where they carry the ‘giglio’. I wish I knew these have started again, I will go next year around this time.

WFP, the big guy, turns 60 today. Happy Birthday my friend. (9/13/06)
On this 5th Anniversary of the 9.11.01 attacks, please take some time to review this link.
Never Forget – Remember the Blood of Heroes
Please stop by this page and sign the memorial book for PS. You will be missed. http://www.legacy.com/Newsday/DeathNotices.asp?Page=Lifestory&PersonId=19162289
Seems we just caught some crazy with a knife and a one way ticket to Yemen at the airport. Read on. http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/site/modules/news/article.php?storyid=572 (9/10/06)
If ex-Iranian President Khatami really said this, then there may be hope after all. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14741471/ . Very interesting piece. I will try to locate full text of his remarks.
This just in from our man about town, TV.

Ed was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife was really upset. She told him “Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in   the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in 6 seconds AND IT BETTER BE THERE.”

The next morning Ed got up early and left for work. When his wife woke up, she looked out the window and sure enough there was a small box gift-wrapped in the middle of the driveway.

Confused, the wife put on her robe and ran out to the driveway, brought the box back in the house.

She opened it and found a brand new bathroom scale.

Funeral services for Ed have been scheduled for Friday

Here’s a recruiting poster for the Religion of Peace. The real Islam. (9/9/06)
My youngest son, Frank, started Holy Cross High Scool yesterday. I know he will do just fine, and that he is ready for his, wake at 0630, walk to a bus, take to another bus and get to school routine. Mom and me are SO PROUD of you, it can’t be described in words. We Love you, good luck. Isn’t he starting to look like me ?
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Fearless Leader and his family. Pop was called home today, and we look to our memories for comfort and solace at this time. God Bless you Pop and look over the family now.
Roving Reporter checked in. Hasn’t filed any news reports, but may be back to work. Stay tuned.
The Elusive Sail Capri skooted in today to chew the fat. House is empty, and he’s looking to jump.
This company has the solution to deal with our Religion of Peace fans. An idea I have been espousing for some time. Basically says, put a pot belly pig on every plane, train and bus. Tie ’em to every corner. Let’s go hog wild. Check this site and products out. Pig’s Blood and the End of Jihad http://www.susbloodlabs.com/index-3.html
Here’s a story that will make you sit up and go WHAT THE FUCK ???? http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/I/INTESTINAL_PHONES?SITE=1010WINS&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT
Now, I read this and my mind says that these 4 high SAT-scorers certainly ain’t the first to come up with this idea. So, let’s assume Al Qaeda reads this too, so why wouldn’t the homicide bomber just shove the bomb up, and then board the plane, train, subway, or bus and just fart his way to the river of honey and 72 ripe fresh virgins ? This ought to wake everyone up, REAL FAST.
And I was convinced that our left leaning community was in cahoots with those zany terrorists. What say the consipracy theory veggies now that Al Jazeera went to the archives to prove that the fans of the Religion of Peace in Al Qaeda really, really did plan 9/11. http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/1B135B31-508F-4E0C-93E9-5077551D1B9D.htm
I have an idea on how to deal with Iran. Since all we hear from the Iranian president these days is how the west should embrace God, I suggest we sick the ACLU on them. That should tie Iran up for years with court cases and media coverage over separation of church and state. The ACLU can do to Iran what it has been working to do to the US, remove God from our lives. They won’t have any time or money to build bombs.
You wondered how can you top the homicide bomber concept ? How about the homicide bomb. Iran just tested a suicide bomb, it flies itself to the target and blows up. Iran test-fires 2,000-pound guided bomb http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0%2C7340%2CL-3300979%2C00.html
Here’s a message to Central Parking, who runs the Shea Stadium Park & Ride (9/7/06)
CH sends us this image that ponders the question if this explains why the Middle East is in the state it is in. (9/3/06)
Here’s our traditional annual salute from KP.
Here’s a curious observation sent in by AJ. (9/2/06)
Only in America…..do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front
Some birthday shouts to do – Happy Birthday to

My beautiful God-daughter
My future potential daughter-in-law
My perty hot sis-in-law


Here’s a good shot of my honey, with Frankie V.
A friend of my Dad’s (CA) drew this caricature of our family back in 1971. My brother had it on his living room wall. It’s pretty kool. I updated it to include 2006 images.
When you are handy, this is an example of what can be done with a wooden pallet.
TR provides this unique perspective to ponder –
Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American G. I.
One died for your soul; The other for your freedom.
For all you fashion watchers out there, Bryant Park is preparing for Fashion Week events. See what they are doing to the wonderful lawn. (9/1/06)
Lt. Ron Winchester was killed in Iraq in Sept 2004. We are approaching the second anniversary of Ron’s ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Please take some time and visit his memorial page at http://www.legacy.com/Link.asp?ID=GB02595012 and if you ever are near Bryant Park in NYC, visit the stone dedicated to Ron’s service along Heroe’s Way.
As we approach the 5 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I encourage you to view this link And remember to Never Forget – Remember the Blood of Heroes

SAY forwards us this driving safety tip for those who use cruise control. http://www.snopes.com/autos/techno/wetroad.asp

F I got a bunch of new stuff posted on the scrapbook and collage page. Check this out often.

This is where I post my most creative material.

F Family and Friends photos

DF from up Buffalo way, provides us this interesting perspective from an out there artist. You will enjoy the Ceiling.
Here is a link to the Full Text of Pres. Ahmadinejad’s Letter to German Chancellor. Interesting reading.
TR files this report on a scary video going around the ‘net. We all need to see this one, cause it’s looking more and more like us vs. them. (8/29/06)
I put together this special 9/11 – 5 Years After collage to commemorate the 5 year anniversary since the attacks.
About 2 hours to go, and that 1982 Worlds Fair PEZ is up to $32,000.
Rosanne and Frank just got back from a week in Vermont. Here are their pics. Vermont vacation Summer 2006. Also checkout the Vermont Collage.
Some kids went Nucking Futs the other night and sprayed graffiti all over the neighborhood. On walls, fences, cars. Animals. Police were informed, but we’ll see what happens. Crap1 , Crap2 , Crap3
Our thoughts and prayers go out to my UN. He’s recovering from surgery. (8/27/06)
I made friends with a retired Navy officer about a year ago. JgA does some painting now, and recently completed this wonderful painting, in the memory of the heroes lost on 9/11. His latest painting is titled “Into Harm’s Way” – Depicting the USS Deyo DD 989, first destroyer that JgA served on, the USS New York LPD-21, a new ship being built, the hull of the ship was constructed from steel brought from the NYC Trade Center after the attacks, and the USS Reagan CVN-76. In the clouds a vision of the ruins of the Trade Center and NYC firemen in the mist. I think you will be moved by this painting as I was.
These pics of a 9/11 memorial mural on a boulder come to us from CH. We must Never Forget – Pic1 , Pic2, Pic3
Here are 2 of our Operation Hercules M16 toting NYPD tactical officers in Times Square. (8/25/06)
I keep telling my wife that some day my Pez collection will be worth some good money. Check this dispenser out on eBay. going for $30,000 minimum, with 5 days to go. 1982 Worlds Fair Pez Astronaut.
Checkout 42 things in the life of an Italian child. Submitted by AJ. (8/21/06)
This in from TR, new tourism ad from Mexico. Enjoy. http://americancomedynetwork.com/FLASH/MexTourism.htm
Happy Birthday to LK, she’s 9. Here are pics from the gr8 BBQ we went to by F&D. (8/20/06)
We hung out at Port Jefferson before our surprise dinner for MG on her 40th birthday. Enjoy the pics. (8/19/06)
I’m not a big auto person anymore,but I saw this cool car on 5th avenue today. It was a 2006 Lotus Elise. Did some research and it starts at $42,500, not a whole helluva lot of cash, but is a sharp car.
Here’s a MUST SEE link from the ever Elusive Sail Capri. It captures the essence of the recent rash of doctored photos and news reporting making the mainstream news outlets. As they say, Buyer Beware. Don’t believe everything you see, read and hear. http://www.aish.com/movies/PhotoFraud.asp
Here’s a new link I’ve added to my favorites. The Northeast Intelligence Network. Some interesting material here. Enjoy. http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/site/modules/news/
This in from TR. When you have some time to kill, surf to this page, sit back, and enjoy watching what happens inside your computer. http://www.newportharbor.us/computerworks.htm
Here’s an interesting story about a recent heist at a somewhat popular local Bank. http://www.1010wins.com/pages/69331.php? Question is where this money went and what about all that KYC stuff.. (8/17/06)
MJ1 has decided to move on and closer to home. I wish him all the best, and I know we all will miss him at the Bank. You leave a superb legacy, and the people we have in place will make you proud always. Stay well, in touch and above all, happy. We had a very nice farewell get together, so please enjoy the pics.
A special Good Luck Mike from me.
We celebrated with ET on his 25 Years of Service achievement. A remarkable career to reflect upon. Thank you for all you have done for us, and here’s to perhaps 25 more. (8/16/06)
We had some friends over for a BBQ the other day. The weather was fantastic, and the company was great. Everyone had a blast. Enjoy the great pics. Friends BBQ 2006.
Thanks to TR for passing on this great link. A real cool interpretation of Billy Joel’s- We Didn’t Start the Fire. Enjoy. http://home.uchicago.edu/~yli5/Flash/Fire.html (8/14/06)
Here’s a sight for sore eyes. A recent pic of our old friend JoeD. We miss you and are glad to see you looking so great.
Considering today’s terrorist arrests, Aug 22 seems to be a recurring theme with the religion of peaceniks. Here’s an interesting piece to ponder. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=51445
And as ScoobyFitz suggests, time to watch this again, to remind ourselves, what it’s all about. http://www.jackleone.com/NeverForget.htm
Seems I have a photography fan. Left me a tantalizing voicemail. hmmm.
I finally got around to creating photo page for the recent Long Beach Island / Brandon birthday party trip we took. I have some nice shots of the Barnegat Bay lighthouse. Enjoy. We had a great time with the W and D families.
Rosanne ran across this ‘sister‘ on LBI. (8/10/06)
Here’s a pretty good shot of my fly ride.
Many thanks to the DOT. they actually turned around rather fast, 2 online reqs to remove graffiti from some signs. Sign1 , Sign2
Go College Point – NYC Champs !!!
Here are some good nature shots. Tree trunk , spider web , wasp nest , blooming dhalia , Malba egret
Please, say it ain’t so. The markings on this beautiful Malba home suggest demolition, what a sad mistake. (8/9/06)
Here’s another Must Read article by WND’s Craige McMillan – Media blackout: Nuke coverage of nukes
WFP, the Big Guy who is now comfortably retired in sunny FLA provided this interesting story about a student who explains Hell. Enjoy. http://www.snopes.com/college/exam/hell.asp – PS – he loves me more Bruce, so there.
TR passes us these good links. One is funny, the other is serious to your life, so be sure to follow that one, and prepare yourself. Be prepared to kill or be killed. I b redE 4 da 4mer …. (8/8/06)
Link1 – religion of peace
Link2 – Where’s the rake
Our wasps are thriving under our pool rim.
The temp hit 106 degrees yesterday as we drove out the Island. Yikes. Baked Apple.
Frank was a little under the weather and had to see his doctor. Here he is with Dr. Welles.
Here’s a pic of the brood from the other night, when pink ball boy lost the game of mini-golf. (8/3/06)
I created these collages for Nicholas and Kelly’s wedding – Collage1 , Collage2 , Collage3
Here are pics from Nicholas and Kelly Leone’s Wedding. A beautiful bride and ceremony. Wonderful party afterwards. Good luck to the new couple. (7/31/06)
July 30, 2006 is the 50th Anniversary of Our National Motto, “In God We Trust,” 2006 Please read – A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America – http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2006/07/print/20060727-12.html
Check this article out. Official: Hezbollah used U.N. as ‘shield’ Observer killed in strike wrote e-mail contradicting accusation against Israelhttp://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/printer-friendly.asp?ARTICLE_ID=51265
Hmm, how do we deal with tactics such as these ? Warn the area then blow it the fuck up, that’s how. If only the UN would fullfill their previously agreed to commitments, there may not be a problem in this area today. There’s a 20 something year old UN resolution that placed them there in the first place, to do among other things, destroy the banned militias in Lebanon. (7/27/06)
Anyone who knows me, knows I believe in weird stuff and connections. Read this story about the ancient psalm book found during construction in an Irish bog. If this is true, WOW. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/printer-friendly.asp?ARTICLE_ID=51255
I beat pink ball boy by one stroke in mini-golf tonite. So, take that boy.
It was a great beach day at Jones Beach, with my bro and his brood, and some of the ‘other’ sights were spectacular.
Let’s hope the landlord of this apartment repairs this damage soon. Otherwise, the tenant might have some new pets to feed.
I told Frank to go climb a tree at Whitestone Park, so he did. Tree1 , Tree2 (7/26/06)
We had a great time at this years First Tech Monmouth Park picnic and Classic Car show July 2006 . Great pics, and here is the Special Collage of the day.
The Waldbaum’s where Jack works, was hit by lightning during the last big storm. (7/24/06)
I came across a great quote today by Eleanor Roosevelt. I liked it so much, I decided to feature myself in it. Check out Great minds discuss ideas
Congratulations to my Mom & Dad, they just bought a new car. They also made the leap to Toyota, and bought the Corolla., Real nice car for them. Big trunk, and nice interior. – Car1 , Car2 , Car3.
Here’s my boy Frank with his 3rd place baseball trophy. Good work son.
Here’s LF at his new workstation.
My nephew Noodles busted up his nose horsing around. Docs did a little of this, a little of that, and he should be OK. Feel better boy.
Waffle the bunny has passed away suddenly. VM is very sad, and we are too. We will all miss Waffle.
I try to gather news from various sources. Add Al Jazeera to your list of links. http://english.aljazeera.net/HomePage
Our boy TG passed this along, and as he said, this is ‘freaking far-out man’. You MUST do this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzSRVgF501M – Natural Hallucinogen. (7/22/06)
How do you like this ? The Lebanese Army says if Israel sends in ground troops, they will fight alongside Hezbollah to fight Israel. “… We are waiting for them so that we can defend our land, honor and dignity. “The Lebanese army – and I stress – the Lebanese army will resist and defend and will prove that it is an army that deserves respect,” he said.
Is this hot shit or what ?? Honor and dignity ? They wouldn’t know either if it was strapped around their waist as a bomb. They couldn’t protect their own border from their own internal criminals, so Israel is helping them mop them up, and now this !!! How’s that for being grateful. The least they can do is shut up and wait for us to give them back their country. I’m telling you, the best bet is to nuke the whole friggin region and start all over. Can’t go wrong. Read the entire article for a real laugh. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0%2C7340%2CL-3279198%2C00.html
Here’s a pretty good article from Dennis Prager – Why war? It’s simple – http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/printer-friendly.asp?ARTICLE_ID=51112 (7/21/06)
Look how nice the Bank looks again. The ugly concrete bollards (barriers) have been removed. Bank1 , Bank2
Boy, was it hot today. It was 104 when I got to Shea this evening. And the storm we had was unbelievable. (7/18/06)
A chair at Bryant Park has been inscribed and dedicated to Gary Yucker. When you have some time, please come to the HSBC Reading Library in Bryant Park and look for Gary’s special chair. In Loving Memory – Gary Yucker – A friend to many, and sadly missed. See Jack’s website for photos. Your friends at the Bank miss you. Please also visit Gary’s Memorial at the Musings site – http://www.jackleone.com/GaryYucker.htm , and at the Legacy page. http://www.legacy.com/Newsday/Guestbook.asp?Page=GuestBook&PersonId=2119205
Driving on the Whitestone Expwy is always an experience. Here is what we had to dodge the other morning rolling across the lanes
I always knew that bicycling can be bad for your health, and here’s proof. This poor bastard had a nasty run in with a car, check out the windshield. Ouch.
Check out this Chevy Lowrider we saw Saturday. Real Kool, this guy had it doing all sorts of tricks.
I don’t know much about dogs, but I know this one is UGLY.
Great Sunset Friday night.
Finally, some success with the DOT, took a while to get No Standing signs placed along 3rd avenue at Powells Cove Blvd. (7/16/06)
The Elusive Sail Capri sends us a recreational link. Fresh off the World Cup, you too can be Zidane. Wanna feel like Zizou ? that is your chance, come and kick off Materazzi, http://www.wallak.net/zidan/ . Whatever happened, remember one thing, Italy won.

Here’s one the EU should remind themselves of. Remember Dresden during WWII – http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=51021 (7/13/06)

My maybe, future daughter-in-law baked this beautiful cake. It was yummy. Cake1 , Cake2

That was an amazing storm we had tonite. I never seen rain come down so hard. And we had major flash flooding in the Point. Here’s a shot of 20th avenue.

I usually don’t get much pro-John McCain material, but here’s a great one from TR http://www.snopes.com/rumors/mccain.htm

Here’s an interesting local reaction going on in Florida. More than 60 people gather in Pompano to protest construction of mosque (7/12/06)

What’s the deal with Putin molesting that little boy in front of the presss ? I hear Michael Jackson is booking a flight to Russia as we speak.

Putin, finally, today explains: “He seemed to me very independent, very serious, but at the same time a boy is always vulnerable. He was very sweet. I’ll be honest, I felt an urge to squeeze him like a kitten and that led to the gesture that I made, there was nothing behind it really,” he said, smiling.

Here’s a good article by Melanie Morgan at WND, Leftist leadership: A danger to America http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50952 (7/8/06)

You will find many interesting things in it, as well as this little ditty –

“… Cindy Sheehan is currently engaged in a hunger strike with Al Sharpton, Danny Glover, Sean Penn and others. It’s called “Troops Home Fast,” and that is what they are doing, giving up food for eight-hour periods and then “rotating” the fast on to someone else to pick up. So you eat three times in a 24-hour day.

In the land of reality, we call that eating three meals a day. In the land of twisted liberal thinking, they call that a hunger strike. …”

Happy Independence America. Have a Happy and Safe 4th everyone. Keep all those fingers and toes right where they are.

Rosanne & Frank just got back from Montauk with friends. Checkout Ro’s great pics. Rosanne and Frank in Montauk – June 2006 (7/4/06)

My car was covered in upside down, dying, flying ants the other day. They seemed to have been in the rain drops on the car. Did they fall from the sky ?, cause if they did, I gotta believe that flying ants coming down in the rain CAN’T BE A GOOD SIGN. Pic1 , Pic2

We continue to have great success working with the MD of the College Point USPS. We recently repainted the mailbox at St. Fidelis, and that brings us to 23 mailbox locations being graffiti free for nearly 4 weeks without repeat vandalism. The USPS has been turning around work orders in 2 days. Thank You – Before , After

If only I could get the USPS maintenance crews to do the same for the DOT traffic signs that are always covered with graffiti, we could really improve things around here. Takes them weeks to even respond, but I don’t see signs being repaired. Taking too long to remove the graffiti, only encourages our budding ‘artists’

A word of advice. DON’T USE SEARS for your brakes. Take it from me.

Wifey and Frank come back from their Montauk vacation today. I can’t wait to see the pics. Oh yeah, and I missed them too.

The Bank is at it again, this time over woman’s golf. Even TV, and the Elusive Sail Capri thought it was comical. At least we got golf stress balls. Golf1 , Golf

Here’s a sign of the times in the Lord & Taylor window. I know I feel this way every time I go to the gas pumps. Gas1

So, Osama wants us to return Zarqawi’s body to his family ? Isn’t that nice ? I say we return the body the same way we found our soldiers’ bodies. All cut up, head and dick missing, in 7 or 8 little boxes. Here’s your wonderful son Momma Zarqawi, ain’t you proud of him ???

Here’s an article that details how these Palestinians claim they have and have now used WMD. TROUBLE IN THE HOLY LAND http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50841 What is interesting here is they actually detail usage of chemical weapons, but I don’t hear the world outcry, or the UN demanding they destroy these weapons. There is also this part of the message “…We are preparing suicide bombers, car bombs, tunnels, and booby-trapped donkeys… ” Booby-trapped donkeys ??? Where is PETA now ? If Pam Anderson wears fur they jump up and down screaming and yelling, how come no one is screaming over the wanton killing of innocent donkeys ?

This is one of my favorite news stories of late. Putin orders hunt for killers of hostages http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060628/ap_on_re_eu/russia_iraq_9 – The President of Russia orders the search and killing of those responsible for the deaths of two of their embassy staff. I have no problem with this, but how come when it’s America or Israel with the same approach, the world gasps, and we get movies like Munich ? Enough of the double-standards, treat us like you treat Russia and China. What we should do is wait for Russia or China to express something like this, and then immediately afterwards we should take the same position openly for a similar situation we have going on, reminding the media that this was the same thing Russia or China has said or did. That should shut them up.

Here’s a good article by Craig Smith, Mr. President: Honor your wordhttp://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50837 When are we going to hold Bush to keep his word and go after these countries. After all, these are your words spoken on Sep. 20, 2001 . I understand what pursue means, do you ? (6/30/06)

“… Our response involves far more than instant retaliation and isolated strikes. Americans should not expect one battle, but a lengthy campaign, unlike any other we have ever seen. It may include dramatic strikes, visible on TV, and covert operations, secret even in success. We will starve terrorists of funding, turn them one against another, drive them from place to place, until there is no refuge or no rest. And we will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism. Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. (Applause.) From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime… ”

Happy Birthday greeting for my friend up Buffalo way DF. Enjoy your special day my friend. he Bank ain’t the same without you. (6/29/06)

Here’s a link to a Japanese website that provides an animation of the earth being hit by a meteorite. I hope this is soon. http://www.ursispaltenstein.ch/blog/weblog.php?/weblog/more/meteorite_collision/ (6/28/06)

Here are a few more articles to read, all good and current for the times. (6/28/06)

A frustrated jarhead speaks http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50775

Memo to Bush: They were tortured! http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50788

We can’t hear you, Mr. President http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50791

Had enough now? http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50797

Shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50805

The left’s defining down of evil http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50808

As the wussification of America continues, we now have a fresh new meaning for what Americans understand as torture. Certain elements of our society, media, politics and personalities have succeeded in having many of us believe that torture is something like this :

Forcing someone to strip naked
Keeping them in lockup on a Caribbean Island, with 3 meals a day, exercise, and religous services.
Making them wear underwear on their head, while we pose them for photographs
Having fake electrical wires attached to their bodies.
Having a very mean looking dog bark and growled at them as we make them wear a leash
Depriving them of sleep, water and assorted similar barbaric actions

Let’s be reminded of the 2 American soldiers that were recently kidnapped and tortured until they were killed dead. They should be remembered by us forever as we continue this war. Their names are Pfc. Thomas Tucker, 25, and he was from Madras, Ore. and Pfc. Kristian Menchaca, 23, who was from Houston,Texas.

Before they died, THEY WERE REALLY TORTURED. You won’t read too much of the details, because it might actually make you angry at the fucking animals who tortured them. You might have a general clue to what degree they were tortured when they tell you that they needed DNA to identify their REMAINS. Well, I believe you should know the details. So, wake up the kiddies, and read along together.

First off, what they found were indistinguishable piles of human flesh and bones, booby-trapped and surrounded with IED’s (improvised explosive devices) to kill any rescuers who arrived
Then, those responsible reminded us by bragging that the killings were a fulfillment of God’s wishes and that the victims were ”slaughtered like crusader animals”
The bodies were cut apart while they were living
Their hearts were cut out
Their eyes were gouged
Their sex organs were cut off and stuffed into body orifices
Their limbs were cut and twisted and who knows what else
and then, of course, the Islamic coup de grace:
Their throats were slit, bodies were bled, and then their heads were cut off (a truly loving religious act)

I THINK THIS IS SLIGHTLY WORSE THAN ANY TORTURE we can dream up, what with all of our rules and regulations, Congress and honor and ‘stuff’.

So, before you get your panties all in an uproar over some bad behavior from our boys over there, remind yourself of what they fear each day, when they face these people. Each seemingly honorable act they perform could wind up with them being taken hostage and sacrificed for God. Oh, can I say God in this context any more ? Sorry. (6/26/06)

This is a Rumsfeld quote from a while back, but it is still great to read and re-read. How can you not just love the way this man talks ??? The known unknowns. (6/22/06)

So, what was with the lone airplane skytyping in the skies over Manhattan this afternoon ? We saw him write as much as Who is Kyle x and then got blocked. I did a search on it and got this interesting hit. http://www.sliceofscifi.com/archives/who_is_kyle_xy.html Kool.

TR provides us these links to some patriotic messages and websites. Please take some time to visit, you won’t be disappointed.  http://wtv-zone.com/Mary/THISWILLMAKEYOUPROUD.HTML , http://www.wtv-zone.com/Mary/PATRIOTICPAGES.HTML

Now here’s an interesting article I came across. Me, I believe in this kinda stuff – Non-Terrestrial Officers http://www.rense.com/general72/totp.htm (6/21/06)

My nephew the Vinman turns 18 today. A man according to society, but a man he’s been. And now a bit more matured at 18. Congratulations Vinny, I Love You boy. (6/19/06)

Enjoy these bumper stickers

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there. Mine was great. I won $20 on a lottery ticket, and turned it into another 9 dollar win. Thanks boys for the tickets and gifts.

2 butterflies were born today as well. Pic1 , Pic2 . We also seem to have lost about a dozen caterpillars. Looks like the Robin got to them both where we had about 6 contained, and 6 more on our fennel bush. We call it the great Massacre of 2006.

Got more good news, when Joe scored a 94 on his NYPD exam. Great work Joe.

Frank played at Bayside High, on Astro-turf for the first time, and it hurts.

Hmm, what is in this bag, left on a corner in Whitestone…(6/18/06)

This is what we are missing, when the girls go to the beach alone.

Look out, Frank & the boys are back in town. (6/17/06)

My youngest son Frank graduated Saint Fidelis School on Flag Day. Father Arthur gave a wonderful mass to start the day. Frank received the white rope for grades, and 2 awards to cap his time at SFS. To say we are proud of Frank would be an understatement. Frank is a very special young man. He now moves onto Holy Cross High School to continue his education, and further develop as a man. Watch out HCHS is all I got to say. Frank is an independent, mature, respectful, honorable, loving, caring, WONDERFUL person. We Love You with all our hearts, I Love You with all my belly. Now come sit in the zock, one more time. Oh, and by the way, get the alarm tested, and the Q20 schedule,so you can get to school each day….

Nicole Dance Recital – June 2006 – my God-daughter was beautiful.

On our way to my niece NLs dance recital, we stopped at the Babylon Village park. Real nice grounds and atmosphere. (6/15/06)

This in from TR, it’s hilarious. (6/13/06)

“Sixty is the worst age to be,” said the 60-year-old man. “You always feel like you have to pee and most of the time you stand there and nothing comes out.”

“Ah, that’s nothin,” said the 70-year-old. “When you’re seventy, you don’t have a bowel movement any more. You take laxatives, eat bran, sit on the toilet all day an! d nothin’ comes out!”

“Actually,” said the 80-year -old, “Eighty is the worst age of all.” “Do you have trouble peeing, too?” asked the 60-year old. “No, I pee every morning at 6:00. I pee like a racehorse on a flat rock; no problem at all.” “So, do you have a problem with your bowel movement?” “No, I have one every morning at 6:30.”

Exasperated, the 60-year-old said, “You pee every morning at 6:00 and crap every morning at 6:30. So what’s so bad about being 80?”

“I don’t wake up until 7:00.”

Our boy ScoobyFitz has a message for newly appointed Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Muhajer, which means “the immigrant.” – Welcome to the Bulls Eye, let the hunt begin

The Big Guy WFP from the Tampa area now, provides us with this glimpse into the challenges our Border Patrol agents have to face each day. See how good you are with protecting our borders.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna. Pic1 , Pic2 (6/12/06)

Here’s an interesting article, from Joseph Farah. Is there a Hillary Curse on the NY Sports teams ? visit http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50576

It’s great reading from Michelle Malkin here, http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/archives.asp?AUTHOR_ID=222

And, you have to love Ann Coulter, here’s one of her latest articles. Hey you, browsing ‘Godless’ – buy the book or get out – http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50553 (6/11/06)

For those who want the hi-resolution version of the F Zarqawi pic.

These gems came in from AJ. I think you will like them. (6/9/06)

French Ban Fireworks at Euro Disney
(AP), Paris, March 5, 2003

The French Government announced today that it is imposing a ban on the use
of fireworks at Euro Disney The decision comes the day after a
nightly fireworks display at the park, located just 30 miles outside of
Paris, caused the soldiers at a nearby French Army garrison to surrender
to a group of Czech tourists.

Secret to a Happy Marriage

A couple was celebrating their golden wedding anniversary on the beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Their domestic tranquillity had long been the talk of the town. “What a peaceful & loving couple.”

A local newspaper reporter was inquiring as to the secret of their long and happy marriage.

“Well, it dates back to our honeymoon in America ,” explained the man. “We visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona and took a trip down to the bottom of the canyon by horse. We hadn’t gone too far when my wife’s horse stumbled and she almost fell off. My wife looked down at the horse and quietly said, “That’s once.” We proceeded a little further and the horse stumbled again, this time causing her to drop her water. Once more my wife quietly said, “That’s twice.” We hadn’t gone a half-mile when the horse stumbled for a third time. My wife quietly removed a revolver from her purse and shot the horse dead. I shouted at her, “What’s wrong with you, Woman! Why did you shoot the poor animal like that? Are you crazy??” She looked at me, and quietly said, “That’s once.”

“And from that moment we have lived happily ever after

Fuck You Zarqawi. Check out my special Before Dead and After Dead compilation. I can’t wait to see UBL and Dr. Z next. For those who want the hi-resolution version of the F Zarqawi pic. (6/8/06)

Happy Birthday Ralph. The Boyzz miss you. (6/6/06)

The bank found yet another way to blow our bonus or merit money. Check out the latest ‘scheme’. Live action diaramas on 5th Avenue. What’s your point of view ? (6/5/06)

Our boy ScoobyFitz stopped by the maximum security prison where old Zacarias will be spending his time, just to give him a New York salute. Take that Zac.

Congratulations to RR, for 30 years of service. Check out the RR 30 Years at the Bank celebration collage. (6/4/06)

Please take some time and visit the Legacy Memorial Pages for two of our fallen heroes.

1st Lt. Ronald Winchester http://www.legacy.com/Link.asp?ID=GB02595012
Benjamin D. Hoeffner http://www.legacy.com/Link.asp?ID=GB15520564

Our butterflies are thriving. We already have a few caterpillars growing, and today we had a butterfly laying more eggs, which will be our 2nd batch for the year so far. If you look closely, you can see the deposited egg. Pic1 , Pic2

Here’s a vintage pic of my grandfather, with his beautful bride. I came across.

The College Point Memorial Day Parade was held yesterday. We had Mayor Bloomberg, Senator Schumer and Curtis Sliwa participate. Enjoy the pics. Here’s a collage of the Parade.

Yesterday was the bridal shower for Kelly and Nicholas. Enjoy the pics. Kelly bridal shower – May 2006 (5/29/06)

F I got a bunch of new stuff posted on the scrapbook and collage page. Check this out often.

This is where I post my most creative material.

F Family and Friends photos

Aunt Martha has passed away. She was 90. She had been in failing health for the last few months, and as much as a blessing this is for her and her family, it is still quite sad when a loved, and respected family member dies. Aunt Martha was always full of life, and a loving and wonderful sister to my Grandmother. You will be forever remembered. God Bless you Aunt Martha. (5/27/06)

Bryant Park and the US Marine Corps conducted a ceremony unveiling the dedication stone for 1st Lt. Ronald Winchester. Ronnie was killed in Irag on Sept 3, 2004, during his 2nd tour. He was proud of his contribution to our freedom, and will always be remembered. Enjoy the photos.

Here’s a special collage I put together of the ceremony.
Here’s me and my honey at the dedication.

TC coninues to honor me by providing me with Flight 93 information and remembrance objects. Checkout the new reminder bands they have, along with the urn of dirt from the crash site. Please take some time to visit the site they have created, We must Never Forget. http://flight93memorialsfb.com/

SR celebrates 5 years at the Bank. We had a great lunch to celebrate. Congratulations !!!

I was working with WAD of the USPS in College Point on the mailbox graffiti problem. He was transferred, and now we have MD working with us to maintain these boxes. The USPS has been very responsive to this problem. Here are 2 of the most recent repainted boxes. Good job folks !!! Pic1 , Pic2

Once again the Musing’s sponsored the St. Fidelis Annual Walk-a-Thon. Check out this years shirt – Pic1 , Pic2 , Pic3

Rosanne is getting good with the camera. Here’s a shot she took from Malba, of our favorite bridge.(5/26/06)

Checkout these colorful gals in front of the NY Public Library.

Hey farmer Joe, what’s up dude ?

DF snapped a pic of that storm that came in and produced a funnel cloud over NJ.

A nice shot of my favorite park and bridge.

Frank went to Shea a week ago with the Little League.

Download the HSBC song. What a catchy little tune.

PA celebrates 20 years at the Bank this month. We celebrated at a nice luncheon with friends. Congratulations !!!

This comes to us from A1, it’s real funny. (5/20/06)


Hung Chow calls into work and says, “Hey, I no come work today, I really  sick. Got headache, stomach ache and legs hurt, I no come work.”

The boss says, “You know something, Hung Chow, I really need you today. When  I feel like this, I go to my wife and tell her I want sex. That makes  everything better and I go to work. You try that.”

Two hours later Hung Chow calls again. “I do what you say and I feel great.  I be at work soon……… You got nice house.”

Today is my 16th anniversary to my 2nd wife. Today this same woman is my 3rd wife, which tells you how much I must love her. Well, I do love you baby, as crazy as u am. I Love You !!!

There is some good material at the Defense Department web site. Also contains links to the recently released video of the Pentagon attack. http://www.defenselink.mil/pubs/foi/index.html (5/19/06).

Here’s an interesting ‘blurb’ buried in an article I read today, which was on a completely different subject. Isn’t this a clear example of a Palestinian company meting out ‘collective punishment’, just as Israel does when they raze the home of a homicide bomber ? I have no problem with this companies approach, just note the fact that action is the same, different peoples, so no big media issue comes of it. I HOPE that makes you think. And as a side observation, if this was America, we would be working to ‘break up’ the monopoly this company holds over the marketplace. AfFter all, it is the SOLE TELECOM OPERATOR. (5/16/06)

“… Earlier on Tuesday, 20 Palestinian gunmen, angry after their phones stopped working, stormed the Gaza offices of mobile telephone company Jawwal, one of the biggest Palestinian commercial enterprises.

Jawwal said the gunmen forced employees to leave at gunpoint and then started firing into the building, damaging computers and furniture. It was unclear who the armed men were.

The firm threatened to cut services in all Palestinian areas if lawlessness continued.

Jawwal is the mobile subsidiary of Palestinian telecoms firm PalTel, the sole telecoms operator in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

PalTel’s Chief Executive Officer Abdel-Malik Jaber told Reuters the company would “shutdown all services” if the Palestinian Authority did not provide protection to Jawwal and its employees.

He said the firm had interrupted some services in all Palestinian areas on Tuesday including the West Bank.

Our service interruption came as a result of the attack to express our outrage at the gunmen’s attack on the offices and innocent employees,” he said. “This is unacceptable.” …”

It’s been 4 years since our boy Ralph Cantalupo passed away. Being the macho men we are, we don’t speak of such things when we gather, but we miss that crazy bus driver each time we huddle. Keep the pool table warm with Mark, we’ll see you both some day. http://www.jackleone.com/RalphCantalupo.htm

I took some pics on 5th avenue as I took a little walk. Some nice shots.

Learn all about the religion of peace here – Muhammad and Islam. http://bibleprobe.com/mohammed.htm

What the heck is this all about ? Mystery disease hits South Texas Bizarre symptoms: Black, tarry beads of sweat, lesions, fibers popping out of skin http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50195

My son Jack, made the Deans List for his graduation from Queensboro College. He has also been accepted at Queens college to complete his 4 year degree. We are VERY PROUD of Jack. We Love You very much.

Here’s an interesting article, and links to the British report on the London bombings. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060511/ap_on_re_eu/britain_bombings The report states this among other things :

“… However, the report said authorities would have had a better chance of preventing the bombings had they channeled more resources into intelligence work in Pakistan and grasped the potential for Britons to strike against their countrymen. …”

Once you grasp this potential, what do you do ? Track calls and see if patterns emerge? Who are we kidding, these people have inside help. Do we wanna catch them or fool ourselves ? We need to let the government do certain things to catch the bad guys. They have help, and we must enable law enforcement to work. Our own citizens are aiding these animals, exploiting our laws and freedoms so they can operate freely, and the immigrant issue is one of the fronts we need to address.

Follow this link to read the full report from the UK Home Office, http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/about-us/news/7-july-report

This article speaks to the current state of America. It’s OK to shoot your baby. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50151 Unbelievable country and times we are in. (5/13/06)

Here’s an interesting couple of sites I came across. (5/10/06)

College Point history and photos. http://www.forgotten-ny.com/NEIGHBORHOODS/collegepoint/collegepoint.html
Big Map of Queens – clickable map with links to towns. http://www.bridgeandtunnelclub.com/bigmap/queens/index.htm
From Krumb. I haven’t taken the time to watch it in one sitting yet. But make the time. The Truth & Lies of 9/11 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8797525979024486145

That old adage, ‘the less said the better’ applies to progenitors as well.

And, I suppose, if I hadn’t, and something happened, and if it meant I could have, but didn’t, what would the case be then ? (5/7/06)

The bocce ball players have arrived at Whitestone Park. Here’s my honey at the park. Here’s me and my bride at the ballfield.

Here’s a pretty good shot of the bank building.

Good luck to ES, who began his cross-country bicycle vacation. Goal is to travel from left coast to east coast in 45-50 days.

That fire in Greenpoint the other day, was eerily reminiscent of 9/11, with the smoke filling the skyline.

Check out this guys head. What is going on here ???

Jack Jr. points us to these two interesting websites, http://www.qj.net/ & Petra Byte storage update – http://gadgets.qj.net/Fujitsu-announces-1-3-Petabyte-Storage-2-760-Drives-500GB-each-/pg/49/aid/28549

You wanna get scared. Read this article on the potential for a flu pandemic http://wap.oa.yahoo.com/raw?dp=rssnews&u=ap/20060503/ap_on_he_me/bird_flu_plan&pt=1&rn=topstories , then also read the US Governments plan. Holy Shit , is all I have to say. http://www.whitehouse.gov/homeland/pandemic-influenza-implementation.html

And, as for Iraq, how can any reasonably, minimally intelligent person believe any of this rhetoric coming from a Saudi cleric.

The sheik claimed American reports of the number of casualties in Iraq, about 2,000, are false. He cited “one of the news agencies” and “several of Iraq’s religious scholars” who claim there have been more than 40,000 American and Western casualties in three years.

Al-Omar said Americans are dumping their casualties in the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, prompting Iraqi scholars to ask him for a fatwa.

The sheik explained: “Because there were so many casualties, the Americans began to throw them into the Tigris and the Euphrates. The fish have eaten from the flesh of the American and have gotten fat. Are we permitted to eat these fish or not?’ Yes. This is the truth, brothers.”

What might the families of these supposed dead bodies have to say about. it. Wouldn’t they be around to tell us that the numbers are wrong ? What crap.

More on the illegal immigrant issue. Here’s a good paragraph from ‘A day without illegals ? and here’s to many more’ – By Craige McMillan. Me, I have a solution to this, that is in line with this man’s comments. I’m saving it for the President though. (5/6/06)

“… Isn’t it the owners and managers of these businesses who pocket the difference when they pay an artificially-depressed wage to people with no legal right to be here? Since they’ve reaped the benefit, perhaps they should be held liable for the social service costs, school costs and health-care costs consumed by their illegal employees? Perhaps these employers …”

TR sends us this General Patton-esque perspective piece. As always, we must Never Forget the events of 9.11.01, and need to reflect on that day from time to time as we move through current times.

Joe took some good pics of David Blaine in his bubble at Lincoln Center.

The illegal immigrants from southern countries want to take back the South. After all it was theirs to begin with. I say, if you want it back, buy it, or fight for it. That’s how we got it. You can’t shame us for the battles our forefathers fought and won, fair and square. No do-overs, gimme backs. So there.

So, Zacarias Moussaoui gets life in prison. I suppose this is OK. Now we see how patriotic our murderers are. A truly patriotic one would do the honor of killing this guy in prison, after a few years of daily abuse, of course. (5/3/06)

BnVM provide this nature link for us to experience. It is a bald eagle nest in Canada, with an egg ready to hatch. Pretty cool to watch. Try to catch the hatching live at http://www.infotecbsi.com/wildlife/

GG sent over a link to the NYC planning commission. College Point has had some areas rezoned to try and alleviate the overbuilding problem. Big win for my area, as I am right on the line of one of the areas affected. http://www.nyc.gov/html/dcp/html/college_point/index.shtml (5/2/06)

Frank looked great for the SFS dance the other night.

Here’s Nonny with my brother FLrc and Frankie V.

Here’s Nonny cooking in our kitchen. She showed Ro how to make asparagus omelettes.

I came across these wasp eggs in our shed. We will try and see if they hatch for us. Stay tuned.

The tree in front of the apartment where we lived when we first got married is blooming very nicely.

Here’s wifey next to our new addition in the yard.

Check out this ominous sign on the Whitestone Expwy. Is this an ‘Omen’ of things to come ?

The city trimmed our tree out front, and in our opinion trimmed too much. It is still a beautiful tree, but lost a lot of fullness. Here are 3 great bloom pics – Pic1 , Pic2 , Pic3

So, Keith Richards fell out of a palm tree. My question is, just how did they get him up one to begin with ? (4/30/06)

Construction has restarted at the WTC site. Keep an eye on this site, it has a live webcam setup to watch the progress of the rebuilding efforts at the WTC Ground Zero location. I checked it out tonite, and as an added bonus, at night you can see the reflection of the conference room it is mounted in in the reflection of the glass. http://www.renewnyc.com/Webcam/WTCSiteWork/Current.aspx (4/27/06)

So, me and the witch are driving past Whitestone Park the other night, cause that’s what we do, and as we pass there is a car like hers parked, she says ‘is that Joey with our car ?”, I say, No, then as we near 149st, some idiot in a white car rolls past the stop sign, and we stop in front of him, only for me to tell her, ‘there’s your car with Joey’, it’s the driver of the car that ran the stop sign. GOTCHA Joe.

Roger Touissant spending only 10 days in jail only scratches the surface of what he and his union deserve for striking, but at least it’s something. Everyone should print this Gov. Pataki statement out and hand it to every TWU Local 100 employee we encounter every day forever & ever.

Never Forget FF Matthew Long

We had some dark sky the other night as a storm came in.

So they found the lost student, but exactly what does this mean

The injuries that Fiocco’s body had sustained were consistent with being processed by a trash disposal system, authorities said. They would not say whether the injuries had been sustained before or after Fiocco died.


We extended our family by one more tree this past weekend. We planted a new flowering pear tree in the yard.

This is St. Lukes church, where me and my bride got hitched.

As I have showed before, spring brings out interesting people in Manhattan. Here is one such character from this week. (4/26/06)

Got some new PEZ, for a new movine called Over the Hedge from Dreamworks. Kool. Checkout their movie site as well. http://www.overthehedgemovie.com/

This comes to us from AJT, AT, AL, AT, whatever the f&#k she calls herself nowadays. Pretty funny, and quite relevant. (4/24/06)

One day a father gets out of work and on his way home he remembers
that it’s his daughter’s birthday. He pulls over to a toy store and asks
the salesperson, “How much is the Barbie on the display window?”

The salesperson answers, “Which one? We have: Work out Barbie for
$19.95 Shopping Barbie for $19.95 Beach Barbie for $19.95 Disco Barbie for
$19.95 Divorced Barbie for $265.95”.

The amazed father asks: “What? Why is the Divorced Barbie $265.95 and
all the others only $19.95?”

The salesperson annoyingly answers : “Sir…, “Divorced Barbie comes
with: Ken’s Car, Ken’s House, Ken’s Boat, Ken’s Furniture, Ken’s
Computer and… One of Ken’s Friends.

TR provides us with these 2 very powerful images of a returning serviceman. I think you will also find it quite moving and emotional. (4/23/06)

Here’s a pic I’m sure the Elusive Sail Capri will appreciate. I spotted it downtown in Stuyvesant Town Friday night.

We had a very enjoyable dinner and evening down in Stuyvesant Town with LV and E. (4/22/06)

Check out Joseph Farah’s latest article – http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=49831 Why doesn’t the Dept of Homeland Security subscribe to this writers newsletter ? Perhaps we’d be able to catch Osama. His latest article contains this ending, (4/21/06)

Bin Laden, according to Mir, has recently met with Mullah Omar in Afghanistan and will appear on al-Jazeera, the Arab news network, with “a very important message” for the American people within the immediate future.

Over the last couple of days, The Eviction took place, of the squatter living in TKs old house next door. New owner took matters into his own hands, and tossed the guy out to the curb. He spent one night sitting in a chair near the curb, by the next evening we had to call 911 to have an ambulance take him away.

Rosanne & Frank took a day trip into Manhattan the other day. They took great shots. Here they are.

We had a great time at Orchard Beach yesterday. Check out the pic of everyone.

Here’s a good article to ponder over. Titled Where’s the thanks in their message? http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=49794 (4/20/06)

Our travelling ScoobyFitz reflects upon a recent trip back home. An enjoyable story to hear. Enjoy.

This is the Hamas response to the bombing in Tel Aviv today. What is wrong with this thinking ? This is no way for a government to act. (4/17/06)

Earlier today, Hamas declared the bombing Israel’s fault and a “legitimate act of resistance.”

“[The bombing is] a natural result of the continued Israeli crimes against our people,” said Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri. “The Israeli occupation bears responsibility for the continuation of its aggression. Our people have every right to use all means to defend themselves.”

Here are Easter pics from our dinner together. Easter with the Leone Family 2006

Happy Easter for those who celebrate the day. We gots the Leone klan coming over today. It should be lots of fun.

Here’s a nice shot of the gothic stonework about the Republic National Bank facade. (4/16/06)

Happy Birthday to my nephew JG.

BM points us over to The Kid From Brooklyn site, www.mikecaracciolo.com/videos   Then, play the following selections:   Starbucks, Bat Day, Terrorists, Funny stuff. The Big Man has more to say, so spend some more time poking around. Bring Your Own almost drives him to a stroke as he talks.

The Elusive Sail Capri checks in with this humorous clip of a lifeguard at a pool. Enjoy.

The Elusive Sail Capri is on a roll, checkout the Interview with an Honest Boss. This guys tells it like it is.

I think we saw this before, but it is funny, also from the Elusive Sail Capri. (4/14/06)

Rumsfeld is reporting to the President and the Cabinet. He says, “3 Brazilian soldiers were killed today in Iraq.”

The President says, “Oh, my God” as he buries his head in his hands.

The entire Cabinet is stunned. Usually Bush shows no reaction whatsoever to these reports.

Just then Bush looks up and asks, “How many is a brazilian?”

Here’s a headline that I’ve been waiting for to help me make my decision on this touchy subject. Cindy Sheehan: Don’t attack Iran. Activist finds no justification for military response to atomic threat. I’ve been wracking my head trying to figure out what I should be thinking on this subject. I’m glad she has offered her opinion on matters. How about you ???

Things got a little more hairier with Iran today. Tick, tick, tick (4/11/06)

My Aunt L and Uncle M are up from Neoga, Illinois. It was great to see them.

Check out the retired Number 7 Redbird subway car

Frank continues to practice with his guitar. He is doing pretty good.

Great signs hanging along Eliot Ave in Middle Village. Remembering 9.11.01. Never Forget

We stopped by the Church to see SC get married. She was beautiful, as were her mom and sister.

WFP provided us this link to a great new Jib-Jab on our boy Dubya. http://www.jibjab.com/swf/JibJab_205YearEnd.swf (4/8/06)

Here is a GREAT FREAKING idea from Joseph Farah. Sign me up. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/avantgo/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=49557

Our boy Krumb provided this recollection of Ronald Reagan quotes. A breath of fresh air.

My wife is 44 today. I am sure you will agree, she don’t look like an old bag. She’s beautiful. I Love You Rosanne. Happy Birthday.

We went to dinner the other night with friends LV and E, Went to Donovan’s Pub in Woodside. Good burgers, great convo.

Got some new PEZ the other day, and when they arrived, my son Jack says I had a PEZgasm when I opened the boxes. Hey, wouldn’t you ??? Pic1 , Pic2,

Here’s that wasp honeycomb we had under the pool side last year. Pretty cool thing.

If you ask me, that new health spa IS going up, despite reports the project is on hold. (4/2/06)

Congratulations to my cousin FL, seems that he will be the first of the 7 Leone cousins who grew up together to be the first to be Grandparents. He and his lovely wife ML recently announced that their son NL has gotten engaged to a very nice young woman. That would have made them the first to just be in-laws, now this wonderful news of a pregnancy is full of firsts for our family. I think it is wonderful news, especially considering it ain’t me who’s gonna be the grand-daddy. That will also make my Uncle and Aunt Great-Grandparents, and my Granny a Great-Great-Grandmother, a truly amazing situation in any family.

Here we are going on 5 years since 9-11 and they are still finding and identifying body parts. We must NEVER FORGET. Full Story here.

Here is an interesting documentary to watch, called Loose Change, about an hour long, and questions the events of 9.11.01. It is worth watching in my opinion. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2023320890224991194&q=loose+change

Keep an eye on this site, it has a live webcam setup to watch the progress of the rebuilding efforts at the WTC Ground Zero location. http://www.renewnyc.com/Webcam/WTCSiteWork/Current.aspx

One of my favorite columnists is Ann Coulter, here is one of her great articles. My left leaning friends probably don’t read her, cause they wouldn’t be able to take the honest truth about some things, but read on anyway. http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=49498

This just in from DnC, about time we got something funny. I hope all is well, and look forward to seeing you down the park. (4/2/06)

Catholic School Girls

A train hits a bus load of Catholic school girls and they all perish. They are all in heaven trying to enter the pearly gates past St. Peter.

St. Peter asks the first girl, “Jessica, have you ever had any contact with a penis?” She giggles and shyly replies, “Well I once touched the head of one with the tip of my finger.” St. Peter says, “OK, dip the tip of your finger in The Holy Water and pass through the gate.”

St. Peter asks the next girl the same question, “Jennifer have you ever had any contact with a penis?” The girl is a little reluctant but replies, “Well once I fondled and stroked one.” St. Peter says, “OK, dip your whole hand in The Holy Water and pass through the gate.”

All of a sudden there is a lot of commotion in the line of girls, one girl is pushing her way to the front of the line. When she reaches the front of the line St. Peter says, “Lisa! What seems to be the rush?”

The girl replies, “If I’m going to have to gargle that Holy Water, I want to do it before Tiffany sticks her ass in it.”

I picked up another Kyocera camera for my wife to use, so she can take pics too. Good thing, she took some great shots of Frank’s ring ceremony at school. Here’s a collage I put together.

Here are a couple of shots from work – (4/1/06)

Bring in the Clowns – Popcorn, Clowns, balloons, snowcones, turn Safra, turn
Springtime @HSBC with AT and RW enjoying the weather and scenery

Frank is all set for his ring ceremony tomorrow. Good luck son, and congratulations. Enjoy your gathering. I Love You.

My paycheck was delivered to the bank today, and I managed to capture it on camera.

I’ve been working with a gentleman from the USPS named WD, and he has managed to have nearly 14 mailboxes painted in just 2 days. Pic1 , Pic2 . We may wear these creeps out if we can keep the service engaged… (3/30/06)

My son Jack broke 2 toes in his foot today at work. 6-8 weeks of cast, and no work. Ouch. Boy keeps breaking toes, go figure.

Spring also brings out the crazies and witches on Fifth Avenue. This one was out front by me for a few hours today. Pic1 , Pic2 , Pic3 , Pic4

TR came up for a visit from NC. It was good to see you and spend time bs’ing around the table.

The lawn at Bryant Park has been restored. They do some great work here, several times a year. The lawn is closed to people for now, but will open soon to be enjoyed by many.

They are getting ready at Shea for the baseball season. Centerfield scoreboard is being re-painted. I wonder what it will say.

Here is the new 2006 season slogan on the upper facade.

Fearless leader provides us this historical reference material, that clearly links acenstors to current behavior. Here is an archival print of Monica’s great-great-great-Grandmother Mona Lewinsky. (3/29/06)

The big guy WFP came across the web’s first Scracth and Sniff site. here it is  http://www.slabearkazad.com/sniff/

Hey TR, those 2 sets of cards were different.

I read today about how Supreme Court Justice Scalia flipped some fotogs the bird while at Church recently. I tried to locate the pic, haven’t yet, but did come across this link to when President Bush flipped the bird at a press conference last year. http://www.capitolhillblue.com/artman/publish/printer_7267.shtml (3/27/06)

Here is one for the cat lovers out there. Crazy Kat.

Here are a few good pics from the last few weeks. (3/26/06)

Beachfront home in Whitestone
4 Times Square
500 Fifth Avenue
452 Fifth Avenue

If you can, stop by Bryant Park, along 40th street and visit the Ronald D. Winchester Memorial stone. Say a prayer for his family and in support of Ron’s sacrifice.

Show your support for our country, and for the Musings. Send me an email at , include your shipping address and I’ll mail you one of these limited edition bracelets. Get them while they last.

Here’s a couple of pics of the Boyzz who were together last month. DM was in from the left coast. Wouldn’t you cross the street if you ever saw this crew heading your way ? Pic1 , Pic2

Do you know what they call the currency in Sierra Leone ? Tick , tick , tick , tick. OK, they call it the Leone, what else ? Anyway, here’s a sample of the 5 Leones bill

I established a contact in the USPS at the College Point PO who handles maintenance for the collection/staging mailboxes. He completed repainting approx 10 of them, and it looked great for about a week. The grafitti is back, so we will start again. We need to repaint every time they vandalize the boxes. This then makes them go through the risk all over again, as well as the additional expense. Since the USPS is infinitely funded (via me and you), we should prevail over time. Next, we work on the Malba circle grafitti. Courtesy can be Contagious….

I Sorry

Here is some interesting reading for the conspiracy theorist in each of us. http://www.rense.com/Datapages/zionismdata.htm (3/22/06)

Today is my 23rd wedding anniversary. Any woman who spends 23 years with me deserves a medal and probably sainthood. I Love You Rosanne, more today than ever.

La Famiglia March 2006. A new collage of the family.

Just created this. I’ll frame and give to my sister and Mom. Shannon Rose Collage – Sweet 16

Here are pics of my 2 God-Daughters, NL and DH. Aren’t they beautiful ? They get their looks from me.

If you know the building where I work, you will recognize this pic of the bronze memorial door.

Anyone who knows me, knows I believe in tradition. Here’s an anuual tradition for the Musings. A pic of KP in her favorite (and ours) pose.

Our friend M says this is a pheasant, now we need to research the details.

Here’s another website to help you find the sex-offender near you. They have some interesting stats there as well. http://www.12.familywatchdog.us/   (3/20/06)

F I got a bunch of new stuff posted on the scrapbook and collage page. Check this out often.

This is where I post my most creative material.

F Family and Friends photos

Happy Sweet 16 to my niece SRA. Tonight is her big party. Got some good pics. Shannon Rose – Sweet 16 Party – Mar 2006

Shannon Rose Collage – Sweet 16

We don’t know what the @#$% this is, but the wife and I spotted it in Malba the other night.

Here is CP and LJ watching the St. Patrick’s Day parade out front. Here are some more pics – Pic1 , Pic2 , Pic3 , Pic4

Look how big bunny has grown, named The Waffle. (3/18/06)

Happy Anniversary to my brother NL and his beautiful wife DL. 15 frikkin years together. WOW. Congratulations, and here’s to at least 15 more.

MJ2 and I had some good conversation last week. He suggested I read this small book called Who Moved My Cheese. It’s about dealing with change in your life. It’s a quick read and should be required reading for anyone out in the work world. Thanks Man.

This just in from AT or AL, whatever she calls herself now. You know it’s almost summer when the girls start to show off their belly buttons. (3/16/06)

Here’s another one from my AJ. This can be a tear-jerker for the sensitive Musingsinians out there, so have some tissues handy. It’s mushy for the macho, corny for the confused, but fun to follow and ponder, so enjoy – As I’ve Matured …..

AT or AL, whatever she calls herself now, sent this in. Finally something to make you chuckle. It’s called Cleaning your glasses. Enjoy. (3/15/06)

Happy 26 27 Birthday to DS. I remembered all by myself, with no help from Auntie. And if I had to wait for a note from Roving Reporter, we would never know anything. Ok, so I got the age wrong, sue me.

We are working on getting new data center space for our NJ location. Went to tour the place the other day,. Here’s Pic1 of the construction, Pic2 , and one with JH and SAY.

Here is Jack Jr playing with Frank’s new guitar, and with his beautiful girlfriend.

So NOW, I know why the top of the railing out front is always bent out of shape.

Here is Ro telling Red that he probably ain’t gonna get his $50 back from Teddy.

Got this cool t-shirt from the Disabled American Veterans. I support them each year. Check them out and consider yourself. http://www.dav.org/

Here’s an interesting article posted on WorldNetDaily. Islamic websites carry al-Qaida’s ‘last warning’ Threat of 2 operations designed to bring Americans ‘to your knees’ Stock up on your water again. (3/12/06)

My son came across this pic in a magazine. Someone made an 8 foot tall Speedy Gonzalez PEZ. Kool.

Just picked up this mini-PEZ set of Nintendo chars. Too kool.

TKs brother came to take him away today. The house is sold, and should be renovated soon. As bad as TK was, we will probably miss him. Brother took us into the house to get a guitar, and there was still some woman in the house taking a shower. The new owner is gonna have some fun with this property. Frank and his new guitar.

DF from up Buffalo way, is proud to announce the birth of his 7th grandchild. And a beautiful baby he is. Congratulations to the family.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece GG.

This in from my AJ. So True…. (3/11/06)

The new immigrant

A Somali arrives in Miami as a new immigrant to the United States.

He stops the first person he sees walking down the street and says,
“Thank you Mr. American for letting me in this country, and giving me
housing, food stamps, free medical care and free education!”

But the passer-by says “You are mistaken, I am Mexican”.

The man goes on and encounters another passer-by. “Thank you for
having such a beautiful country here in America!”

The person says “I no American, I Vietnamese.”

The new arrival walks further, and the next person he sees he stops,
shakes his hand and says “Thank you for the wonderful America!”

That person puts up his hand and says “I am from Middle East, I am not
an American!”

He finally sees a nice looking little old lady and asks suspiciously, “Are you an

She says, “No, I am from Russia!” So he is puzzled, and asks her,
“Where are all the Americans?”

The Russian lady looks at her watch, shrugs, and says…

“Probably at work!”

TR sent over this neat little story with a moral. http://upchucky.net/~upchucky/flash-fun/farmer-donkey.swf (3/8/06)

Show your support for our country, and for the Musings. Send me an email at , include your shipping address and I’ll mail you one of these limited edition bracelets. Get them while they last.

There’s been some activity at the Shea stadium parking lot. Perhaps the last 2 years of letter writing is about to bear some fruit. If so, I’d be amazed. Now on to USPS mailboxes and the grafitti that’s been happening.

AJ sent over a bunch of pics from Worth1000.com. Kinda creative variations on popular people or themes. (3/6/06)

  1. Jennifer LoPEZ
  2. Card Shark
  3. Elvis Parsley
  4. Mug Shot
  5. BlackBerry

Joe took the NYPD test today. He thinks he did well. (3/5/06)

I’m at my new ISP now, so there may be some broken links or missing images. If you notice any, and if you are so inclined, drop me an email to let me know. I will also work to clean things up a bit, archive some more material, and try to re-work the site a bit. It should be much faster now as well. Stay tuned, and be patient.

You may notice the site loads faster. It’s due to new ISP and I archived the older stuff to here August 2005 to Feb 2006.

Every so often we should experience this link, please do so now, and remember to Never Forget – Remember the Blood of Heroes

My oldest boy Jack made the Dean’s list at QCC. I hear that’s a good thing. We are very proud of this guy. We love him a helluva lot too.

Check out the kool Easter Egg PEZ for this year.

We had more snow fall the other day, here’s a little snowman Ro made in the yard. Nice lookin fella, no ?

We did some shopping at a Walmart on Old Country Road. I hate driving on Long Island. So much traffic. People get real comfortable as they wait for the always present red lights out there….

On the way back we hung out at Jones Beach. It was windy, but nice. Check out the nice pic I put together. Jones Beach March 2006. (3/4/06)

F I got a bunch of new stuff posted on the scrapbook and collage page. Check this out often.
This is where I post my most creative material.


My Mom & Dad celebrate 49 years married. Is that amazing or what ? Congratulations, and here’s to 49 more. To show his excitement, my brudder did 40 one armed pushups.


Here’s a good pic of my god-daughter NL. Ain’t she beautiful


Still having problems with my ISP, so forgive delays and broken links. If you come across bad links, pls let me know, so I can fix them.


I think it was TR who sent these in. This one is pretty funny. Hey Mom … and this one asks that age old question, which came first ?


We heard from AT from Gulfport. Life is still not back to pre-Katrina ways, but spirits are still high. These folks are the true heroes. (2/24/06)


DG performed at QCC in a Broadway Revival, Here she is doing the Time Warp. And a pic with us, and signing her very first autograph. Way to go, you were gr8.


Here’s what’s left of the Bryant Park skating rink and fashion show, the Pond.


TR provided a couple of really funny Cheney shooting cartoons. Check ’em out – Pic1 , Pic2


Be careful if you get that email about Denzel Washington and the Brooke Army Medical Sender. According to Snopes, it’s only half true. http://www.snopes.com/politics/military/denzel.asp


Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece CS. She is 20 years old today, and is a wonderful young woman.


I have a delivery from FedEx coming. I watch the tracking info, and it was supposed to be delivered on 2/18. Now the status states they can’t find recipient (that’s me) and are waiting for more information from recipient (that’s me again), new delivery date is 2/25, this should be good….


If you are experiencing slow response from the site, I do know about it. My provider is having some problems, and we may have to move, so please hang in there. If you want any pics, drop me an email, and I can send them to ya directly.


A new member of the family was acquired by my ‘daughter’. Meet Mr. Floppy (temp name), We ain’t sure of the gender, tho it is quite cute. We’ll see how it goes. (2/20/06)


Here’s my folks and Granny with Ro in her new kitchen.


Some interesting material at the Federalist Society site – http://www.fed-soc.org/


Have you read about Univ of Georgia college that sent out admission letters to some applicants in error ? http://wap.oa.yahoo.com/raw?dp=rssnews&u=ap/20060216/ap_on_re_us/admissions_error&rn=us OK, it is pretty shitty for this to happen, but it is still a mistake, and you weren’t being admitted. You probably doubted it anyway when you applied, so no huge surprise in the end. But it can’t stop there anymore these days. Check out this person’s reaction, “They handed me my future, and then it’s gone,” Prada-Rey said. “I just don’t understand how it could have happened.”In my mind, If she doesn’t know how it happened, then the school doesn’t want her anyway, cause she’s stupid and this was part of their final admission test. Perhaps they mailed these deliberately, to test your reaction and response to misfortune. We must begin to address the ‘me-me’ selfish attitude that is permeating our society, before it worsens and further deteriorates interpersonal civility, and honor.
Here’s a pretty cool shot of the bridge from the other night at dusk. And a wild sky over Manhattan. (2/18/06)


These are some snow pics from work, check out the pile of snow, and the dangling icicle, which was from the thaw…. Pic1 , Pic2 , Pic3 , Pic4 , Pic5 , Pic6


The Elusive Sail Capri has surfaced. We hope it is not just temporary. He shoots over this hilarious rant by an alley cat. http://hurstcg.com/GoFYourself.swf


The Elusive Sail Capri also blessed us with this fact sheet covering the religion of peace.


Although the list was longer, ESC also sent in these fun lebian factoids. (2/15/06)
  1. What is a   lesbian dinosaur called ? ….. A Lickalotapuss
  2. What do you   call an Eskimo lesbian?….. A Klondyke
  3. What do you   call a lesbian with long fingers? …… Well Hung
  4. What do you   call lesbian twins? … Lick-a-likes.


Happy Valentines Day to all the lovers out here. And Happy Valentines Day to my baby. I Love You.


Our boy Krumb celebrates a birfday today.


Happy Birthday’s also go out to GGs Mom and DA, AP. Another year, don’t they go by fast ?


I love the way Ann Coulter rights. Check this article out, about the religion of peace. (2/14/06)


We got a lot of freakin snow today. A new record for NYC, 26.9 inches. Hope you all were safe and got to enjoy it for a while. Pic1 , Pic2 , Pic3 , Pic4 , Pic5 (2/12/06)


My youngest boy Frank needs glasses for distance, and most activities. He looks quite handsome in his new spectacles, doesn’t he ?


Just turned 1,000 miles on the new automobile.


Our paychecks were delivered the other day.


We got a new critter in the yard. Came across this litle guy the other day. He is kinda cute tho, no ?


I found this great place that turns photos into wonderful quality throw blankets. Check out the one we had done for a neighbor. Took one of my collage creations and it came out great. (1/25/06)


Get yours while they are available. The newest release of the jackleone.com wristbands – I call them V3. Check it out.


We keep reading about these mine fires, and deaths, and it seems to me we are not designing safe environments, At work, for every space we create it must have 2 ways out, so how come mines don’t have 2 ways out of every corner? Why aren’t there fire suppression systems or devices, or better communication capabilities ? I got a thousand questions over this and many ideas.


Happy 40th Birthday to TD, great party – Pic1 , Pic2


My youngest son Frank got accepted to all 3 Catholic High Schools he applied to. Way to go boy. Mom and Dad are VERY proud of you. Looks like, he will follow his brothers and attend Holy Cross.


Our great-nieces were over the other day with their Grammy, here’s my namesake JG with me. I say she looks like me, how bout you ?


We had some wild winds the other day. One of my folks trees came down and nearly took out their car.


We lost Uncle Domininck the other day. He was 93 and lived a wonderful life. We will forever keep you in our hearts. (1/23/06)


So, Phase 1 of Rosanne’s New Kitchen is completed. All that is left is painting of kitchen and dining room. It came out great, the room feels so much spacier this way. All the components blend well together and the food coming out of it now tastes great. I’m ready for Ro’s world famous baked ziti now, so let’s get to it baby.


I saw all the death associated with the stampede in Mecca, as everyone waited in line to perform a religious ceremony. They tell us it all started when people tripped over luggage. Seems the millions who travel there must schlepp their luggae from venue to venue. I have a solution. CHECK THE LUGGAGE and pick it up at the end of the event. The authorities have made so many adjustments, why not the one that makes life easier and safer, and as a side benefit, it could become a real money making enterprise. It can be made into a Disneyland type ride. Check your luggage, get your ticket, stone the devil and move on alive. Perhaps the West has some good ideas one can leverage. After all, would American’s put up with such a setup ? Travel a long distance to participate in a profoundly spiritual event, and then have to drag your own luggage from venue to venue ? I don’t think so.


And then we go back in time, as TR sends us this reminder of our TV life in the 50′s.


Our boy TG provides us this glimpse into the future. Ordering pizza in 2010. I’m sure the Elusive Sail Capri would appreciate this one. (1/13/06) http://www.aclu.org/pizza/images/screen.swf


Sad news out of Israel, with Ariel Sharon suffering a major stroke. It doesn’t look good. I do suggest that the media be aware of one simple thing. Watch the world reaction. If there is gloating and glee over this life threatening personal health problem of a major world leader (fellow human being), then we have some problems there don’t we ? Let’s ALL pray for Mr. Sharon.


TR sends this in, curious piece on today style media covergae of Iwo Jima.


I was on my usual perch the other day, while it was cold and rainy Hey, that’s what I do, so what can I tell ya. Anywho, a colleague passes by, and asked me if I was crazy for hanging out. Well, I ain’t crazy, but this guy is krazy. Look close at this guys feets. And remember, cold, rainy, bitter day. Who’s crazy now ???


It’s funny to me that most of the retailers sold ‘Holiday Trees’ this Christmas season, yet when the NYC Dept of Sanitation picks up the trash, they are suddenly called Christmas Trees again. It makes one stop and go huh ???? (1/4/06)


Happy New Year everyone. 2005 was interesting, and fast, let’s see what ‘s in store for us in 2006. (12/31/05)


Here are pics of the construction of Rosanne’s New Kitchen – Dec 2005


I just picked up these new PEZ, made in response to Hurricane Katrina, with all proceeds going to a relief fund. Real Kool, ain’t they ? (12/29/05)


Today is my mama’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mom, I Love You. (12/26/05)


Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you have a wonderful day with your family, and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Here are some Christmas with the Family pics. More will get added, as we travel around. (12/25/05)


We got 2 birthdays to shout out for. One for my brother Frank, who is 38 today. Happy Birthday brother. I Love You. The other is for CS, our long lost Roving Reporter. Ain’t no one seen hide nor hair of the RR for a long while. We wish you a happy burthday, and the Musings encourages your submissions.


So the strike is over, just in time for me getting home from spending two frikkin nites in a crappy hotel room. Bastards. My dept went for nearly $3,000 in expenses, everyone should sue the pants off of the TWU. (12/23/05)


Some quick thoughts on the Illegal NYC Transit Strike. (12/20/05)

Roger Touissant proclaimed that NY’ers should sympathize and empathize with the TWU strikers, because after all, they are the city’s lifeblood, and vital to it’s health and safety. Well, what is the TWU to these NY’ers when they are OFF THE JOB and not working as our lifeline and safety agents ? That makes them criminals in my book. who believes this shit ?
What other company that NY’ers work for have been giving their employees 8% raises EACH YEAR, regardless yet of merit., So, the hard worker and lazy bum both get same increase ??
How much do you contribute to your medical benefits each pay, surely higher than 0%, and not even close to 1 or 2%, so who are these princesses to not be treated the same as you or me ?
Work conditions are abysmal ? Early death ? Rail dust ? Rats ? Cold ? Lousy benefits ? Treated like slaves ? Are these secrets ? Who would accept the job offer ? Here’s an idea – QUIT and find a better job with the benefits you seek ! Same option I have. Who crowned these whiners as princes ?
30,000 workers who provide a service to 7,000,000 customers DON’T make the rules. The customers do, it’s called capitalism. Supply and Demand. You were provided the terms of employment, you accepted them and negotiate new ones. You don’t threaten death, loss of income, or withold services by walking away from your job. Can you imagine telling your boss you won;’t work until he gives you a raise ? He will fire you, and has every right to do so. It must be this way.
Each and every NY’er in my mind has the legal right to file lawsuits against the TWU for the effect they might have. A huge class-action suit would be appropriate. Be it someone dying from delay in a health care response, to businesses that lost money due to the logistical inconvenience artificially imposed upon the system. How do individuals recoup their added expenses incurred by the illegal strike action ? I sincerely believe there is a terrorist criminal act nexis here to be pondered and thought out.

Letter sent to Fox 5 News New York

I commend Rosanna Scotto for using the term Illegal Transit Strike. It is appropriate and needs to be repeated over and over. I further submit that the strike ought to be labeled a ‘terrorist attack‘ as well. After all, the NYPD began random bag searches to reduce the potential for a terrorist bomb being detonated underground that would disrupt our transit system. Well the TWU HAS setoff an underground explosion, and the RESULT is the complete disruption of not only the below ground system, but the above ground as well. The union leadership and employee co-conspirators should be arrested and/or fired.


Please visit Gary Yucker memorial page at Legacy.com. http://www.legacy.com/Link.asp?Id=GB02119205X , I noticed a few new posts, and one from an old friend Mark West. A touching comment. We are also in the process of donating a Bryant Park chair in Gary’s name, so that we can have him around our park every day.


This is hilarious. From DnC.

A gorgeous young redhead goes into the doctor’s office and says that her body hurts wherever she touches it.

“Impossible!” says the doctor. “Show me”

The redhead takes her finger, pushes on her left breast and  screams, then she pushes her elbow and screams in even more agony.

She pushes her knee and screams; likewise she pushes her ankle  and screams

Everywhere she touches makes her scream.

The doctor says, “You’re not really a redhead, are you?

“Well, no” she says, “I’m actually a blonde.”

“I thought so,” the doctor says. “Your finger is broken.”


WFP provides us with this seasonal favorite recipe for Jose Cuervo Christmas Cookies. A definite project for a laid back Holiday. Enjoy.


AJ sent in this link to a wonderful Christmas Cottage at http://www.jacquielawson.com/viewcard.asp?code=PP28735954 and a beautiful Christmas lights display. Enjoy. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/45390/wizards_of_winter/?rd=f066304c1027f114f77580f258bf539ee7a59fae43a785c2 (12/19/05)


My boy Joe started his new job @Circuit City. He looks good at work, don’t he.


Here are pics from Christmas at the Gallaghers. It also has their new home, and a local residents Christmas display.


We stopped at the Vietnam Memorial on Long Island on our way to JGs Christmas Party. (12/18/05)


My brother bought my old car. Here it is at it’s new home in Levittown. You served me well, thank you. The car that is, not my brother.


Work continues on our new kitchen, we now have all of our kitchen, and dining room furniture in our living room, basement and bedrooms. And the dust …..


Checkout the ‘Reason for the Season’ auto magnets for sale now. http://shop.wnd.com/store/item.asp?ITEM_ID=1795 Kinda like the Just Say Merry Christmas bracelets – http://shop.wnd.com/store/item.asp?ITEM_ID=1792 . (12/15/05)


The Boyzz took Fearless Leader to dinner for his birfday. What a crew. Still amazes me that they let us in the joint.


A bunch of ex-RNB’ers got together for a Christmas lunch. There was 18 of us. It was good to see these friends. Some are at Signature Bank now, we call it RNB North.


I picked up my new car Tuesday. Went foreign. Though paperwork says that 80% of the parts were Made In America and it was built right here in good ole Kentucky. We’ll see. Ride is sweet though. Big difference from the Ford Escorts ….(12/14/05)


JL from Fla way, sends us over to this Christmas home. http://www.powerpres.com/xmascard03.html Check it out and enjoy playing with the lights. (12/13/05)


Happy 21st Birthday to my niece MS. You have matured into a fine young woman., We are very proud of you, and we Love You very much. Here’s a shot of MS, with her Mom and Sis. MS blowing out her candles.


My niece CS has a new tiny dog. Name is Hef. Pretty cute. Here is one of my great-nieces, JG with little Hef. Here’s my other great-niece VG with Hef the rat. Here’s a shot of me with the little rat-like dog.


Here are the Gallaghers at MS’s 21 year old party.


If you get Showtime at home, checkout the Eminem concert in NYC. My niece CS makes a cameo appearance during the encore song. Bopping at the Garden. Kool. Way to go C. We gotta tape it for my nephew Noodles, who likes MnM.


Well, I’ve made a pretty big decision. Jumping from American made cars to foreign. Bought me a new car, and it ain’t a Ford no more. Sorry Henry, u better call a family sitdown, cause the ole USA ain’t what it used to be, so adapt. I should be ready to buy a new car again in 2015, so you have some time. Now I gotta find a sucker, er sap, er buyer for my old Ford. Who can I find ? Where shall I look ?


Work has started on our new kitchen. Here we go, should be a fun month of December. (12/11/05)


We had our annual HTS Christmas Holiday party at the Williams Club in Manhattan. Great Party, good people, fun time and gr8 pics. And I won $50 again. Thanks to PM for that special touch that picked out me lucky winning ticket.Ain’t she beautiful ??? Here is a special collage for PM. Full size Collages of the party – Collage1 , Collage2 (12/10/05)


Check out the pics from the Frankie V 2 Year Old Birthday party.


This just in from DnC. Always good for a blonde joke. (12/7/05)

A man entered the bus with both of his front pants pockets full of golf balls, and sat down next to a beautiful (you guessed it) blonde.

The puzzled blonde kept looking at him and his bulging pockets.

Finally, after many such glances from her, he said, “It’s golf balls”.

Nevertheless, the blonde continued to look at him thoughtfully and finally, not being able to contain her curiosity any longer, asked. “Does it hurt as much as tennis elbow


Today is my Grandmother’s birthday. She’s 95 today. Is that amazing or what ?She has great-grandchildren who can’t keep up with her pace. She is the epitomy of a family matriarch. God Bless You Grandma (Nonny). We Love You. I Love You – Happy Birthday !!! (12/6/05)


Happy Birthday to Frankie V. He’s 2. Dang, I sure wish I was 2 again. We love you Frankie V. Happy Birthday. Here’s a compilation of his Grandma’s.


Today is my sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday Ann. We Love You.


I came across this artist doing an acrylic painting of the bank building. It took him all day to complete this painting. I think it came out great. Pic1 , Pic2 , FINAL (12/5/05)


This ‘thing’ going on over Christmas is really starting to wear on me. I could easily have a 1,000 word diatribe down in under 5 minutes, but I’m afraid once I start, it turns into 3,000 words. Anyway, I note 3 things right now. (11/30/05)

  1. Christmas is a United States Legal Public Holiday. Get over it.
  2. One central object of the Christmas Holiday, is the Christmas Tree. This object is referred to as the Christmas Tree. You can’t call it the Holiday Tree, any more than you would be able to call the Hanukah Menorah a Holiday Candle Stick holder. Stop wasting our time with this nonsense, and let’s concentrate on finding, stopping, and killing the people who are trying to blow us the fuck up. Spend half the amount of energy that you are wasting in eliminating Christmas on eliminating Terrorism, or Poverty, or AIDS, or Saudi dependence on OIL, and we may have half a chance as a civilization.
  3. The US Government provides material for it’s overseas embassies to help other countries learn about American customs, and ideologies. Like Christmas. This link points to our US Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. It is identical to the same material on other US Embassy web sites throughout the WORLD. It is extremely enlightening and does a wonderful job in conveying the American Christmas. http://stockholm.usembassy.gov/Holidays/celebrate/christma.html
Here’s the link to the main CELEBRATE! HOLIDAYS IN THE U.S.A page,. it is an introductory survey of the historical and social background of American holidays. http://stockholm.usembassy.gov/Holidays/celebrate/index.html


Krumb provides us with this link to our boy Borat’s home page. Great site, and video here of our favorite immigrant. http://www.borat.kz./ (11/27/05)


Fearless Leader has named new kitty MaRa, after our boyz Ralph and Mark. I think that’s a wonderful name and honor. Good work boy. Here’s MaRa.


AJ checked in with some blonde jokes, here a few good ones

Two blondes living in Texas were sitting on a bench talking……..and one blonde says to the other: “Which do you think is farther away……….Florida or the moon?” The other blonde turns and says “Helloooooooooo, can you see Florida……..?????
A blonde pushes her BMW into a gas station. She tells the mechanic it died. After he works on it for a few minutes, it is idling smoothly. She says, “What’s the story?” He replies, “Just crap in the carburetor” She asks, “How often do I have to do that?”
A highway patrolman pulled alongside a speeding car on the freeway. Glancing at the car, he was astounded to see that the blonde behind the wheel was knitting! Realizing that she was oblivious to his flashing lights and siren, the trooper cranked down his window, turned on his bullhorn and yelled , “PULL OVER!” “NO!” the blonde yelled back, “IT’S A SCARF!”


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m sure each of us has something special we are thankful for, and that’s what it’s all about. The one that I feel is shared by all of us, is that we are Americans. I’m very thankful for that. God Bless America. (11/24/05)


Checkout the web site for the Empire State Building, great info, and lighting schedule. http://www.esbny.com/index2.cfm


AJ provides us with some helpful steps in identifying a stroke victim. Hey, we gotta think of these things as we get older. (11/19/05)


DF from up Buffalo way challenges us to figure out how this can happen. It’s a toll booth scene that is hard to figure out. Let me know. (11/17/05)


Fearless Leader has a new kitten at home. As much as I despise cats, I have a soft spot for kittens. It doesn’t last long, but it is there. Anywho, this one hasn’t gotten her final name yet, so for now we call her Mykhunt.


TR sent this one over. It should help you to determine if there is a terrorist parked at the airport. (11/16/05)


We attended our friend BPs Bar Miztvah for his son TP. Great party. Checkout the pics. Troy’s Bar Mitzvah (11/13/05)


LF celebrates 25 years of servicer to HSBC Bank. And it’s been a great 25, if you ask me. LF has had direct influence in the success of our organization and is a influencial leader for our entire division. We have known each other the entire time, and I am honored to also consider LF my friend. Thank You for your time and energy, and be proud always in what we have created together. Here are some pics from the reception we held in his honor. Lou F. 25 Years of Service (11/12/05)


TV sent this information in to us. A MUST HAVE FOR ALL MALES. Engineers have developed the following materials to help explain women. Women1 , Women2 , Women3 , Women4


Have you been seeing some stuff about an upside Christmas tree ? Here is something interesting I came across on the subject – Pic1 (11/9/05)


My middle son Joe turns 19 today. We are so proud of you Joe. You are a fine young man. Goes to college, has a job, maintains respectful relationships with a lot of friends, both male and female. An admirable example of what a responsible, compassionate, honorable and diverse person should be. Always follow your heart and you will continue to excel. I Love You – Happy Birthday.


AJ’s Surprise 60th Birthday Party images.


Special collage for AJs Birthday. And another Special Collage 2 for AJ


Happy Birthday AJ. I know 60 can be traumatic, but you look gr8 for 60. It’s been a tough year for you, but all things considered, you worked very hard and the results are wonderful. We love you, and enjoyed your surprise party yesterday. Here are some pics to remember the evening by. UD did a great job in maintaining the surprise, and the location was spectacular. Happy Birthday. Samples – Pic1 , Pic2 , Pic3 (11/7/05)
DF from up Buffalo way provided this timely info-mercial. Everyone can use some tough love – Enjoy


And in the same vein, TG shot this one over, here’s another info-mercial for a popular service – let’s just call this one Yes !!!


This can’t be good for National Security – “Four persons arrested in Los Angeles are part of a Chinese intelligence-gathering ring…” – read the article, there is a quote in there that states – “… The Chinese now know more about our military than we know about their entire country.” (11/6/05) – http://www.washtimes.com/national/20051104-111851-2539r.htm

F I got a bunch of new stuff posted on the scrapbook and collage page. Check this out often.

This is where I post my most creative material.


We just saw Godfrey Townsend and his band at the Shelter Rock Tennis Club. Great performance by the band. He has played with Clapton, Cream, Alan Parsons, etc, Check out the pics


Here is some good reading material. (11/5/05)

Michael Moore and other celebrities and their hypocrisy http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=47174
This one on Why is Paris Burning
I’ve got a few new creations, hope you enjoy them

Whitestone Bridge sunset
NYC Capital of the World
Rosanne & Frank w/Oksana and the NY Rangers
TTs 20 Year anniversary
We visited the newly opened Top of the Rock, atop Rockefeller Center, 70 stories. Great view. Also came across Oksana Baiul and the NY Rangers hockey team, at the newly made skating rink at Bryant Park, called The Pond. Check out the great pics.


PA sent this over, being the concerned for your health and safety person she is. PLEASE check your eyes for cataracts. http://home.mn.rr.com/t1camp1/Focus.swf


I hear that this rumor is back again, making it’s rounds.

Claim:   Prospective new gang members are initiated by killing the drivers of cars who flash their headlights at them.

Well, it’s false, and here is some good reading on the subject. Snopes is a great tool to use to check all the stories you get all day long from your friends and family. http://www.snopes.com/horrors/madmen/lightsout.asp (11/2/05)


Happy Halloween – Pic1 , Pic2


My middle daughter Josephine went to a Halloween party with her boyfriend Ronnie. Here are some nice pics Pic1a , Pic1 , Pic2 , Pic3


This spool of fiber represents 50 miles in distance. We are using it for performance testing, for our new data center location. If you look close here, you can see the thread of glass involved .


We are now commissioning our new space for blade servers. To do so, we are simulating the heat load with these heat load banks. Makes the room feel >90 degrees, so far so good.(10/30/05)

Some sad news out of the Middle East, DF from DPF was very close to a recently killed Army Cpl. Benjamin D. Hoeffner stationed in Ali Al Salem, Kuwait . Please visit is memorial pages at Legacy.com – http://www.legacy.com/Soldiers.asp?Page=FSStory&PersonId=15520564


I was at the Friars Club roast of Don King the other day. Pretty good event. Some funny people. Got some nice pics of some of the celebrities, and some autographs. Donald Trump was the roastmaster. Here are the pics – http://www.jackleone.com/Page102805.html


Franks special birthday collage – Happy Birthday Frank – 13 Years Old


Here’s a great shot of the Whitestone Bridge during a recent sunset.


I subscribe to the memorial page created for Lt Ron Winchester who was KIA last year. The Newsday Guest Book for Ronald Winchester has received one or more new entries or Photo Gallery submissions. To read the entry , visit the Guest Book by clicking on the link below. (10/22/05) – http://www.legacy.com/Link.asp?ID=GB02595012


My youngest son Frank, turned 13 today. He’s now a teenager. He’s been a young man for several years already, and this is another big change for him as he continues to mature as a person. You are a remarkable person son. Smart, compassionate, humble, fair temperament. We are proud of you each day. All the values a parent strives to develop for their children. And great effort today, bunting to start a rally for the team, to come from behind and win the game. Happy Birthday, We Love You !!!


Here’s some poor slob who has to practice his saxophone on the service road of the Whitestone Expressway.


Here’s a sign of the times at Teddy’s house. Nobody lives here but me.


I was in Jersey City the other day to look at more data center space. Here’s a nice shot of downtown NYC. Absent the WTC towers, but still beautiful.


We hear a lot of rumors, but this new construction in our town is either going to be a hotel or condos. You decide.


I hear they are building an ice skating rink at Bryant Park. Kool.


One of the Fifth Avenue lions is ready for Halloween.


I need to vent over a recent business visit. @#JK#*U$*RJDKLFJHD@#JK#*U$*RJOPSIO($#*%^&)%*($*#O)%*#( and also &$US*$)^&WUSLD_D(#UEOD) – WHEW I needed that.


I checked out Photo EXPO at the Jacob Javits Center. Pretty neat stuff out there in photography land.(10/20/05)


Pop turned 69 last week. And a fine 69 he is. Here he is with his favorite goodies – Mallomars. Happy Birthday Dad. We Love You. Here’s one with Mom and Pop. Here’s one with Grandma and Frankie V.


Philip, our favorite squirrel showed up this weekend. Wanting to stock up on peanuts.


I was given this photo of TCs new tattoo. It is in memory of his Mom and Aunt he lost on 9/11 on UA Flight 93. I will hang it on our memorial wall at work. Thanks TC, and WE WILL NEVER FORGET.


My boy Frank continues to win big at the St. Fidelis fair. Way to go boy.. Here’s Frank and his ‘crew’ just chillin at the fair.


We woke up yesterday morning, and saw this long lost sight — Blue Skies peeking out. FINALLY, it’s been freakin raining for like 8 or 9 days and this is a welcome sight. Rest of the weekend was pretty good, considering…. (10/16/05)


We were watching this years Columbus Day Parade up NYC Fifth Avenue, and spotted the worlds Local Bank’s float – Kool – HSBC1 , HSBC2 (10/10/05)


Our MIA Roving Reporter has filed a submission that has met our entry standards. I think you are going to like this one, I did. Titled simply, There are teachers, and then there are educators (10/9/05)

According to a news report, a certain school in New Port Richey was recently faced with a unique problem.

A number of 12-year-old girls were beginning to use lipstick and would put it on in the washroom. That was fine, but after they put on their lipstick they would press their lips to the mirror leaving dozens of little lip prints.

Every night, the maintenance man would remove them and the next day, the girls would put them back.

Finally the principal decided that something had to be done. He called all the girls to the washroom and met them there with the maintenance man. He explained that all these lip prints were causing a major problem for the custodian, who had to clean the mirrors every night.

To demonstrate how difficult it had been to clean the mirrors, he asked the maintenance man to show the girls how much effort was required.

The janitor took out a long-handled squeegee, dipped it in the toilet, and cleaned the mirror with it.

Since then, there have been no lip prints on the mirror.

THE MORAL OF THIS STORY. There are teachers, and then there are educators.



Just got back from another business trip. This time I was in Chicago for our quarterly Data Center Operations Expanded Meeting.


Here is some interesting reading material. Surrounding the 2012 events that might take place. (10/7/05)


I went on a business trip to Newport, Rhode Island to see the APC power distribution plant. They have some great technology to help us with some of our recent ‘issues’. We had some play time, and spent it on a sail boat. Here’s a pic from the activity. (10/2/05)


DnC provides us with some investment research data. This should be considered before making any material financial investment. (10/1/05)

If you had purchased $1000.00 of Nortel stock one year ago, it would now be worth $49.00.
With Enron, you would have had $16.50 left of the original $1,000.00.
With WorldCom, you would have had less than $5.00 left.
But, if you had purchased $1,000.00 worth of Beer one year ago, drank all the beer,
then turned in the cans for the aluminum recycling REFUND, you would have $214.00.
Based on the above, current investment advice is to drink heavily and recycle.
It’s called the 401-Keg Plan


I came across this ‘Genius’ who climbed up onto one of the Fifth Avenue Library lions. And that ain’t all, there were about a 100 of these freakin ‘Geniuses’. I suppose it’s all ‘relative


The Boyzz took me to dinner the other night for my birfday. Here’s me with Fearless Leader and our boy Krumb. Thanks guys.


We had another AC heat ‘event’. Although this chart doesn’t show the temp spike to 98 degrees, it did capture the huge humidity spike from 45rh to 65rh.


Believe it or not, but me and my honey are great-aunt and uncle to two beautiful girls VG and JG. They were over the other night to play Texas hold-em. And here’s the big winner of the night VG.


Check out the growth of the trees we planted back in April 2005. (9/28/05)


No, this car on the roof is not from a hurricane in College Point. It’s a local Corvette restoration shop. I just thought you’d enjoy the pic.


Our friend FM created a walking stick for Ro. He did a great job. He should consider selling these as customized items. (9/26/05)


RF provides us updates from Gulfport – http://www.pcpages.com/nrog99/Kds/dib.html


So we got Hurricane Rita wreaking more havoc on the Gulf Coast. And it seems that New Orleans has flooded again due to it. Here’s what I think. I think that as long as we have all that new water in New Orleans, we should now add some concrete mix, and lay a nice new cement foundation, that at least ends up ABOVE sea level, so that we can rebuild NO a bit higher this time. Provide every displaced American with a $1,000,000 payout, and I’ll bet it ends up way more cost effective.


I also think there should be a complete rethinking of the practice of building or adding to cities that exist in places where they can’t be protected. So, stop building cities below sea level, and stop building sea walls that aren’t designed to stop the sea that is potentially possible (ie; a category 3 wall, in an area where category 5’s roam.)


I like the request that the local officials are asking of those who don’t want to evacuate their homes. (after all, we can’t force them out, this is AMERICA) They are handing out permanent markers and are asking these people to write their names, next of kin, and other data on their BELLIES, so after the storm, they can identify their dead, bloated, drowned bodies. BRILLIANT.


Here’s one for all of you conspiracy theory fans. This is a weatherman for some city that quit his job to further investigate and present to the world his idea that weather can now be manipulated to the degree that it can be used in a military fashion. He has some interesting ideas and evidence, so if nothing else it can get you to wonder a bit. Enjoy http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/aplocal_story.asp?category=6420&slug=ID%20Weatherman%20Departs then follow this link and all of it’s associated links and stories. http://www.weatherwars.info/


Here’s a good pic of our Frankie V, from a few weeks ago when he was over.


My son and I were both ‘randomly selected’ to have our bags checked upon entering the NYC subway system at Shea Stadium. I find it curious that two sequential people can be randomly selected. Hmmm (9/24/05)


It’s hard to believe that it’s been 3 years since our boy Mark went to that big 50’s bash in the sky. We miss you dude. Krumb provided this image of our boy, from a foregone era. Enjoy.


Hey Aggie and Rita, get ready for round two. Hurricane Rita looks like it will have some sort of impact on Gulfport. Be prepared.


Some rat bastard slashed my tire at Shea Stadium the other day. Cost me $100 for a new tire. It was the first time I ever had to use the jack and mini-spare in the car. I got 2 words for you idiot – F*&% You


My honey made me my favorite veal dish, called spatinis. They were spectacular. I enjoyed them for two straight days. Thank you Baby, you’re the greatest.


Here’s an image of Dubya that the Elusive Sail Capri enjoyed. (9/22/05)


Tomorrow is my birthday (I’m 48, but don’t believe it), and it’s also the 4 year anniversary of President Bush’s speech to Congress 2 weeks after 9/11. I’d prefer we reflect upon that (9/19/05)


My first born son turns 21 years old on the 18th. A fellow Virgo. He becomes a man in the eyes of society. He’s been a fine young man for a long time already, one that his Mom and Dad are quite proud of. Jack has matured into a compassionate, dedicated and soulful individual. I can still remember taking him home from the hospital, and of him scratching my cornea with his fingernails. I had to wear a black eyepatch for 2 weeks. Sometimes, I can even recall how he smelled wrapped up in his blankie. We are so proud of you son. Our life has been wonderful with you in it. We love you, I love you — Happy Birthday.


Malba Car show was held today as well, some great vintage cars this year. Check out the great pics.


Our best wishes go out to KSs Mom, who was involved in a car accident the other day. (9/18/05)F I got a bunch of new stuff posted on the scrapbook and collage page. Check this out often.

This is where I post my most creative material.


The Vinman’s Grandma Rita provides us with fresh pics out of Gulfport. Amazing damage, but their spirits are high. Check them out – http://www.pcpages.com/nrog99/Kds/dah.html


Here’s a good pic of Aggie’s kids. G and L. All things considered, they seem strong and in good spirits. God Bless them.


My early mentor WFP enoyed a birthday on the 13th. Happy Birthday Big guy, we miss you back at the job, and I especially miss you.


Good luck to TS as me moves to the next phase of his career. You served us well for 7 years. Thank You from all of us in NYCOPS (9/17/05)


LF noticed that when they removed an access panel at a local building, they apparently uncovered someone’s stash of old Dewars Red Label bottles. Whoever this was, sure kept Dewars in business – Pic1 , Pic2


I don’t have confirmation on this one yet, but hey, I like the way this guy thinks and writes. I’m sure you will too. Here’s a letter of apology from Lt. Gen. Chuck Pitman, USMC (Ret.) – and our folks at SNOPES is looking into it. http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/pitman.asp


We celebrated 5 years of service with GG at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Very nice time, good food and company. (9/15/05)


I came across Sarah Jessica Parker at Lord & Taylors last week. She came out with some new perfume. Smells OK. The perfume, I don’t know abour SJP….


I don’t know how true this pic is, but DnC provided it, of the Bush men, fishing in New Orleans…. (9/12/05)


It’s hard to believe that it has been 4 years, since the 9.11.01 attacks on our country. It still hurts to watch the images from that day. We must NEVER FORGET.


Never Forget – Remember the Blood of Heroes (9/11/05)


Aggie from Gulfport was able to file a report on recovery efforts. Lots of damage, spirits are high, our government response sucks, and please donate what you can to any of the reputable orgs. We will try to get some pics posted as time allows. You and Mom are handling this extremely well, and we are all proud of you, and offer our complete support.

Ag provides us this cute report by our friendly Foamy the Squirrelkat.html
Here’s another mosaic I created using the RNB/HSBC building in Manhattan. Pretty Kool I think. What say you ??


ET provides us with this enlightening bit of realization (9/9/05).Joe Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock (MADE IN JAPAN) for 6am. While his coffeepot (MADE IN CHINA) was perking, he shaved with his electric razor (MADE IN HONG KONG). He put on a dress shirt (MADE IN SRI LANKA), designer jeans (MADE IN SINGAPORE) and tennis shoes (MADE IN KOREA). After cooking his breakfast in his new electric skillet (MADE IN INDIA) he sat down with his calculator (MADE IN MEXICO) to see how much he could spend today. After setting his watch (MADE IN TAIWAN) to the radio (MADE IN INDIA) he got in his car (MADE IN GERMANY) and continued his search for a good paying AMERICAN JOB. At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day, Joe decided to relax for a while. He put on his sandals (MADE IN BRAZIL) poured himself a glass of wine (MADE IN FRANCE) and turned on his TV (MADE IN INDONESIA), and then wondered why he can’t find a good paying job in.AMERICA…..


We got some power back in Gulfport, as our familends begin to recover. They are much more fortunate than many others, and for that we are grateful. It will take a long time for these areas to recover and rebuild, but it must be done.


I came across this really kool software that makes mosaics using images you point it to. Check this out, here is one of my Sunset shots – Original VersionMosaic Version – I expect I’ll make good use of this, so stay tuned


These 3 Kool Kats we just chilling down Whitestone Park last Sunday. Peace out


I got a great spiderweb going on in the yard. This guy has had to repair this thing over and over, but he perseveres. Enjoy the pics – Pic1 , Pic2


We had to remove the door and frame, and outside railing to get the new UPS switchgear into the 10th floor data center. YeeHaa.


I got my hands on the new Sasha PEZ from the Bratz series. She is beautiful, ain’t she ???


I had a 1969 Cougar convertible, a lot like this car.


As I continue my never-ending quest for quality, we find the FOX News Channel to be one of the worst spelling organizations on the fucking planet. Check out how these braniots spelled hurricane.


Here’s a fine example of professional network cabling in the ceilings.


As may happen in older buildings, asbestos is a problem, and this building has it’s problems. Pic1 , Pic2.


I think every governmental level agency needs to focus on one objective for now. How to handle 1,000,000 displaced Americans. How to process them, evacuate them, house them temporarily, and then permanently, how to medical care for them, how to occupy their time, make them useful to society, even if only the society they have available at the moment to handle. Once you can handle the basic needs of this quantity of Americans, then you can start to think about other issues. There are many logistical matters to deal with, but you have to start with basic people elements. So long as you can provide a comfortable, safe, healthy environment for people, with law and order to it, they can be reasonably patient, while longer term requirements and procedural matters are addressed.


So, the other day, I wake up, check on the kids as usual, and come across an extra ‘body’ in one of our rooms. Seems someone didn’t want to go home to face the music, so they came here. Now that 5am phone call makes sense to me. Next thing I know, I got 2 cops in my house, here to take young missy home.


Knowing what we now know with New Orleans, Queens, NYC has these Coastal Evacuation signs posted everywhere, directing us all to go to York College. Ask yourself a question. If Queens has approx. 500,000 residents, will we all fit in York College ? Hmmm. And it’s called an Evacuation Reception Center ???? Sounds luxurious.


I came across a very large contingent of police officers from the UK this morning, in front of the Library. I met one of the police chiefs, and offered my support. Here’s a pic of the crowd and the polite gentleman who introduced me to oneof the police chiefs. (9/7/05)


I’m sorry, but as I watch these supposed ‘rescue efforts’ I can’t help but wonder what would happen to larger cities, or if there were multiple cities affected, throughout the country. Where are the rescue and evacuation people coming from that they still have not arrived ? Where is food, water, and supplies being air-dropped into places ? Why aren’t we getting diesel fuel to the hospitals, so they can restart their emergency generators ??? When does the National Guard start shooting the looters, so the word can spread to the others ?

This disaster is as close to a nuclear attack on a city that we’ll ever see, except the real one, and it is clear to me, we ain’t ready for something of this scale. Our government better be extremely worried that Al Qaeda or others aren’t looking to exploit this event by coordinating some sort of attacks upon us. It could be a very bad situation developing here for all of us. So, we need to stay aware and vigilant on this potential. (9/2/05)


Aggie, Rita and the kids are safe. They are with the Salvation Army in Gulfport. Thank God for that. Now we need to see if they can relocate down there, or come back home to College Point. We are hoping for the latter.


I came upon this model of quality control at my favorite ATM at my hang out spot on 5th avenue.


And the world’s local bank, has a new marketing gimmick. Please … Although the Cadillac STS Smart Car looks kool.


Here’s another one from TR, bottom line is, Let our Soldiers Pray.


TR checks in with the patriotic piece. Please pass this one along via email, and keep the idea going. Semper Fi. Let’s always remember our service men and women. (9/1/05)


Gulfport took a direct hit from Hurricane Katrina. We are awaiting word from our familends to see how they made out. Our prayers are with you. Call or email when you can.


Happy Birthday VM, who just turned the big 22. You are a wonderful young woman, and if it should come that you would someday join the family, I’d love to have you as my ‘daughter’. We had a great time at Benihana’s. Here is a pic to remember the moment.


You gotta check thi ssite out – http://www.samugliestdog.com/ I woke up to this image on the PC the other morning. Wow.
TR provides this interesting analysis that attempts to understand/explain the state of our country these days. Titled, Ain’t it the Truth. (8/30/05)


Batten down the hatches. Here comes Katrina. RF and Aggie are hunkering down in Gulfport, MS.with the kids. Gonna try and ride it out. We wish you well, and keep your spirits high. Let us know when all is clear.


Woke up this morning to this magnificent view out our window, a spectacular rainbow over the Point. (8/28/05)

F I got a bunch of new stuff posted on the scrapbook and collage page. Check this out often.

This is where I post my most creative material.


We attended Moe’s professional boxing debut Friday night. She won her fast match in the first round, I think it was 39 seconds. Great debut. Also checkout www.sheaboxing.com


I know I’m getting ahead of myself here, but here’s a slick Halloween pic I created. My witch


Saw a cream old 1966 Pony on the road the other night.


My boy Joe is listening to his new Pope and got himself a new tattoo. Pope says he wanted to see more crucifix’s out in the open. (8/27/05)


Our friend SAY continues to recover and get his weight back. His plans are to return to work 9/1.


TZ finally passed that stone today. He feels MUCH better now. It’s all been accounted for, and he hopes to be back to work Monday. Good deal T, we have missed you.


For that girl I saw on 5th avenue today. Just because you stuff yourself into size 5 clothes, don’t make you a size 5.


GG provides us with this piece that dates back to 1955. It is an article from a magazine called Housekeeping Monthly and the article is titled – The Good Wife’s Guide – the married men out there are gonna love me for this one. And just in case you are wondering, I came home and immediately recited the articles of behavior to the wife. She understands my position now. Only time will tell. Here’s a version in PDF format. The Good Wife’s Guide in pdf


LK sent in this interesting fact sheet about the Tomb Of the Unknown Soldier (8/24/05).

F I got a bunch of new stuff posted on the scrapbook and collage page. Check this out often.

This is where I post my most creative material.


Our bee hive by the pool is doing well. Check it out.


My Honey while we were on Long Beach Island.


My Grandmother, what can I say. I Love her.


We just had a sprinkler system installed, cause I’m that lazy. Pretty cool. 5 zones, time controller, etc. Checkout the site for Pacific Lawn Sprinklers. They do great work, and be sure and ask for Fred. Thanks Fred. The work is great.


What’s the PEZ temperature outside today ?


We got the insurance check to cover Joe’s accident. He had the mirror fixed and the car compounded. It looks great.


We had to run electrical feeder conduit between floors at work. Look how thick this slab is.


I thought that spray paint had to be locked up in stores. This is a shot inside the Rag Shop in College Point. Voice your concern if you stop in. We have a real graffiti problem in our town. How about you ?


Here’s a pic from Hanna’s retirement party the other day. Good luck to you my friend, you served us well for over 24 years.


We had a great time last week at TDs new house in South Jersey. Here’s a collage from Brandon’s 4yr birthday party.


Also from TR, I’ve had it a while, just slow in some postings.


This sign was prominently displayed in the window of a business in Philadelphia. You are probably outraged at the thought of such an inflammatory statement.

One would think that anti-hate groups from all across the country would be marching on this business . . . and that the National Guard might have to be called to keep the angry crowds back. But, perhaps in these stressful times one might be tempted to let the proprietors simply make their statement . . . .

We are a society which holds Freedom of Speech as perhaps our greatest liberty. And after all, it is just a sign. You may ask what kind of business would dare post such a sign?

Answer: A Funeral Home (Who said morticians had no sense of humor?)

You gotta love it!!! God Bless America!


This in today from TR (8/20/05)Dear Abby: My husband is not happy with my mood swings. The other day, he bought me a mood ring so he would be able to monitor my moods. When I’m in a good mood it turns green. When I’m in a bad mood it leaves a big fucking red mark on his forehead. Maybe next time he’ll buy me a diamond. Sincerely, Bitchy in Ohio
SAY continues to recuperate and is planning to return to work on 9/1. (8/18/05)


We aslo don’t want you to think, we aren’t concerned about your health here at the Musings. We are. TR provided us this publc service announcement video that is popular where he now lives in NC. http://www.toilette-humor.com/flash/brocolli.swf


DnC must be doing a better jog screening what she sends me. This helpful video should be mandatory for all young men beginning their beer drinking lives. Or it could be used by Budweiser to sell more beer…. http://www.brackenspub.com/beer.swf
Here you go guys, a lefty message on my website just for your side, so you can’t label me ‘right-leaning’ –

Our boy TG checked in with this little ditty about Hillary for 2008. http://www.michaelhodges.com/missing.html I know my boy Roy will enjoy this. This should also be a good addition to the Elusive Sail Capri’s liberal, left bag ‘o tricks.


This is one of the best pieces I have ever gotten from DnC. I love it. Seven Degrees of Blonde. Enjoy. I know that Roving Reporter has returned from her European vacation, but we are STILL WAITING for pics to be submitted, or even a story of the adventures….. WELLLLLL ?????


I got this from Gimp (TH) who has an international news ticker on his desktop.

Just pulled this off the wire.

“Be aware that the French government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from “Run to Hide”. The only two higher levels in France are “Surrender” and “Collaborate”. The rise was precipitated by a recent fire which destroyed France’s white flag factory, effectively paralyzing their military. ”


LF provided us with this current quote of the times – Attributed to Chris Rock (8/13/05)

You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America’s Cup, France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance, Germany doesn’t want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in America are named ‘Bush’, ‘Dick’, and ‘Colon.’ Need I say more?


Congrats to TZ, he’s the proud papa to a new baby daughter. Mother and baby are doing fine. TZ on the other hand has kidney stones. So, he is currently home enjoying the ‘passing of the stones’. We wish him well and a speedy return. The blade room is nearing completion, and we need to get it networked and cabled for a due date of 10/14.


Daughter and my son got into a car accident the other night. Everyone is OK, the pony got banged up a bit though. Pic1 , Pic2


I got myself a Bloomberg 05 pin from a signature taker the other day. All things considered Mayor Mike has done a pretty good job. (8/9/05)


Here’s a link to an editorial from a Romanian newspaper dated 9/24/01 that TR sent in. An Ode to America by Cornel Nistorescu . It seems to be gaining steam as it travels the internet, and quite frankly, it brought tears to my eyes as I read it. Never Forget – God Bless America. Here’s a pdf of the cover of the paper from 9/24/2001. http://www.expres.ro/evz/pag1_24sep2001.pdf


SAY is home now and recuperating from his week long event. He’s lost some weight, and the docs found things for him to do for now. You can call him at home if you want to say hi. (8/8/05)


Our friend SAY is doing well now. Still in the hospital but in a regular room. He can take calls and visitors, so call me and I’ll pass you the number. They narrowed things down to a viral infection. He still needs to recuperate, so it’ll be some time before he is back to normal, but all seems OK at this point in time. He sends his love to everyone.


Meet Scrappy, DA’s cute new kitten. Very nice personaily, so far. Simba has passed on to that great cathouse in the sky. We will miss you Simba, Rest in Peace.


Got some new PEZ – Bratz and new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Kool


Our neighbor’s bush is looking good, ain’t it ?


Our local graffiti artists made a slight change to a sign near Whitestone Park, despite the posted surveillance sign warning. What are the chances they get caught ? (8/6/05)


Our dear colleague SAY is doing well, but still hospitalized. He is in ICU, so please contact me for information. Docs think they isolated the problem and all appears to be well at this point. Steve thanks everyone for their calls and concerns. Here’s a pic of him taking it easy.


LV sent these in for us to pass around even more. These are pictures that are just TOO shocking for Americans to see coming out of Iraq. Our media will NEVER show them to us, because they must PROTECT us from these highly emotional photos. They don’t think YOU are READY, they don’t think we are READY to see the results of our war being fought. Well, LV who has contacts in Iraq got these for us to see and PASS AROUND. Especially to your socially liberal friends. ShockingIraqiPics.pdf – Pass them around, or send them the url to keep the mail traffic down. We don’t want to be responsible for clogging the internet with too much mail.


DF provided this glimpse into how a 3rd world country deals with finding a bomb on the street. Enjoy – 3rdWorldBombSquad_1.wmv


Happy Birthday to TR, one of our FACTORS boys who is now down in North Carolina and a big contributor. Here’s a couple of his latest contributions –

of a cracked window on a jetliner. Be sure and check your windows when you fly. CrackedWindow.jpg
You think we have crazy laws and rules – TheWorldIsNuts.pdf


We were honored to have been visited while in Canada with DF and his lovely bride BF from up Buffalo way. We had a wonderful dinner together overlooking the falls, and walked the strip and took some great pics. Thank you both for joining us, and here are some of the images from that activity.


Here’s another post we got from DnC, WoW, 2 in a week so far. good deal.

During class, a teacher trying to teach good manners asks the students:

“Michael, if you were on a date, having supper with a nice young lady, how would you tell her that you have to go to the bathroom?”
Michael, “Just a minute, I have to go piss.”
Teacher, “That would be rude and impolite!!!

What about you John, how would you say it?”
John, “I am sorry, but I really need to go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back.”
Teacher, “That’s better, but it’s still not very nice to say the word bathroom at the table.

And you Peter, are you able to use your intelligence for once and show us your good manners?”
Peter, “I would say: Darling, may I please be excused for a moment, I have to shake hands with a very dear friend of mine, whom I hope you’ll get to meet after supper.”

The teacher fainted!


This great little analyisis is provided to us by one of the Boyzz TG. Terrorist Questionnaire.pdf – I think it should answer some questions on profiling when hunting for terrorists.


This in from DnC recently

A kindergarten class had a homework assignment to find out something exciting and relate it to the class the next day.
When the time came to present what they’d found, the first little boy the teacher called on walked up to the front of the class, and with a piece of chalk, made a small white dot on the blackboard and sat back down. Puzzled, the teacher asked him what it was.
“It’s a period,” he replied.
“I can see that,” said the teacher, “but what is so exciting about a period?”
“Darned if I know,” he said, “but this morning, my sister was missing one. Mommy fainted, daddy had a heart attack, and the boy next door joined the Navy.”


Going thru all the mail I got, and we have some good stuff to post. Here’s what we have to share –

I just got back from a few days up at Niagara Falls with wifey and Frank. We stayed on the Canadian side and had a pretty good time. I’ll get the pics setup as soon as possible. A warning to all, I took 621 pics, and most are worthy of posting. I have some spectacular shots of butterflies and the falls with rainbows in the images. Still under constructionNiagara Falls Vacation – Summer 2005 (8/5/05)


Me and Frank at the Flushing Meadows Pitch-n-Putt golf course.
F I got a bunch of new stuff posted on the scrapbook and collage page. Check this out often.


Keep this link bookmarked – http://www.ki4u.com/guide.htm. It covers WHAT TO DO IF A NUCLEAR DISASTER IS IMMINENT


Checkout the two new PEZ sets that are out. Bratz and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


I finally came across a NYC Sanitation truck. Picked up 2, one for me, of cvourse, and one for my favorite brother in-law Billy. Happy Birthday Billy. I’ll see you when you get back from Illinois. Drive careful and take care of Mom.


Here a few collages of some recent outings we took. (7/29/05)

First Tech Monmouth Park picnic
BBQ @Weegies
Rosanne Vermont trip
Mother and Child in Vermont


Because people complain about how long it takes to load this page, I trimmed to start this year, and removed July 2003 – Jan 2005. If you wanna see the old stuff, here it is – July 2003 thru July 2005 **** NEW ****


Here’s a wonderful graphic I came across during my travels.


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